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*** REVIEWED *** School Library Journal has reviewed Mason Crest Publisher's Special Forces: Protecting, Building, Teaching and Fighting Series in this November's Series Made Simple issue. See all the editors' wonderful comments below! School Library Journal's Series Made Simple, November 2010 Issue Special Forces: Protecting, Building, Teaching and Fighting (10 volumes) "Readers interested in a military career within a Special Forces division will find this series most informative." "Elite Forces Selection is a smart place to begin, as it includes an overview of fundamental requirements for all divisions, focusing on the physical and mental strengths necessary in coping with the stress of missions." "Other titles provide great detail on the history of the forces and the physical training and personal qualities and skills needed to meet the demands of active combat and other activities at home and abroad."

If you're interested in ordering this series please call us at 1-866-MCP-BOOK or check out About Special Forces: Protecting, Building, Teaching and Fighting: We’re all aware that our world faces the dangers of terrorism, political instability, and conflict. The military’s special forces, using their rigorous training and discipline, are the ones who are confronting these dangers directly, protecting the rest of us. They are involved in both front-line warfare and behind-the-scenes military action, while at the same time they work to build a safer, more peaceful world. These books look at the history, entry and training requirements, and the unique mission of each branch of the Special Forces, offering young adults an inspiring insight into this elite military world.

Special Forces SLJ Nov.1