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To me, there is no precise defination to parametric design as it can include many other types of designs into it, such as computating, computer aided and even digital designs. Parametric is a very broad term and it uses computer to design instead of regular pen and paper. In rhino and grasshopper, we are able to use algorithms and formulas to work out and figure out our designs. These use of techniques help designers and architects to visualize and maximise their ideas. However while in the process of using rhino and grasshopper, I found it difficult to adapt to the software as grasshopper is rather different from other programmes. Rhino and grasshopper has taught me new insights about parametric designs which could be done so easily by just playing around with the functions. With one element, many different variables are created with the use of different functions in Grasshopper. In addition, the use of attractor point allows the designer or architect to simply visualize the object in a different point of view and style by just changing the location of the attractor point. One of a parametric design is by Federico Rossi in a housing competition during 2007. The design is generated through using variables which is grouped into a system and thus generating different variations of outcomes. The housing unit of the project uses a rhomboid framework which are constrained within two strips which form the above parametric model. The model is able to have different outcome by just changing the length, width and thickness of each elements.

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Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  
Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  

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