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Inspiring Philanthropy. Changing Lives.

Mercy Foundation shares thanks to all fiscal year 2011-12 donors | 6

President’s message As we leave the summer heat behind and head into the Thanksgiving season, we celebrate community members, employees, businesses and foundations who, through shared common values and gifts, change and save lives in our community. In this issue, we acknowledge and thank donors who have made gifts or commitments of $100 or more in fiscal year 2012, as well as those who have demonstrated longstanding commitment through membership in our McAuley and Legacy Societies. Thank you for all that you do for the ministries we serve.

Registered nurses Rachel McConachie (left) and Ann Chrisler (right) share memories with Manda Ness about her brother, Kevin, who passed away in 2011 from lung cancer. The guidance and compassion Rachel and Ann provided to Kevin and Manda during his cancer journey inspired Manda to create a charitable fund in Kevin's memory.

Nurse navigators inspire gift to help lung cancer patients and their families They were four shocking words no one ever wishes to hear: You have lung cancer. Kevin Ness and his sister, Manda, thought he was just fighting a particularly nasty cold. But after rounds of scans and appointments with specialists, Kevin’s cancer diagnosis was definitive, he had surgery to remove some tumors, and he and Manda were left reeling with how quickly their lives had changed. They also felt overwhelmed, unsure of what steps to take next. But Kevin’s cancer journey became easier soon after surgery when he met Rachel

McConachie, a cheerful and energetic oncology nurse navigator at Mercy San Juan Medical Center. Patient navigation is a burgeoning service at U.S. hospitals and is an important step in removing barriers to care and promoting best outcomes. Because cancer care is highly complex, some patients, particularly the socioeconomically disadvantaged, find the process too difficult to manage. Some, for example, anticipate the financial burden to be too much to bear and don’t receive screenings or other Continued on page 2

Looking ahead, we are focusing on five initiatives: Mercy Cancer Institute, Mercy Neurological Institute, Mercy Heart & Vascular Institute, Cristo Rey High School, and a Mercy Center Auburn hermitage. While these will be our focus in the months ahead, the Foundation welcomes gifts to all Sisters of Mercy ministries, including those listed on the enclosed envelope. If you are interested in learning more about the ministries, or any of our giving opportunities, please feel free to contact me directly at (916) 851-2703. Thank you again for your ongoing support.

President and CEO

Ministry News


life-saving assessments. Others don’t follow through with treatment simply because they can’t find transportation to appointments.

Through navigation, patients are led step by step through the entire cancer journey, from screening through survivorship. Because the service has proved to be a critical component to access and care, in 2011 the Commission on Cancer, part of the American College of Surgeons, outlined standards requiring cancer centers to offer patient navigation by 2015 as a condition for accreditation. The National Cancer Institute reports that navigation has increased survival rates among African American breast cancer patients in Harlem, N.Y., and has educated the greater community about cancer prevention and treatment. “Cancer treatment is complex—patients have a lot more options than ever before, and it’s hard to make decisions. It can be confusing,” Rachel said. “Most people need an advocate to help them understand everything that they are facing. Many just want someone to answer questions like, ‘Why is this happening to me? Why am I getting this symptom?’” Other times, patients simply want and need someone to talk to. “Sometimes we’re an ear for them. We listen to their fears, their hopes,” said Ann Chrisler, who also is an oncology nurse navigator at Mercy San Juan Medical Center and worked with Kevin when Rachel was committed elsewhere. Rachel guided Kevin through a maze of appointments, treatments, hospitalizations, counseling and more. When he was taken to the emergency room, she helped expedite his admission to a hospital patient room. And when Kevin was running late for a critical appointment due to illness, Rachel called the office to ensure his time would be held. 2

How you can help A cancer diagnosis is overwhelming for patients and families. Your philanthropic partnership with Mercy Foundation can make their journey easier. Mercy Foundation welcomes contributions of all sizes to its Nurse Navigator Fund. One hundred percent of gifts directly support patients with all types of cancers. The Foundation also welcomes gifts to the Kevin Ness Memorial Fund (Kevin is pictured above, with sister Manda, at the 2001 Ness family reunion). Your contribution will provide direct support to lung cancer patients and their families. Donations can be made online or through the envelope provided in this newsletter. Please indicate “Nurse Navigator Fund” and/or “Kevin Ness Memorial Fund” with your gift. To learn about more ways to give, and about other philanthropic initiatives, visit or call (916) 851-2700. Thank you for inspiring philanthropy and changing lives through your generosity!

Both Rachel and Ann have vibrant personalities and a sense of fun— unique character traits, along with their deep compassion, that immediately put patients at ease and help make the cancer journey manageable. “Rachel and Ann were always there for Kevin,” said Manda. “He was so happy when he found them. Rachel would show up when Kevin was having chemo. She gave us both moral support.” In September 2011, less than a year after his diagnosis, Kevin succumbed to cancer with Manda and their brother, Michael, by his side. Devastated,

Manda returned to their home state of Minnesota to celebrate Kevin’s life with their many cousins. She had been thinking for some time about ways to honor his memory when, at his memorial, the Ness cousins let Manda know that she could have an extra $3,000 that the family had pooled together for a family reunion planned a decade ago. With those funds, Manda created the Kevin Ness Memorial Fund through Mercy Foundation to help make lung cancer manageable for patients and their families—just as Rachel and Ann had done for her brother.

“While Kevin was struggling with his illness, he vowed to help people with lung cancer once he recovered. Creating the fund is a way to honor his wishes and also recognize the nurse navigators for all they do,” Manda said. “Kevin loved Rachel—she helped make his cancer journey bearable. And Ann. They were both angels.” To date, Kevin’s memorial fund has helped with such needs as transportation, child care and respite care for several patients and their families. “The Kevin Ness Memorial Fund really makes a difference locally,” Rachel said. “Our patients really see it.” Transportation is the biggest issue Rachel and Ann see with their patients. “Many people simply can’t drive, and others can’t afford gas or a taxi,” Ann said. “And with multiple appointments, it adds up quickly and is especially hard on people with limited income.” The fund has purchased gas cards and public transportation passes, and paid for taxis to appointments. “We’ve also seen families endure the hardship of having to care for a very sick loved one while also managing a household with children and working full-time to keep their health insurance,” Ann added. Kevin’s fund has helped pay for a caregiver for families needing extra support. Together, Mercy nurse navigators, and donors like Manda, are breaking down barriers to care and improving lives affected by cancer. Manda hopes the Kevin Ness Memorial Fund will grow so that more lung cancer patients can benefit from the compassion and support of nurse navigators. “Kevin was so happy when he found Rachel and Ann. They were always there for him,” Manda said. “When they were in the room, he felt so much better. He felt comforted. He wasn’t alone.”

What is a nurse navigator? Cancer is a medical and emotional journey for both patients and their families. While each passage is unique, all patients experience common turns and stops from diagnosis through the end of treatment. The road can be tough to maneuver, so it helps to have a guide to light the way. Mercy nurse navigators like Ann Chrisler (left) and Rachel McConachie (right) create hope, courage and strength for cancer patients by guiding them and their families through their journey in a compassionate, healing environment. They provide both practical and emotional support, including: •

Educating patients and families about their specific cancer diagnoses and treatment options and answering questions

Coordinating care among physicians and allied health-care professionals, assisting with and often expediting referrals, and scheduling appointments

Explaining the treatment process in layman’s terms, making sure patients understand what’s in store

Referring patients and families to community support services and other resources to enhance care

Offering such tips and tricks as where to purchase prostheses and wigs, and how to manage adverse effects of treatments

Facilitating support groups for patients and families

Educating the community about cancer prevention and screenings


The Sisters of Mercy


Sister Cora Salazar: Called by God to Mercy Growing up in the Philippines, Sister Cora Salazar witnessed her father’s charity and compassion for those in need. “We were very poor—I came from a family of eight children—but my father was very giving to others,” she said. “I remember my mother telling him, ‘We have no money, you have eight mouths to feed, and you give away our last bag of rice!’ But his belief, and mine, was that God will always provide. And he does.” Inspired by her father’s legacy of caring and by the proverb, “Give families fish, they will eat for a day; teach them to fish, they will eat for a lifetime,” Sr. Cora founded Families In Self Help (F.I.S.H.) in 1998 to provide social support, language education and vocational training to motivated, low-income refugee-immigrant families with the goal of moving them from public assistance to self-reliance. The first families to seek services at F.I.S.H. were refugees from Southeast Asia. Sr. Cora taught them English and helped them acclimate to American culture. “They were very afraid,” she said. “It was complete culture shock for them, and for a while they had a difficult time.” At times she went to their homes to encourage them to go to school. To help the refugees continue their agricultural traditions, Sr. Cora found acreage for them to create and maintain a garden, which now yields fruits and vegetables for F.I.S.H. families. Sr. Cora has spent a lifetime in service to those in need. In the 1970s, before she joined the Sisters of Mercy, she served two years in Micronesia as a Peace Corps volunteer. Because she held a degree and background in business administration, her role was to teach Micronesian women how to be secretaries. Sr. Cora’s Peace Corps work was so successful that the governor of Micronesia wanted to hire her as an administrator in his office, and even offered her a large 4

home. But she knew that her calling was in service and teaching. When her volunteer term was up, she moved to San Francisco to earn a master’s degree in secondary education. While in graduate school, Sr. Cora felt a deep call by God to visit the Holy Land. As a student, however, she had extremely limited disposable income, and had no idea how the trip could be possible. Soon after the call, as she was kneeling in church in prayer, she looked up at the pew and spied a small brochure advertising an affordable trip to the Holy Land. The tour group had one cancellation, and after much prayer and work, “God gave me the exact money for the trip,” she recalled. “You think you’re running away from God, but he’s actually pursuing you.” Her eight-day Holy Land visit, during Christmas, was transformative. “At every Homily, I heard the same thing: ‘If you really love me, take up your cross and follow me,’” she remembered. During that visit, a priest suggested she join the Sisters of Mercy. Three months later, she began her life with them in Auburn, Calif. After earning her master’s degree at San Francisco State University and professing her final vows with the Sisters of Mercy, Sr. Cora—who at that time found herself extremely busy in her role as a teacher at a Catholic school—felt a deep need and new call for a quiet life. “I thought I was being called to be a contemplative,” she said. She went to Sonoita, Arizona for 40 days to pray and to discover God’s plans for her, which were not what she expected: “I spent more than a month in the desert only to be told by God, ‘It’s not sacrifice I want from you, it’s Mercy,” she remembered. Her path, she felt, was clear. After Sr. Cora returned to Sacramento, she taught at several Sacramento-area schools for many years before she

founded F.I.S.H. in West Sacramento. She plans to step down from her executive director role in 2013, and will take time to reflect on how God is calling her. "I am confident of his boundless and unconditional love, which is expressed through people in the community, co-workers in ministry, collaborators in the Mercy mission, and, most of all, the faithful volunteers," she said. "I experience mercy through them.”

Partners in Philanthropy


Family, employees honor late Dignity Health colleague with cancer center gift Family and friends remembered longtime Dignity Health employee Mari Zieour at a special celebration held September 27 at the Mercy Cancer Center. Mari passed away from cancer in December 2011.

Wells Fargo gift supports new heart valve clinic at Mercy General Hospital Wells Fargo has given $50,000 to Mercy Foundation to help Mercy General Hospital increase physician awareness of the transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure available at its new TAVR clinic. The gift supports outreach to Northern California physicians to educate them on the new procedure and determine which patients are candidates. The FDA-approved TAVR procedure is appropriate for patients who have severe aortic stenosis—a narrowing of the heart valve that restricts blood flow to the heart—and who are considered inoperable for open valve replacement because of age or poor health. TAVR can improve quality of life and extend life expectancy for these patients. During the procedure, a replacement valve is crimped onto a catheter over a balloon. The catheter is inserted through the femoral artery in the groin and tracked to the heart for implantation. When the new valve is positioned inside the faulty aortic valve, the balloon is inflated and the valve is precisely positioned. Patient recovery time is typically less than traditional heart surgery.

Wells Fargo was impressed by the positive outcomes that TAVR offers for patients who otherwise have no treatment options. “As a financial services leader in California that cares about our community’s well-being, Wells Fargo was pleased to partner with Mercy General Hospital on this new life-saving initiative,” said Kevin Barri, president of the Community Foothills Market. “We are pleased to invest in one of the nation’s most successful heart programs and in this new clinic that will save lives throughout Northern California.” The TAVR gift is the latest investment in Mercy’s cardiac program by Wells Fargo. The company previously gave $50,000 to jump start funding for an innovative robotic catheter system for patients with atrial fibrillation. “Wells Fargo has long supported Mercy’s work, and we are grateful for their ongoing investment through Mercy Foundation,” said Foundation President and CEO Kevin Duggan. “Their gift is a commitment to the well-being of our community, in alignment with the Sisters of Mercy mission to enhance and save lives of those in need.”

Mari’s family donated $10,000 to Mercy Foundation in her memory, and more than 40 Dignity Health employees contributed more than $20,000 through the Employees Lend a Hand program. To celebrate Mari's life, a water feature in the cancer center’s Healing Garden was named in her honor. The garden is a peaceful space viewable by patients receiving chemotherapy in the infusion room. During the celebration at the water feature, Mari’s husband, David, and her family added water that had been collected from Mari’s favorite places throughout Northern California. Sister Bridget McCarthy, vice president of mission integration for the Dignity Health Sacramento/San Joaquin Service Area, offered a blessing on the water feature and shared prayers of remembrance for Mari. Mari was well loved by her colleagues. "Mari was an amazing woman. She was never too busy for you," said friend and Dignity Health employee Gaylene Andersen, who spearheaded the employee giving effort. "One colleague who gave to Employees Lend a Hand in her memory didn’t know Mari personally, but decided to donate because every day when Mari walked by she acknowledged her with a big smile. That was our Mari— she touched everyone."


2011-12 Honor Roll


The vital work of the Sisters of Mercy would not be possible without the caring generosity of donors, whose commitment and support are truly inspiring. Mercy Foundation sincerely thanks its many generous donors who contributed or pledged to the Sisters of Mercy ministries from July 1, 2011 through June 30, 2012.

$250,000 or more Beneto Foundation Lester and Muriel O'Meara

Stanley and Florence Quon Maureen and Michael Taylor The California Endowment

$100,000 to $249,000

$10,000 to 24,999

Sevy and Neva Cimaroli Sierra Hematology and Oncology The Harry C. & Deborah L. Elliott Family Foundation

Liz Welsh Abad and Dr. Jose Abad Abbott Laboratories Phyllis Baltz Steve and Cory Bauer Dr. Frank and Tink Boutin Nancy McCormick Clavere The Connick Family Karsten Dengel Beth and Kevin Duggan Edwards Lifesciences Louise Cato David J. Ferneau Folsom Lake Bank Friends of the NICU Richard F. and Joan Gann Lawrence and Christine Garcia Michael and Barbara Genovese Wendy J. Hoyt Don and Gail Hudson International Micro Design, Inc. Robert and Eileen John Johns Hopkins Dr. and Mrs. Neil Kelly Kelly Foundation

$50,000 to $99,999 Eli Lilly and Company Grayce Kingsbury Dennis and Nancy Marks Partners Healthcare System Serotonin Surge Charities Wells Fargo Foundation $25,000 to $49,999 Gene & Sherri Bassett Boston Scientific Corporation City of Rancho Cordova Harvard Clinical Research Institute HDR Architecture Dr. and Mrs. Harry Khasigian Richard and Connie Koppes Mercy General Hospital Guild Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Volunteers 6

Lawson Mechanical Contractors The McIntyre Family Medtronic, Inc. Mercy Medical Group Inc. Reverend John V. Moore Optimist Club of Sacramento Foundation, Inc. Parker Family Foundation Pfizer, Inc. Caroline Rivers and Minott Rivers SAFE KIDS Worldwide Chris and Sarah Wood Lisa Woodard-Mink $5,000 to $9,999 Osa Aimufua Dr. Clint R. Collins Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Jon G. Finkler, M.D. First Responder Emergency Medical Services, Inc. Paul and Mae Fong Family Elizabeth Garcia HH MedStar Health, Inc. Mrs. Paulyne Joe KCI KHHM - Hot 103.5 Matrex Exhibits Mercy Radiology Group, Inc. Mercy San Juan Medical Center Guild

Pfund Family Foundation Portraits from the Heart Pressey & Associates, Inc. Mark and Patty Read Roebbelen Contracting, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bill S. Satow Gurvinder Shaheed, MD Drs. Alan J. and Julie R. Shatzel St. Jude Medical, Inc. Sutter Home Winery Dr. and Mrs. Amir Sweha The Siemens Philanthropic Fund Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Western Health Advantage Tammy and Kevin Wilcox Yale University Ms. Margo Zanotto Mr. David Zieour $1,000 to $4,999 Advanced Health Media, LLC Novartis Ms. Sabrena Alias Alpha Phi Foundation Arden Hills Resort Club & Spa Arrow Cardiac Assist George & Jean Artz AstraZeneca, LP AT&T External Affairs Dr. Rodney Kihara and Dr. Karen Azama-Kihara B2U Promotions - B2U Pink Division Ernie L. and Kathleen M. Baciocco Joan and Richard Beach Dr. Tom and Felicia Bhe Biotronik, Inc. Mrs. Franc Blackbird Blackbird Associates Joseph Blake Carola and Ronald Blubaugh Ms. Cheryl Boatwright Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. Ms. Ellie Boeing Chynoweth Mark & Candace Bonney Books are Fun, Ltd.-Tamara C. & Steven L. Kent Mary L. Brisbin, RN Christine Brown Vivian Buletti Mrs. Donna M. Burke M. Patricia Horner Butler California Emergency Physicians California Northstate College of Pharmacy, LLC Jan and Harry Campbell Canteen Cardionet, Inc. Caris MPI, Inc. Joyce Carter, Town Planner Calendar Caulfield, Davies & Donahue, LLP Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality John V. Cerato Sandra Cerro Franklin and Lily Chinn

Chipotle Mexican Grille Ray and Sara Clements Comstock Johnson Architects, Inc. Alan and Mary Lynn Cordano Mr. Karal D. Cottrell Ms. Debbie Coughlin Covidien Jim, Patrice and Kit Coyle Doris Cozzi Jane Crable Mr. and Mrs. Ken Crawford Rondi Crowley Claudia and William Cummings Shannon Deary-Bell and Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. Ms. Kathleen DeBusk DeKreek Construction, Inc. Mrs. Cecilia M. Delury and Mr. Vince Jacobs DesCor Builders Inc. Jack and Karen Diepenbrock Don O'Neill–THEIA Mr. and Mrs. James F. Doyle Driving Out Breast Cancer Jill and David Dryer Kasey Dyer George and Marilyn Econome Emergency Medicine Physicians Florence E. Weyand Frank W. Fabing Mary Ann Findlay Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Fink Dr. and Mrs. John P. Flaningam Walter and Bobbie Flatt Taylor and Tina Florence Stephen and Kelley Foerster Forest Phamaceuticals, Inc. Shepard Fountaine, M.D. Nancy Garcia Lois Garrett and Margaret Pratt Catherine Geraty Hoag Gary and Petra Glenesk Glo from Head to Toe Go Girl Energy Drink Dona Goodenbour Dee and Ben Goodkind Grant & Weber Catherine Gruelle Lara and Charles Harrow Father John Healy Mary Ellen Hesse Cherry L. Hicks Hill Rom Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hoffman Cindy Holst Ms. Kathryn A. Huffman Pat and Lisa Hume Althea Hurley Mrs. Maureen B. Hutz Integrated Transport Solutions Ms. Kitty Isola

Brian and Debi Ivie Dr. Joelle L. Jakobsen Bonnie Jenkins Mrs. Kathy M Jesmont Karen H. Jordan Ms. Jennifer Jorra Carmen Kaufhardt Rodney and Mary Louise Klein Ms. Clara Kleman Maral Kuechler Ms. Kathryn La Ferriere Mary L. Lambert Victoria Lange Ms. Renee Linder Mrs. Leesa L. Linn J. List Marketing Matters Robin and Debbie Martial Carla S. Martin Dr. & Mrs. James W. Martin Pamela Martinez Robert and Nancy Marvin Shirlie M. Marymee Dr. Jack McCarthy–Bi-Valley Medical Clinic Betty McCullough Gerardine McInerney John McIntyre and Francesca Negri Niall and Carol Meagher Eric K. Meili Jan and Rob Mellen Merck Sharp & Dohme Mercy San Juan Medical Center Medical Staff Carlene Metzler Mr. & Mrs. John S. Millar Molina Healthcare of California Mr. John D. Moltzner Dr. and Mrs. Craig Morris Robert and Nancy Mueller Frank and Mary Jane Murawski Jonathan Musicant and Yayoi Kushida Nephron Pharmaceuticals Corporation Ms. Manda Ness Donald D. Ness Ms. Diane F. Newcombe Beverly Nicholson and Saad El Azazy Linda Noland Nor Cal Beverage Company, Inc. Novella Clinical Larry and Kathleen O'Connor Sharon K. Olson Glenn and Devon Olson Optimer Pharmaceuticals Inc. PAREXEL International LLC Ms. Jane Parkinson Eric and Georgianna Pfost Deanna Plewik Andrea R. Plon Tommy and Susan Poirier Mariann Poletti  Deceased 7

2011-12 Honor Roll


PPD Development, LP Pulmonary Medicine Associates Quintiles/Innovex Radiological Associates of Sacramento Medical Group, Inc. Mr. Ryan Rainbolt Rod and Nancy Read River City Bank Miguel A. Rivera, MD Krishna J. Rocha-Singh, MD The Rogaski Family Robin and Katherine Rogness William C. Ruark Ms. Tammie Sackett Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates Sacramento County Bar Association Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Salontai Shelly and Eric Schlenker Jeremy T. Schrimsher Mr. Mike Schultz Deb Schwerin Jennifer Scott and Matthew Dunn Michael J. Selli Carrie W. Sens David C. Sharp Ms. Lisa Shelley Sierra Health Foundation Victor and Michelle Silva Marilyn and Vic Sims Mr. and Mrs. Bob Slater Belva Snyder Wayne E. Soo Hoo, Ph.D. St. Paul High School Ms. Norma R. Stackpole Heidi J.C. Steger Susan and Gary Stringfellow Ms. Joy Strong Sunovion Sylva Family Properties The Zimmerman Center for Plastic Surgery Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. Ms. Linda M. Turner Ms. Rose M. Uveges James and Kris Van Cleaf Beverly Veal Joanne Virone, Joe and Andra Virone, Christine Virone and Bill McLoughlin Virtual Radiologic Volun-Care Wal-Mart Store #2457 Amy Wandel, M.D. Roger & Jean Ware Ken and Kathy Watrobski Dr. Robert T. Wendel Deidre Wentworth Westmed, Inc. Nancy Ann White Whole Kids Foundation Williams and Olds, CPAs Larry and Pat Wilson 8

Mr. and Mrs. Rod Winegarner Merrily F. Wong and Gordon A. Wong, M.D. Woodland Memorial Hospital Dr. T. Zimmerman Family $250 to $499 James and Gaylene Andersen Jeffrey L. Anderson Ms. Norma J. Anderson Ms. Kathleen Anderson Mrs. Teresa A. Anderson Sharon L. Andrews Dan & Natalie Anzini Ms. Dawn Askew Abbie and Ron Baroni Ms. Michelle Barthelmess Steve Bell Bella Bloom Flowers Allen L. Bender Ms. Melynnie Branco Sandra Buckendorf-Jones Jack and Rose Burgis Jean A. Burke California Family Fitness Aileen Carriere and Family Susan Carson Mr. Gary W. Chan Sergeant Aretha Chandler Ms. Jane Chapa Robert Wesley Chapman III Billy Chapman Dr. Chiang Mr. Richard Cohen Mr. Joseph Coleman Colors Salon The Demas Family Ms. Janet Cornelius Victoria Crocker Ms. Bev Deary Ms. Noelle DeBortoli Elizabeth Dederko Ms. Suzi deFosset Mrs. Sandy DeKreek Ms. Katherine Deloso Elise Dempsey Ms. Lynn Marie M. Desantis Drs. Costanzo and Danielle DiPerna Dennis Dunnett Patricia L. Durborough Marcie Ellis Sara Ellis Empire Golf Octavia and Donald Ennis Frederick Johansenď – Tony Ettlin Mr. Greg Evans Samantha Fajardo Karol Ferreira Ms. Herlynn Figuerres Lisa M. Finato

India C. Fleming-Ferris Flexcare, LLC Joseph B. Foley Jim and Janice Freeberg Roland K. Freeland Carrie Garland Satta George Maribel and William Go, Jr. Mr. Luis Gonzales Mr. Dilan Good Robynn Gough Smith Ms. Bonnie Gratch Diane and Larrie Grenz Kim Griffin Mary E. Haase Hammond Art Consulting Owen and Marie Hannon Harper Davis Financial Julie Harvey Mr. Burt L. Hecht Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Herron Joyce E. Higley Mr. Eli Hill Tracy Hodges Mr. and Mrs. Greg Honig Icing on the Cupcake Judi Jacques Mary Lou Jenkins, RN Dr. Bruce and Ellen Jensen David & Carol Jimenez Ms. Sarah Jordan Jamie Jozwiak Mr. Joshua Kaizuka Jo Ann Kelly Kilwinning Lodge, #203, Daughters of Scotia Kimmel Construction, Inc. Ms. Kristen Kirkendall Ms. Joyce Krula Ms. Tracy Kugel Dawn Kushwaha Oleta C. Lambert Betty Wilson Lane Julie Laskin Maricar Lavilla Candace Lawson, M.D. Lee and Carol Tager Family Charity Fund Ms. Tina Lekas Ms. BJ LeMaster Erinn Lezotte Lima Spa Locke, Lord, Bissell & Liddell Pam Logan Ms. Iona M. Luke M.D. Iverson Construction Tammy Cameron Maher, RN Mailrite Print & Mail, Inc. Ms. Nancy B. Maliani Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maloney Bunkie Mangum Ms. Terri Marcum

Sharon A. Margetts Mr. Frank Marino Deborah R. Martinez Ms. Julia Martinez Jenny Mason Ms. Gina Mastergeorge Mr. George H. Matthies Mr. John O. McIlreevy Ms. Hiroko Miles Donald Miles Mimi & Co., Inc. Mr. James Moore Mr. Robert Morrison Kimberly Muehlberg Leticia Musquiz MVP Sports Unlimited Claudia Nakata Mari Shelton Ms. Dina Nasui NCO Financial Systems, Inc. Anne Nickerson Ms. and Mr. Helen Nutter Ms. Jeannine O'Brien Ms. Mary Ann Ogunganwo Susan Ozanne-Warm Ms. Michelle Pagel Sandy Patterson Fran and Trisha Pena Ms. Julie Pennington Carey Peoples Perry-Smith, LLP JoAnn Peterson Ms. Tina Pinto Gail Pirie, M.D. Alma Pobrich Susan Popp Ms. Alicia Pratt Professional Business Women of California Mrs. Beulah P. Quimet Juvie Quimsing Rancho Murieta Country Club Meryl Rapport Arleen Reibold, CLS Ms. Susan W. Riordan Patty Ritter Rotary Annes of Folsom Jessie Roxburgh Ms. Gia Russo Sacramento Magazine Kathy Schrumpf, RN Ms. Carol Schulz Dan and Laurie Schwartz Terri L. Scott Michael Scully-Linder Stanley A. Sedilko Dr. Anjali Sharma Chuck P. Sierer Col. and Mrs. Frank Smiley Catherine and Jon K. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Smith

Ms. Terri L. Smith Katie Sorenson Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. Mr. Greg J. Sparks Ms. Tracy E. Starkey Ginny Stevenson Stevinson Ranch Golf Club Cynthia Sweeney-Engle, RN Mrs. Elizabeth Tattersall Ms. Casey Taylor Candy Timoney, RNC Ms. Kathy Treaster Mr. and Mrs. Jesus Trujillo Jr. University of Michigan Valley Hi Country Club Teresa Van den Boom Mr. and Mrs. Plauche F. Villere, Jr. Visual Impact Designs Fran and Frank Vitulli Karen Waldemarson, RN Ms. Delilah R. Ward-Sherlock Barry E. Weiner, DPM The Wells Family Marcia C. L. Wells Whole Foods Market Suzanne Wiesner Jack Williams Angelique N. Williams Winchester Country Club Kerry and Sam Wood Mr. Earl F. Worley Rochelle C. Wright John and Karen Young Ms. Jeanne Zaslove Stephen Zobel $100 to $249 A Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange Corp. Mr. Robert N. Abrams Mrs. Donna Adam Mrs. Mitzi S. Aguirre Mr. Vincent L. Alabastro Marge E. Albouze and June T. Peters All Charities–Teamsters/Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Allen Tiffany and Anton Alves Ms. Cheryl Andrews Mr. Art Aquino Ms. Sharon Arase Mrs. Dorris Ash AT & T Charlyn Avelar Ms. Shaanon Babcock Robert and Nettie Bailey Mr. Robert Baker Mr. Tom A. Balestreri Elaine A. Barrios, M.D. Selina Barron Ms. Lisa Bates Jacqueline Bautista

Bayshore Associates Beeson, Tayer & Bodine Art and Carol Bell Mrs. Ellen J. Benedict Bradley and Barbara Berg Dr. and Mrs. Philip Bernstein Bickmore Risk Services Mrs. Koleen Biegacki Mr. and Mrs. George Bigby Mr. Raymond Blake Michael J. Blake, DDS Ken Blevins David and Elda Borges Bourdages Photography Mr. and Mrs. Steve F. Boutin Mrs. Ina Boyer Mrs. Sarah Brechtbill Georgia Brewer Mr. Robert Brock Ms. Laverne Brooks Dr. Paul and Jean Brown Scott F. Brown Mr. John F. Burke Matthew Burnette Ms. Mary L. Burton Blue Shield of California, CPLPS and CalPERS Teams R. W. Caldwell Mike and Kathy Campbell Paula and Ronald Campbell Mr. and Mrs. Paulino S. Canuela Mr. and Mrs. Victor Cappello Mr. Neal A. Cardosa Marilyn Carmazzi Ms. Karen Carr Mrs. Ina M. Carter Mr. Bradford J. Casoly Hong Cason Mr. and Mrs. Doug Catton Vickee C. Celis Ms. Martha Cervantes Chauffeurs, Teamsters & Helpers Local 150 Ms. Huizhen Chen City of Folsom Firefighters Assocation Ms. Jolia A. Clark CLD Consulting Mr. Richard Clemons Ms. Catherine Cline Mr. Thomas S. Clinkenbeard Mary Cochran Kathy Cook Ms. Shauna N. Correia Mr. Darrell F. Corti Barbara Corum Ms. Ann Claude Coutu Nancy Cullifer Dale P. Curtis, M.D. Jennifer Dam Mr. Abraham Daniels Mr. Jeffrey D. Day 9

2011-12 Honor Roll


DB Olsen & Company Judge and Mrs. Anthony De Christoforo Ms. Shelley L. Deary Patricia C. Deatherage Ms. Tiffany Dedrick Ms. Georgeanne Delange Ms. Joan Denton Mrs. Margaret E. Desouza Diamond D General Engineering, Inc. Mr. James H. Dickerson Mrs. Patricia C. Diepenbrock Prof. and Mrs. Michael Dietler The William O. Dinelli Family Ms. Ruthann Dittrich Ms. Deirdre C. Dolan Ms. Janette A. Dones Ms. Marilyn Dong Ms. Betty Downey Mary Downs Mr. and Mrs. W. Michael Doyle Patricia Drake Drobny Law Offices, Inc. Kimberly Du Bray Ms. Bette Ducat Ms. Catharine E. Dunham East Lawn/Andrews & Greilich Memorial Parks and Mortuaries Ron and Billie Ann Edwardes Wayne and Julie Edwards Ms. Marryan Elorduy Robert H. Emslie, Jr. Anna Enriquez Mrs. Billie J. Ensley Mr. and Mrs. Kelley D. P. Evans Ms. Johanna Farley Fat City, Inc. Ms. Heather Faulk Louie and Nadine Feletto Bellaluz O. Fernando Lisa Ferrin Ms. Linda Fidler Dr. John and Mariann Fisher Mrs. Karen M. Flynn Gary Fogal Ms. Candace Fong Cynthia A. Forsman Judy Forsyth Mrs. and Mr. Irene Franks Caroline M. Fraser Ms. Deloris Frazier Kristina Freas Dorothy Fritz Ms. Julie P. Gaines Ms. Julie C. Garoutte Mr. Billy Gatlin Jeanne Gauthey Mr. Gregory S. Geeting Giggle Golf Jean Giles Susan Godfrey 10

Stephanie M. Gonzales Sharon Gordon Reyes, RN Ms. Gloria J. Gorman Ms. Marjorie D. Gorthy Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gregg Ms. Laurel Grinder Mrs. Mary Lou Haddad Robert E. and Dorothy Handel Michael Hardy Ms. Amara Harrell Ms. Cheree Harris Ms. Krista Hart Laura J. Hartman Ms. Karen Hartquist Setsuko Hasegawa Melanie R. Hatzakos Rita and Richard Haugner Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Hays Mrs. Luella A. Heney Karen Hennessee Mr. Wesley M. Henson Mrs. Regina Herbich Ms. Christine Hess Mr. John Heuerman Ms. Darlene C. Hibbard Molly Hills, Star Stylist, Stella & Dot Mr. and Mrs. Tom R. Hoeffell Sabrina Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Sam Hom Megan Hopper-Young Ms. Constance M. Houde Ms. Kerri M. Howell Cynthia Hrepich Hull Family Gift Fund Kelly Hunt Ms. Yvonne Hunter Teresa Ishikawa Ms. Rachel Isquith Jody Jackson Ms. Mary J. Jackson Dick and Kristine James James A. Valley Construction Raymond and Linda Janssen Mary Jeanes Chris Jefferson Jesuit High School Charles T. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Johnson Ms. Vernice Johnson Ms. Frances Jones Vince and Laura Juarez Ms. Nancy K. Jung Robyn Juris, RN K. Walker Photography, Inc. Geary P. Keilman William F. and E. Claire Kennerley Mrs. Carma Kepler Mrs. Elisabeth Kersten Ms. Eileen Kilpatrick Seong-Il Kim and Kyeong-Nan Kim

Soo Kim Ms. Patricia A. King Mrs. Denise Kisner Mr. Richard J. Kobayashi Gena Koeberlein Korshak, Kracoff, Kong & Sugano, LLP Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Kramer Gunthrie and Susan Kraut Fred and Bev Kronsbein Ashok Kumar Ms. Kristen E. Kunkel Mark and Monica LaBriola Ms. Virginia Lack & Matranga Family Debra LaFrancis Ms. Jane Landsaw Kristi Larsson, RN Amanda Lasat Hanni Le Mrs. Ruby Lee Angelia Leipelt Catherine Lemelin John Leung Mrs. Katherine F. Lewin Dawn A. Leytem Doris Lighty Mr. and Mrs. H. Ogden Lilly Ms. Dawn Kretzschmar & Mr. Mike Lockwood Peggy L. Long Mr. and Mrs. George E. Lynch Gordon T. Ma, M.D. Ms. Kathleen MacDonald Ms. Erin MacEneaney Gene Paul Majarocon Jim and Jill Majewski Mr. Antonio G. Maldonado Mr. Thomas H. Mansfield Carolyn Marchi Rochelle Markins Myers Ms. Sonia Marrach Gina and Matt Martella Jim Marxen William and Maryn Mason Mr. William E. Masters Richard and Linda Matchette Ms. Diane Mattern Kathy "Mac" McAllister Ms. Paige R. McCall Ms. Sherron E. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Laurie McConachie Mrs. Mary E. McDermott Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. McFarland Mr. James E. McGlamery Ms. Maureen McKennan Mr. Thomas D. McKinley Saunny McWilliams Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Meigs Mr. Jack Mello Jr. Ms. Angelina Mendoza Frank and Carol Merlo Mrs. Christine Mersten

Ms. Katherine Meske Tom Metzler Ms. Alice Michel Mr. and Mrs. Don Middleton Mr. Fred Miller Mrs. Lois T. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Miller Ms. Rosemary Miller Burnett and Mimi Miller Jona Milo Model Plaza LP Tim and Roberta Montgomery Ms. Irma C. Moore Mr. William O. Morris Mrs. Janeen Mucci and Mrs. Karen Rutkiewicz Ms. Melissa Mulqueen George and Esther Munoz Ms. Aliane Murphy-Hasan Ms. Brandi Murrish Aminah Najieb, M.D. Ms. Julia C. Newcomb Kellie Newhouse Ms. Mary B. Norris Mr. and Mrs. Creighton F. Norris Lori Nunner Sam Nyamu Mr. and Mrs. Henry R. Obana Ms. Robin Oliver Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Olsen David and Candy Olson Ms. Breda O'Neill Robert L. Orgill Jr. Roger and Melodee Orsolini Mr. Charles J. Ott Art and Mary Ann Pancheri John & Debbie Patitucci Ms. Barbara Ann Pelletreau Mr. Lawrence J. Pequet Mr. Jose A. Perez Mrs. Vivian Perry Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Petrocchi Ms. Katrina Pinkerton-Lloyd Pleasurable Scents Dr. Gary Plundo Jeanette C. Pocan Denny and Michelle Powell Mr. Bryan Price Charles S. Price, M.D. Carlisle Designer Clothes Bishop Francis A. Quinn Ms. Beth Radovanovich Ms. Veneeta Raj Mrs. Dottie Raley Mr. and Mrs. Rick Randall Robert and Tina Randloph Mrs. Stephanie Raper Sally Ravas Ravizza Commercial Real Estate Red Hawk Casino

Deanna Reed Ms. Kristi Reese Phil and Peggy Reif Ms. Rashell M. Reneau Mr. George Reynolds Claudia J. Rich Mr. William J. Riehl Mr. Mark Riemer Tony and Eileen Riesinger Jana and Tara Felshman Donald G. Riley Ms. Linnie Robinson Ms. Bernice Rocca Mr. and Mrs. James Rodden Ms. Joanne Rodriguez Mr. and Mrs. Duane Rogers Lucas Romero Ed, Betty, Melissa & Maria Rooney Ms. Betty Jo Rose Ms. Lea Ross Michelle R. Ross Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Rousar Soledad A. Ruz Sacramento Ear, Nose & Throat Surgical & Medical Group, Inc. Marcella Salas Ms. Kathryn Samson Ms. Karen Sandberg Mr. Charles R. Sanders Mrs. Christine R. Santo Mr. Milton C. Saunders Susan L. Sawyer Herman Schindler Bernice J. Schmiedt Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Schneider Bob and Colette Schuehle Dr. Robert A. Schweissinger Norman and Reba Schwilk Ms. Lanie Scott Mrs. Rosemary Z. Seck Mr. Carl R. Selleck Mr. Victor L. Senecal Mr. Thomas I. Seth Ms. Jennifer D. Shaffer Tawana Shaw Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sheedy Sarbjat Kaur Shokar Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Simonds Jean K. Single Ms. Vonda Singleton Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Skapinok Thomas W. Slagle Ms. Debra J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Smith Mrs. Ilene J. Smith Mr. Richard N. Smith Ms. Myrna G. Smith and Mr. Jim Rohrer Bruce H. Smith Mr. Neill W. Soo Hoo Ms. Paula A. Spano

Ms. Thelma I. Sproull Steve Street Ms. Strickland-Smith Ms. Bonnie E. Suddarth Sandra Suetta Surgical Affiliates Medical Group Mr. Mark Synarski Syska Hennessy Group Mr. Sandor Szabo Daniel Tackett Ms. Leslie A. Thomas Mrs. Lorraine Thompson Ms. Kathryn J. Tipton Marvin and Mary Carol Todd Ms. Katina Tollefson Norman and Carmille Towne Mrs. Teresa Tri Truckee Mountain Rug Co. The True Family Mr. Paul F. Tseng Laura Uro Evangeline H. Valenzuela Ms. Ann Van Gorder Carmella Van Koughnet Mr. and Mrs. Carel D. Van Loben Sels Ms. Tracy Vaughn Ellen Vestal Cleo Vigil W.F. Gormley & Sons Jackie Wakefield Jim and Jill Walsh Ms. Barbara Ward Aaron C. Ward Soraya Warren Mr. John A. Weaver Ms. Maryellen R. Weber Mrs. Arlene Weber-Johnson Ms. Diane Welsh Joe & Ryan Davey, Jane & Steve Ridenon and Helen & Andy Roman Ms. Susan Werst and Virgina Whitlock Page West Ingrid Wheeler Mrs. Mary O. Wheeler Robert Wiebe, MD Kenneth Marshall Wilkins Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Williams Mrs. Minnie M. Wise Womens Golf Association for Northern CA William Workman, DPT RaeDean and Krista Wright Mr. and Mrs. James L. Wynn Jamie Yaklich Shari Yamamoto Randy Young Amy Zapien Maria Elvia Zeigler Lian Zhao Ms. Lynn Zigmant Ms. Sharon Zorn 11

McAuley Society


The McAuley Society honors donors who have contributed lifetime cumulative gifts of $10,000 or more. The society is named for Sisters of Mercy Foundress Catherine McAuley, who more than 150 years ago built a house of mercy for underserved women and children in Dublin, Ireland.

$100,000 or more Abbott Laboratories Walter C. and Agnes V. Anderson Arata Brothers Trust AT & T Bank of America Steve and Cory Bauer Beneto Foundation Bernau Development Corporation Blue Cross of California James and Jean Boock Cardiac Surgery West Medical Corp. Sammy and Kim Cemo Sevy and Neva Cimaroli City of Citrus Heights City of Folsom City of Folsom/Redevelopment Agency John and Sandra Cook County of Sacramento Claudia and William Cummings Antonelle Decetis 12

Dean Decker Jack and Karen Diepenbrock Diepenbrock Harrison Diocese of Sacramento Drost Sisters Trust E.L. Wiegand Foundation Eli Lilly and Company The Harry C. & Deborah L. Elliott Family Foundation Emergency Medicine Physicians First 5 Sacramento G.E. (GE Medical Systems) Lawrence and Christine Garcia Eric and Stacey Henrikson International Micro Design, Inc. KCRA- TV3/ KQCA 58 Ms. Julia Kelly Rodney and Mary Louise Klein Kransco Partners, LP Lawson Mechanical Contractors The Patrick & Mary Claire Leonard Family Trust Luppen and Hawley, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Marguleas Mrs. Thelma and Dr. James W. Martin Ms. Mary M. McDonald Medtronic, Inc. Merck & Company, Inc. Merck Sharp & Dohme Mercy General Hospital Guild Mercy Medical Group Inc. Mercy Radiology Group, Inc. Mercy San Juan Medical Center Guild Methodist Hospital of Sacramento Volunteers Ron and Darin Mittelstaedt Donald and Pamela Murphy Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Nacey Pfizer, Inc. Radiological Associates of Sacramento Medical Group, Inc. Raley's Incorporated Donald and Sharon Redmond Regional Cardiology Associates Medical Group RMOB Sacramento Anesthesia Medical Group, Inc. Dr. and Mrs. Kavian Shahi Drs. Alan J. and Julie R. Shatzel Sierra Health Foundation Sierra Hematology and Oncology Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, West Midwest Community Mr. and Mrs. Alex G. Spanos Hans and Becky Sprong St. Jude Medical, Inc. Swing at Cancer, Inc. The California Endowment The California Wellness Foundation The Fletcher Jones Foundation Mr. Gomer N. Thomas Ms. Barbara V. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Angelo K. Tsakopoulos Turner Construction Michael and Linda Ubaldi George and Lena Valente Roger and Marie Valine VSP Ron and Shirley Watkins Western Health Advantage William C. Cummings Real Estate Investments Winthrop Pharmaceuticals Merrily F. Wong and Gordon A. Wong, M.D. $50,000 to $99,999 Liz Welsh Abad and Dr. Jose Abad LaVonne Amaral Blackbird Associates Dick and Carolyn Boje C. Delury & Associates Cardinal Distribution The Family of Yu Shun Chung David S. Taylor Interests, Inc.

Mrs. Cecilia M. Delury and Mr. Vince Jacobs Diagnostic Pathology Medical Group, Inc. Duncan Ball & Evans Emergency Medical Group of Folsom, Inc. Michael and Susan Erne Frontier Communications Richard F. and Joan Gann Genentech, Inc. Michael and Barbara Genovese Mr. and Mrs. Frank Giordano Mrs. Dee and Dr. Joseph Hartzog Don and Gail Hudson William and Charlene Hunt Hunter Richey Di Benedetto & Eisenbeis, LLP Gayle and Gary Hursh Instrumentation Laboratories Intel Corporation Brian and Debi Ivie Lynda and John Jackson, Jr. Ms. Glorina Jugo Kelly Foundation Dr. Mitra Ayazifar and Mr. Marty Khatib Kimmel Construction, Inc. Oleta C. Lambert Dennis and Nancy Marks Mercy Family Practice Medical Group, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Edson Moore Morton and Marcine Friedman Foundation Marilyn and Raymond Nelson Veleda and Mike Newman Larry and Kathleen O'Connor Pfund Family Foundation Denny and Michelle Powell Quest Rod and Nancy Read John and Linda Rinset River City Bank SAFE Credit Union Ms. Louise A. Sallmann Drs. John and Trudy Schafer Jane and Wayne Spence The Setzer Foundation Stephen and Grace Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Uboldi Wallrich Landi Integrated Marketing Communications Wells Fargo Foundation Tammy and Kevin Wilcox $25,000 to $49,999

Ken and Joyce Adamson Gil and Kay Albiani Dr. Kathryn Amirikia Stan and Kristen Atkinson Dr. and Mrs. John M. Babich Barcellona Communications, Inc. Gene & Sherri Bassett Blue Diamond Growers

Frank M. Booth Michael K. Brady Burnett and Sons Planing Mill and Lumber Company Michael Chang, MD Dr. Clint R. Collins Jim, Patrice and Kit Coyle Bob and Patricia Crosbie Cathleen Manogue Dougherty Beth and Kevin Duggan First Responder Emergency Medical Services, Inc. Louis Gallia, MD, DMD, FACS Lois Garrett and Margaret Pratt Gary and Petra Glenesk Golden 1 Credit Union Thomas and Phyllis Hammer HDR Architecture Jon and Sue Hillegeist Cindy Holst Wendy J. Hoyt Skip and Marsha Jahn Karen H. Jordan Dr. and Mrs. Harry Khasigian Russ and Mary Knapp Richard and Connie Koppes Ginny and Jack LaRue Dr. and Mrs. Louis G. Livoti Reginald Low, MD Paul and Linnae Luehrs Sharon A. Margetts Robin and Debbie Martial McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. Tim and Erin Mickiewicz Burnett and Mimi Miller Patti Monczewski Harry and Kathleen Moore Reverend John V. Moore Ms. Vonda Morris Richard W. Myers Dr. Gearoid and Kathleen O'Neill Pacific Coast Building Products, Inc. Pinebrook Social Club Deanna Plewik Stanley and Florence Quon Mark and Patty Read Donald and LaVerna Reid Mrs. Betty Richardson Dr. and Mrs. David K. Roberts Vince and Lynn Schmitz Carrie W. Sens Mr. H. John Shaw, III Ms. Laurie Shaw Jim and Susie Simas Dr. Peter & Jamie Skaff Bob and Mercedes Slakey Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Sylva Patricia Takeda, MD Maureen and Michael Taylor The Sacramento Bee

Jim and Jill Walsh Deidre Wentworth Western Contract $10,000 to $24,999 A. Teichert & Sons, Inc. AAA-California State Automobile Association AKT Development Corporation Adam Richter Charitable Trust Carol and Cary Adams Advanced Cardiovascular Systems Osa Aimufua Denise K. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Robert H. Allen Robert and Virginia Allen The Alpert-Palchak Family Mary and Harold Anderson Angelo Electric, Inc. George and Jean Artz Astra Merck Karen Auwaerter Mejong and Mahmud Ayeb Ernie L. and Kathleen M. Baciocco Phyllis Baltz Barcellona Family Foundation Bard Cardiology/C.R. Bard, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. David Bardoni Marshall G. Barnes, MD Josephine Baumann Joan and Richard Beach Kathleen and Robert Bellew Phyllis R. Bentley Dr. Tom and Felicia Bhe Carola and Ronald Blubaugh Blue Shield of California Blue Sky Day Spa Ian and Katherine Boase Boehringer Mannheim Books are Fun, Ltd.-Tamara C. & Steven L. Kent Captain Doyle J. Borchers II Dr. Frank and Tink Boutin Boyd Foundation The Brauner Family Brian and Elizabeth Brennan Father Philip R. Brennan Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Broadbent Mr. and Mrs. Kelly Brothers Vivian Buletti California Correctional Peace Officers Association Martha and William Campbell Norman and Tina Campbell Campbell Soup Company, Inc. Capital Beverage Company Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. Cardiovascular Care Medical Group Carlson Price Fass & Company Marilyn Carmazzi Stanley and Sherry Carrothers 13

McAuley Society


Catalyst Communications, Inc. CFB/Lincoln National Charles and Helen Schwab Foundation City Building, Inc. Comcast Community Services Planning Council Comstock Carlson, Inc. James and Alana Connick Melanie Conover Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Alan and Mary Lynn Cordano Karal and Ann Cottrell Steve and Marsha Crosbie Adrienne Y. Crowe Rondi Crowley Linda Beech Cutler George and Judee Daniels Brenda Washington Davis and Edward Alexander Phillips Shannon Deary-Bell and Nor-Cal Beverage Co., Inc. Del Webb Sun City The Family of Linda Denton Discovery Door, Inc. Donant Foundation Marjorie Dowd Jill and David Dryer Dupont Pharmaceutical Company E.A. Boyd Foundation George and Marilyn Econome Edwards Lifesciences Farmers Insurance District #30 Charles and Nancy Feddermann Daniel and Jennifer Ferguson David J. Ferneau First Consulting Group Inc. Walter and Bobbie Flatt Stephen and Kelley Foerster Foley & Lardner Folsom Chamber of Commerce Folsom Lake Bank Folsom Obstetrics & Gynecology Medical Group, PC Fong & Fong Printers & Lithographers Foundation Health John E. Frisch Robert and Winifred Gaines Dr. and Mrs. Allan H. Galbreath Mr. Jack F. Gallagher Elizabeth Garcia GenCorp Foundation Genovese Burford & Brothers Catherine Geraty Hoag Geremia Family Michael and Katherine Gillogley Lois and Bill Glazebrook Golden State Physicians Robin Gough Smith Marie and Joe Green Diane and Larrie Grenz 14

Guidant Marty Haley Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Harris Health Net of California, Inc. Mrs. Janice Healton Hefner Stark & Marois, LLP Mr. Jim Day and Ms. Kit Henderson Barbara L. Hoffert Mr. and Mrs. D. Scott Ideson IPS Printers, Inc. Angela Isola Bonnie Jenkins Dr. Bruce and Ellen Jensen Col. and Mrs. James H. Jensen Robert and Eileen John John Davis Company, Inc. John F. Otto, Inc. John Laing Homes- Sacramento Division Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Incorporated Jamie Jozwiak Kaiser Permanente Kay Kallas David J. and Lisa A. Kassis, FCT Dr. and Mrs. Neil Kelly Kikkoman Foods Foundation, Inc. Kimball Hill Homes Jack and Janice Kimmel Veronica Knudson Mary L. Lambert Mr. and Mrs. Frank LaRosa Craig E. Lighty Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation Lucent Technologies Patrick and Pamela Lynn M & M Whitmire Family Foundation T. Grace Macdonald Mallinckrodt, Inc. March of Dimes Marion Merrell Dow, Inc. Elio and May Marsalla The Page & Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation Mrs. Virginia and Lt. Col. Robert McBratney The C.K. McClatchy Family McClatchy Newspapers, Inc. McDermott Will & Emery McGee Thielen & Purves The McIntyre Family McKesson Bernita McTernan Medtronic Pacing, Inc. Jan and Rob Mellen Mercy American River Auxiliary Mercy McMahon Terrace John and Beverley Messner Metropolitan Anesthesiology Consultants Kim Middleton Tim and Vicki Moran Dr. Peter J. Murphy Murphy Austin Adams Schoenfeld, LLP

Jonathan Musicant and Yayoi Kushida0 Nacht & Lewis Architects NCO Financial Systems, Inc. Niello BMW The Niello Company Northern California P.E.T. Imaging Center Nuclear Physicians Medical Group Nycomed, Inc. Armando and Rose Ochoa Glenn and Devon Olson Optimist Club of Sacramento Foundation, Inc. Carol and Carl Otto Pacesetter, Inc. Pacific Gas & Electric Co. PAIR design, LLC Panattoni & Van Valkenburgh Panattoni Development Company, LLP Albert and Marie Pardini Parke-Davis Parker Development Company Bob and Colleen Pascuzzi Patterson Travel PDC Properties, Inc. Perry's Restaurants Tom and Sue Petersen Ms. Michele Peterson Dan Petrocchi Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. Steve and Karen Polansky Mariann Poletti Todd Prigge Elanie and Tim Purkis Oma and Opa Purkis Ralphs/Food 4 Less Joan and Frank Ranells Paula and Randall Rapetti H.J. Bud and Freda Ravizza RCA Community Fund of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation RCA Medical Group RCB Foundation River City Medical Group Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Robertson Roche Pharmaceuticals Rod Read & Sons Ed, Betty, Melissa & Maria Rooney Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Rossiter Rotary Annes of Folsom Rotary Club of Elk Grove Rotary Club of Folsom Roxane Laboratories, Inc. Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Deb Royer William C. Ruark Sacramento Kings Royal Court Dancers Sacramento Metro Chamber Foundation Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission Martin and Alison Sadler Safeway Food & Drug The Safeway Foundation Dr. Rahat Saied

Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Salontai Sanofi-Aventis Mr. and Mrs. James Saponaro Schering Plough Michael J. Schermer, MD Shelly and Eric Schlenker Schneider (USA), Inc. Donald and Jean Schrader Scimed Life Systems Betsy Self Ofer Shaul Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Shawl Wini Sheil Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital Slakey Brothers Incorporated The Sleep Train, Inc. SmithKline Beecham Wayne E. Soo Hoo, PhD Sovereign Military Order of Malta-Western Association Spence Enterprises, Inc. The Spink Corporation Stafford King Wiese Architects State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company Sulzer Medica Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation The Harold and Winifred Swanton Foundation Swift Jeep Chrysler Plymouth Dodge The Thomas Company Becky Thompson Silas and Bonnie Ting Marvin and Mary Carol Todd Mr. George Tometti Kathryn and Richard Traversi Mrs. Marie Louise Trowbridge in memory of Dr. James Trowbridge Katina Tsakopoulos Markos and Eleni Tsakopoulos-Kounalakis Tucker Sadler & Associates U.S. Bank Ungaretti & Harris USAA Western Regional Office VALIC Retirement Plan James and Kris Van Cleaf Vandenberg-Keil Vasko Electric, Inc. Ventritex Warner Lambert Company Ken and Kathy Watrobski Watson Wyatt & Company Wells Fargo Wealth Management Group Nancy Ann White Wilke, Fleury, Hoffelt, Gould & Birney LLP Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilson Chris and Sarah Wood Kerry and Sam Wood Lisa Woodard-Mink John K.H. Yen Dr and Mrs. Don Yokoyama

The Mercy Legacy Society The Mercy Legacy Society honors donors who have included Mercy Foundation in a will, trust, beneficiary designation or other planned gift. Gil and Kay Albiani Stan and Kristen Atkinson Dr. and Mrs. John M. Babich Dr. and Mrs. Cleve Baker Phyllis R. Bentley James and Jean Boock Father Philip R. Brennan Art Burg Mr. and Mrs. Terry O. Bush Marilyn Carmazzi Dr. and Mrs. Albert Chavannes Sevy and Neva Cimaroli James and Alana Connick Michael J. Copenhaver Ms. Bettye M. Cummins Ms. Velma E. Currlin Gand Judee Daniels Ms. Denise D'Anne Brenda Washington Davis Antonelle Decetis Dean Decker Jack and Karen Diepenbrock Ms. Frances Anne Dolan Robert and Winifred Gaines Lawrence and Christine Garcia Bryan and Lisa Gardner Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Gaucher Sr. Michael and Barbara Genovese Mr. and Mrs. Nick Girimonte Mr. Joseph Girimonte Lois and Bill Glazebrook Michael Hardy Miss Jeanne C. Hill Jon and Sue Hillegeist Ms. Mercedita Hussain Tom and Sheila Inks Jack and Nancy Kearns Hugh W. Kitchener Rodney and Mary Louise Klein

Thomas Kroetch Oleta C. Lambert Ginny and Jack LaRue Ms. Lois Lucas Sharon A. Margetts Mr. and Mrs. Howard P. Marguleas Elio and May Marsalla Mrs. Thelma and Dr.James W. Martin Dr. and Mrs. Jim McCusker Ms. Mary M. McDonald Dr. and Mrs. James McGibbon Ms. Eleanor McGill Patti Monczewski Mr. and Mrs. Edson Moore Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Nacey Veleda and Mike Newman Dell W. Primasing Mark and Patty Read Donald and Sharon Redmond Ms. Alice G. Reed Mr. and Mrs. John and Valerie Piotrowski Donald G. Riley Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Ryan Ms. Louise A. Sallmann Dr. Frank G. Schiro Carl and Pamela Schubert Mr. H. John Shaw, III Bob and Mercedes Slakey Jane and Wayne Spence Hans and Becky Sprong Mr. Gomer N. Thomas Stephen and Grace Thomas Ms. Barbara V. Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Alain Traig Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin A. Unciano Dr. Wim and Mrs. Pauline Van Muyden Kerry and Sam Wood Hiroshi Yamuchi, MD


Non Profit US Postage Paid Sacramento, CA Permit #296

3400 Data Drive Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

2012–13 Mercy Foundation Board of Trustees Officers


Michael T. Genovese Chair

Jose Abad, M.D. Gene Bassett Costanzo DiPerna, M.D. Eileen Enright, RSM Joan Gann Diane R. Grenz Brian Ivie Jack M. Kimmel Garry P. Maisel Sharon Margetts Careyann Morris Tim Rogers Inder Singh, M.D. John Stevenson, M.D. Terry Street Michael Taylor Merrily F. Wong William E. Yee

Mark Read Vice Chair Alan Shatzel, D.O. Secretary Linda Van Rees Treasurer Katherine Doyle, RSM Sisters of Mercy West Midwest President’s Designee Kevin B. Duggan Mercy Foundation President and CEO


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Mercy Foundation Horizons - Fall 2012  
Mercy Foundation Horizons - Fall 2012