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Lee & Michelle Contemporay Country, modern luxury.... with no limit on fun!!

Platinum Wedding Package

The whole shabang!!! Nothing left out here... one price... to meet every need we can possibly think of! 1. All day coverage (11 hours) This covers from everything from Bridal & Groom Prep all the way to your first dance. 2. 14x11 Slip in Album/Digital Album... Bespoke design to compliment the theme of your day. 3. DVD Slideshow of your day... 4. 16x12 Canvas Wrap 5. Landscape Coffee Book 6. Silly photo Booth - We can take a range of photographs covering your evening reception. 7. Copy right Free Disc containg 160 images from your day. ÂŁ1600 Deposit 30% ÂŁ480 This Gurantees your booking prior to your wedding day.

Wesel & Sarah Safri & country styled fun rolled into just one wedding!!

Gold Wedding Package

This package is missing the Silly booth, but you can still add this.... This package still takes care of all your needs!

1. Whole day package (estimated 9-10 hours) Bridal Prep all the way through to your first dance 2. 14x11 40 pg album story book album, bespoke design to compliment your day and your own style. 3. DVD slide show 4. Landscape coffee book 5. copyright free disc 160 images aprox. 6. 16x12 canvas wrap ÂŁ1400 Deposit required for concrete booking 30% = ÂŁ420 We can set up payment plans to accomadate your finiacal requirements, which are based on length of time prior to your wedding date. Please email for further details.

Gary & Michelle

Silver Wedding Package

This pacakge makes sure there is no loss of coverage... but you can still add on what you need to this package,

1. Whole day ( estimated 10 hour coverage) 2. 14x11 slip-in/digital album, bespoke design styled to compliment your day or to you own individual taste 3. DVD slideshow of your day 4. 16x12 Canvas Wrap ÂŁ1200 Desposit required on complete booking 30% ÂŁ360 Payment plans can be made to harmonise with your finical situation. This is dependent on the time allowance prior to you wedding date.

Heather & Richard Vintage styling, required some creative thinking that complimented the soroundings!

Bronze Wedding Package 1. Whole day package (estimated coverage 8 hours) Bridal prep to first dance. 2. 14x11 album (slip in /Digital) 3. DVD Slideshow of your day 4. Landscape coffee book ÂŁ1000 30% deposit required to secure you booking for the given date.. ÂŁ300 Simple package, covering everything you could possibly want but on a budget!

Drew & Hannah We can be as creative as you want us to be... Challange us!!

Photographic plan It doesn’t matter what your tastes are... whether you like the contemporay, vintage or the alternative styles. We view each assignment as a new challange to produce work that we feel is not the same as the last, but unique to you and the enviroment that we work in. We work through a photographic plan, that helps us to create a list of images that must be taken on the day. We will pull styles from you and suggest possible styles, because we already have a idea of how we want to develop your album. Part of this discussion is asking who you want photographs of, who you would prefer not to (yes it does come up) who is happy to have photographs taken to together and who isn.t! (saves any embarrassement on the day). Then we go to your wish list!! what do you really want!! What photographs have you seen throughout your search of all things wedding related! and if you cant think of anythink, we talk about your venue... and what it can provide us photographically. We may suggest a alternative place for you intermate photographs, away from guests.... so you can have a breather... five minutes for just you two. Believe me, you will need it. Time constraints are not always in our favour.... so make sure you have enough time between your ceremony and you Reception. We suggest no less than a hour and half, preferably 2 hours if you can. We can send guests off after hour and a qauter, to then spend that last minutes with the Bride & Groom. What ever happens we will do our best to cover all corners, to make sure you have all you need.

Bespoke Wedding Albums

Graphic albums can be created to compliment the themes of your day... We create albums with this level of complexity on request.

Each album can have a individual look, or you can choose from templates we have made specifically for weddings. You could if you really wanted to be creative scan in items or materails that relate to your day!!

We can also scan in images of older photographs that you wish to be part of your day.

Danniel & Amy

Copper Wedding Package

No matter the coverage of your wedding, No matter the style you prefer.. we will cover what you require in a way that suits your needs and your album.

1. Half a day Coverage (estimated 6 hours)Bridal prep up to reception 2. 30 page A4 album Story book layout 3. Fully Edited Images 4. A4 Portrait Coffee Book 5. DVD Slideshow (50 images picked by you to represent the best of your day) ÂŁ800 30% booking deposit required to sequre your day ÂŁ240 We offer payment plans for all of our packages. They plans are dependent on the time prior to your day and your booking. We will go through the terms and conditions, that safe guard your booking with us. We offer multiple meetings should you need them. We also encourage you to have a big imput into the style of photography taken on the day. With the knowledge and experience that we have gained, working with many weddings and time constraints. We can help guide you on whats possible and whats not. But we will say that we will achieve the best we can given the time allowances.

Micheal & Corrine

Photography taken with you in mind, we’ll have as much as you feel comfortable with!

Gem Wedding Package 1. Half a Days Coverage (estimated coverage 6 hours) 2. Fully edited images 3. 14x11 (20pg album) or a copyright free disc of all the images taken on the day 4. A4 Portrait coffee book ÂŁ700 30% deposit required to secure your date. ÂŁ210 Payment plans available dependent on the time prior to your wedding day.

Weddings on a Buget We can tailor your packages to suit the needs of your day. You have seen our packages after looking through our photography book. None of the pacakges are set in stone, we like to thing that we can swap items or even exclude items. Thus changing the packages to suit the days needs, along with your budgets. Whether you decide on a large or small package, you still have the option to have add on’s. A lot of the times couples will choose smaller packages and then add on time to lengthen the coverage. They have also added upgrades to their albums, whether this is the style of the album or more pages to accomadate the extra coverage.

Weddings on a budget :- You can opt to have a pacakge without the extra cost of the album. These packages start from £350 covering :4 hours, fully edited images, 100 images copyright free.

ADD ON’s Time coverage 2 hours extra = £100 A whole evening (3.5hours) £150 UPGRADING YOUR ALBUM SIZE We do offer upgrades on the size, pages and style of your album. This will incurr an extra cost ontop of the packages. We only charge you the cost price of what the extra value is.

COPYRIGHT FREE DISC’S Can cost more than a album... why? well you are buying the copyright from the photographer, so that you have the freedom to reprint when ever and for whom every you want. You are therefore buying the art work and commercial value of the image. Unfortunatley we can no lower the price of our package because you decide you only want a CD. We can however say that without a Album we can offer you all the images from your day, fully edited.

Adam & Lisa Country mannor..... fast cars.... still having fun!!

Luke & Abbie

Luke and Abbie had extra coverage for their evenng, So we took them outside for some stylish poses!

First Dance

No matter the venue, we will do our best to capture your first dance and all its atmosphere.

Silly Photo Booth

Prices start from ÂŁ150 for 2 hours (we would however recomend at least 4-5hours. We will set up at 30min prior to your evening reception and stay till 11.30.) Within the 4 Hours we will cover the booth, the evenings entertainment, and the first dance.


CANVAS WRAPS 10x8 £55 10x16 £60 12x16 £65 16x20 £85 optional sizes are available 16x24 £95 on request. 18x38 £120 20x24 £110

Additional Information regarding reprints

No Obligation Consultations

If you wish to enquire about any additional sizes that are not mentioned, As much as we can discuss packages over the phone, its always nicer and feel free to email us the sizes. We will find out the cost and send you a price. much easier to take in information face to face. Its hard for me to explain how I work, or show you work over a phone. A website will show you a * Prices do not include postage or delivery. You are welcome to collect portfolio of work, but its never as good as the work that stands for itself in any items you order driect from us. front of you. If you already have frames and you would like prints sized to the frames So we offer you a no obligation service. You dont have to book on the dimensions, we can measure them on your behalf and fit the prints for you day, this is a investment.. We want you to feel confident from the outset with professionally cut mounts to match any decor or style. and sometimes that means making sure you are happy with what you want, taking time to make sure its Em Arts & Vintage Photography that you want If you would like a frame made, we have many contacts within the industry with you on your special day. that we use. If you have a specfic design, size or style in mind; again let us know and we will find you a cost and source samlples for you to see. So what happens? Well we will demonstrate our work, discuss how we like to work. Which then leads to how you feel in front of a camera.. Then we try to Em Arts & Vintage Photography prides themselves on offering a unique allay your fears and work with those fears. Not everyone wants a camera service. We feel that this sets us apart from other business within our around them all day, you may not like having your photo taken.. What ever industry, as we can offer handcrafted items on all levels. Apart from being the reasons, we make sure we are aware of them and empathise with those photographers, we are artists and designers working for MIss to Mrs needs to bring out the best in you, a you YOU have not seen!! Magazine. Next we will discuss how you think your day will go? what you have planned? We can offer you subscription to Miss to Mrs Magazine. The magazine and thats when we get creative.... and we start to show our excitement for contains lots of contacts within the wedding industry that offer fabulous your day. I personally cant wait to be part of your journey. I love to hear items and ideas. When you come to a consultation we will provide you with your stories, how it all began! This is not the end of a story, neither is it the a free magazine and monthly subscription. begining.. but its a new plato with a whole new view.

Hope to meet you soon!! x 07584253119

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