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ONE SCHOOL, ONE HEALTH Research is one of the most critical endeavors at UC Davis. It is only through research that we can develop more effective and less toxic treatments for cancer and other diseases in animals. And I hope that our studies will impact human health by finding better treatments for their cancers as well. Clinical service, teaching and research can’t happen at UC Davis without donor support. I give to the veterinary school financially because the work done here is vital to animal, human and environmental health. — Michael Kent, DVM Alumnus, Faculty Member and Donor

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H1N1. E. coli and salmonella outbreaks in our food supply. These are just a few of the many public health concerns on our mind today. As the cornerstone of global public health, veterinary medicine plays a vital role in confronting these challenges. But only one school brings together the most diverse teams of clinicians and researchers to solve them: The UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. UC Davis is at the forefront of “One Health”– the collaboration of multiple scientific disciplines in the pursuit of better health for animals, the people who care for them, and the environment we share. The school trains veterinary and post-graduate students to be skilled not only in traditional clinical medicine, but also in public and ecosystem health. Whether in private practice, research or another profession, graduates like you are making an impact on One Health issues such as zoonotic diseases, food safety and disaster preparedness.

A message from Bennie I. Osburn, Dean

As global health challenges escalate, so do the school’s budget issues. The economic crisis – which has created the steepest state funding cuts in school history – is having a significant impact on our ability to train more veterinary students. Meanwhile, the country is in the midst of a major shortage of veterinarians to heal animals, manage the safety of our food systems, and conduct research needed to address growing public health problems. Your support of the School of Veterinary Medicine Annual Fund will help bridge the current budget gap and enable us to discover, develop and deliver new knowledge to advance our One Health mission. Please make your gift today so we can train the veterinarians of tomorrow. Thank you!

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PRIVACY NOTICE: The information you provide will be used for university business and will not be released unless required by law. To review your record, contact Advancement Services, 1480 Drew Avenue, Davis, CA, 95616. A portion of all gifts is used to defray the costs of administering the funds. All gifts are tax-deductible as prescribed by law.

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