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*** REVIEWED*** School Library Journal has reviewed Mason Crest Publisher's Kids & Obesity series of books in this November's Series Made Simple issue. See all the editors' wonderful comments below! School Library Journal's Series Made Simple, November 2010 Issue Kids & Obesity (10 volumes) "Where the material shines is in its holistic approach. Readers are encouraged to develop their inner lives as much as their physical selves and to take responsibility for their own health and eating habits." "The authors also include healthy self-esteem as a factor in obesity prevention: an entire volume is devoted to the link between food and emotions, a topic not often seen in health literature for children." "The conversational texts render tough concepts comprehensible, and, on each page, jovial cheeseburger and heart characters hold up signs displaying important bullet points, and defining important words and terms." "This brightly-colored, ego-boosting, responsibility-championing series is a winner." If you're interested in ordering this series please call us at 1-866-MCP-BOOK or check out About Kids & Obesity: Childhood obesity is a serious problem around the world. In the United States, 6.5 percent of all children ages 6 to 11 were obese in 1980, but that percentage has skyrocketed: nearly 20 percent of children in this age range are obese today. Childhood obesity has both immediate and long-term health risks—and the only way to combat this deadly epidemic is by education that promotes healthy lifestyle changes. This series provides teachers and other professionals with ammunition in the war against childhood obesity. Each book presents a different facet of this issue— healthy eating choices and emotional and selfesteem issues, for example. Topics are presented sympathetically and clearly for young readers, explaining the reasons, the risks, and ways to fight back against obesity.

Kids and Obesity SLJ Nov.1