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PARAMETRIC EXPERIENCE My parametric experience with grasshopper had been an interesting yet frustating time. It was my first time learning grasshopper and there were many new things I had to figure out. I had to go thru the tutorials and try out many exercises. Thru these exercises it had helped me in understanding the software and how it works. However, the tutorials mainly only teaches us the basics. We then had to remodel the cut case study of the Pavilion for New Architecture by BKK Architects which we faced many difficulties trying to find the correct component to connect to get the results we wanted to. We then tried to consult the tutors and by going thru online tutorials which has helped us greatly in learning the software. Next during our mid-semester, we managed to come out with our grasshopper defination which was what we wanted to acheive in the digital model. We came out with different sets of matrix to show our exploration and development. Though the defination was quite simple, it was able to impress the panel as we had our physical model which backed us up. We then manipulate our idea which we added and edited our defination to come out with our final design. Though, we know what we want to achieve in the model, it was frustrating as we could not create the digital model. However, thru the help of the tutors and tutorials, we finally managed to produce our final design. This parametric experience was indeeed tough but I get to learn many new things.

From top to bottom: Top view of rendered model, perspective view of rendered model both rendered in v-ray ARCHITECTURE DESIGN STUDIO AIR | 78

Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  
Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  

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