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PREVIOUS STUDIO WORK “Allowing nature to evolve into an interactive space.�


uring my 1st year in Singapore Polytechnic, we are to proposed an Eco House for a family of 4. The design concept was to allow nature to evolve into an interactive space. As the owner wanted the house to be eco-friendly, nature is seeped into the space and less enclosures is used. The spaces between the outdoor and indoor spaces are interconnected and an outdoor deck is built bigger for interactive purposes. A courtyard and open terrace is placed in the middle of the house to allow the spaces to be interactive among its users. To allow nature to seep in, protruding elements are built and there is a use of large transparent sliding glass doors and window panels. Trees, bushes and water features are also placed around the house to block off unwanted views and sounds which gives the owner a sense of privacy. Weighing openness and enclosure, the use of less walls and columns allow air ventilation throughout the house. The house is also cross ventilated to allow the air to cool the interior spaces.

From top to bottom: Rendering of eco house using 3Dmax, Physical model of the eco house


Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  
Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  

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