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We first studied the use of solids and voids by coming out different variations without using any colour to see the results of it. By playing around with the solid the voids we came out with linear patterns which we found it rather boring and mundane which doesnt give a visual impact to the drivers. We then play around and came out with different interesting patterns. The selected pattern was based on the amount of solids and voids in each area and the solid and voids are spread which does not look complex or messy. The chosen composition also give a sense of rhythm and it is a modular system of 5. At the same time, we also tried playing with colours to get the variations of colour compositions and patterns. However, we went back to our chosen composition with just the solid and voids as we wanted to focus on the quality it gives us. Then by using our choosen composition, we used colours to analyse and explore even further. The selected arrangement and colours are chosen in relation to the polychromatic effect that is similar to our precedent study whereby there is order and system in a chaotic arrangement.

Left: Elevation of the final structure drawn out using CAD Software

Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  
Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  

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