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“This is a monumental project, encompassing an exceptional architectural and engineering masterpiece�. -Russell Bowman Director Milwaukee Art Museum

Top: Overall view of the Milwaukee Art Museum Source:

He added Quadracci Pavilion to the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2001. The Quadracci Pavilion served as the grand entrance to the expanded museum. The structure of the roof has seventeen built A-frames. Calatrava and his team used computers to design the A-shaped rafters were custom-fabricated. The A-frame shapes were determined digitally from a computerized model. These frames the movable wings of the Brise Brise-Soleil which allow natural lighting into the building during day and artificial illumination at night. To see if the structure works, it was modeled out using CAD program as a truss in the finite element analysis. Reference: Solaripediat 2011, Viewed 7 August 2012, <http://www.>

Top: Interior view of the Quadracci Pavilion Source: ARCHITECTURE DESIGN STUDIO AIR | 23

Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  
Final Journal Air12s2 Michelle Lee  

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