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SUNY Plattsburgh ​hello my friends evolutionary energy arts families so we're gonna start over here and this is some flash floods that are in extremely intense in Russia look at the power of this water and just notice what it's pushing down the sweeping trees away you hear them just crunching like matchsticks joining that bigger blow of water down below it so we must never underestimate the power of water when we're facing these types of floods that we're seeing all over and check out this it's that not some intense lightning and look at the go upwards into the sky that is really pretty well as it flows upwards and across we're seeing amazing electrical phenomenon and the lightning has been incredible this is all part of what's going on with these changes and then this is another area this is in Romania we had talked about the Romanian floods which are still kind of ongoing and you can see you know that parts of this bridge have just washed out underneath it collapsing in the concrete order just rushing down the hillside and this is also in remaining I wouldn't be crossing that bridge yes so we haven't intense flooding still going on globally in so many different areas jumping over check out Hawaii yes we did have another eruption and happened today it's a 5.3 so we're jumping back and forth between 5.3 and 5.2 s right now every day still so Hawaii is ongoing as we were showing and if we look at the moment we have 553 so that's probably going to be your low because the eruption was not long ago and now probably your low for activity as we see this one just came out at 1.6 kilometers negative so again this is above sea level and this one hit me because I know this is right at Mon Aloha and this is negative 3 kilometers which negative 3 kilometers equates to nine thousand eight hundred and forty-two feet above sea level and Mon Aloha you know that's that's going to be pretty high up and if we look at where it is it's it's basically right at the summit you're you're right at the crater of maan Aloha so this continues to go on and being so high above sea level has to make you wonder you know there's there's magma movement going on and feels like it's just a matter of time before we see that start contributing to changing and adding to the Big Island which is growing every day now so dust storms and we see them going across Africa and actually there have been African dust that has been raining down all the way over into Texas right now and so we have a big dust storm going on in Senegal and this intense dust storm and cynical has caused damage and killing livestock surprisingly intense storm and so left livestock dead and again you know the food supply is being hit everywhere you look and it's just part of what's going on and this this is western Africa again and and you can see Senegal right there the dust is actually you know it's reaching here in Florida is reaching all the way to Texas pretty amazing when you think about it now this is different for large circular shaped clouds strangely floating in the sky in Australia and I think these to me these look like chemtrails spraying I've never seen them spray chemtrails in a circle you know so I mean obviously some people will look at it and think of like motherships maybe they're trying to cloak or mask and maybe they are trying to cloak or mask something these look like chemtrails to me because that's how they dissipate get wider but why start to do them in the circle when they always do a grid and there's a video here I'll let you guys click and check it out as the gentleman is walking on the beach and watching these my guess is that this is some sort of different chem trail from the usual ones and perhaps they're doing it in a circle for that reason and I have sources that have been in contact with me and they've sound very urgent warning of different biological agents possibly being spread in the chemtrails now and so this is coming in from more than one person getting this info and I don't know if it's legit or not but they're just saying that they're worried from things that they've heard that there's been there's new biologicals like viruses and bacteria that are being released in the chemtrails now that are going to be targeted for producing different diseases and stuff going on as part of the big plan quote-unquote so that's I'm just passing on what I'm hearing and I it's unsubstantiated yet if I would be remiss not to mention it especially when you see something like this which again looks to me I think this is chemtrails brain that's my guess on it and why a circle or why a circular pattern it definitely different I've never ever seen them do it this way before so I mean I can only guess that maybe it's something different and has a different purpose from the regular chemtrails time will tell hopefully maybe not maybe we will never know but I just thought it was very interesting the timing so the night sky guide for July L hello and welcome to July everybody and we know we're gonna have all the planets lining up on one side of the Sun this month and many people have thought that there's going to be a very very ominous thing as when it's happened in the past we do have an increase in in the strength of earthquakes and we've had a huge lull really yeah we have a ton of earthquakes most of them are coming from Hawaii as you could see but there haven't been really huge ones going back to January it's been abnormal with how few 6.0 7.0 and greater earthquakes we've seen so you know there probably is some relieving from the volcanoes going off as well as we

know that west coast slow slip so you know July is something to keep an eye on as that happens and also right now there's there's some other things going on as well so we're gonna have the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century and a partial solar eclipse and of course the ancients always view eclipses as ominous we also have Mars at as close as positioning and that's actually as of today so that's something to be aware Mars could be the energy of war commonly attributed to it as well as other things to just dissension and there's other things as well I did get from a very good friend that is so into astrology a forecast that were it was showing that everything is in such alignment right now and when the period that we're going in which is starting actually today and going into the middle of the month or so there's a huge increase in the astrological symbols that would pretend the possibility of conflict you know warlike conflict things along those lines so again just passing on the info I do think it's really interesting if you ever have your full chart done not a Sun sign but you know your full chart they're amazingly accurate amazingly accurate so I think that's part of the matrix that we jump into when we come in here and that's why astrology works is because it is a matrix we live in a matrix and so part of the laws of this matrix pertain to the relation of the celestial bodies because everything is interconnected it's all energy and there's gravity and there's electromagnetism so everything affects each other everything is affected by everything else so it only makes sense it really is something that just makes sense as we learn more about how the universe works so there's definitely some unusual things going on astrologically and we definitely are in a time period where we should pay attention to what's going on especially in the next few weeks with regards to politics and especially the potential for warlike or negative acts and it's just something to keep in mind so the end of the UK heatwave Met Office issues danger warning for thunderstorms hail and flooding in the UK as we know they've had some very very interesting weather and and they're riding the roller coaster just as the rest of us are and many of you guys when you're up in these northern latitudes in you really really do have that extreme swing where you know you might be setting the record cold temps and then you're gonna set these record hot temps and you know it's just a roller coaster ride as I've heard from friends up north you know after having no spring and just having an intense winter that would not end all of a sudden haven't 95 degree weather 1995 insane heat waves on top of that but that is part of this grand solar minimum pole shift and everything going on so local farmers deflected by affected by flooding are eligible for any for financial assistance and you know these things this is in Virginia these these things are going to be taking a toll economically and yeah as I was talking about before this is stuff we need to be proactive on we need to have our you know governmental leadership on board with this and heaven forbid we have to cut the defense budget in order to actually take care of people so a month after the flooding Ellicott City shops reach a watershed moment and deciding whether to return or not and my answer would be no no I mean did you we saw that flooding going down Main Street five feet deep would you set your business back up there again no yeah it's time to move on and unless they had major public works done to build flood walls and to build you know just better drainage there's no way I would be setting my business back up there again because you know it's gonna happen again if there's no major changes done and that's just me we have a lull and rain in Thailand and we still have that whole soccer team and their coach missing and it's been about eight days now twelve boys in their coach and thankfully that the rain has slowed enough now maybe hopefully you'll be able to find them alive and again let's send our prayers and best wishes it has been a long time but again let's hold out hope severe storms hit in Northeast Minnesota and Mays and clouds there you see it the clouds avenge is so incredible and as usual we're seeing these intense storms high winds heavy rains hail God the hail that has fallen in some areas if it has been incredible and totally totally deadly in many cases and hit by extreme weather Zimbabwe is rolling out a new climate policy and this is what we're gonna see we're gonna see a lot of countries maybe some of the smaller countries are going to be able to move on things quicker than the large ones and get things done to adjust to the fact that we are in a changing world and the climate is changing tremendously and things are gonna just have to adjust in whatever way possible there's areas they're gonna have to be abandoned and then there's other areas where you could probably go ahead and do major public works and prepare in that way we have to develop new ways of growing food because we're gonna be seeing tremendous price increases tremendous shortages it's all coming it's just it's already manifesting you know wait till fall and then wait again till spring it's just going to increase in intensity and severity so we must come up with new plans on the big scale and the countries that are going to be able the countries are gonna be able to adjust quickly and do that are gonna be doing their citizens a huge service the ones that just go ahead and stay reactive instead of being proactive are going to be doing their citizens a huge disservice so we need to really get people awake to this fact because we're gonna have severe food shortages it's gonna cause all sorts of issues it's going to caused tensions you're going to see fights breaking out you're going to see war in some cases between neighboring countries when things get really bad that's just what's happened historically as we look back through all the other grand solar minimums and this one is far more intense and really pretty much anything we've had probably in 10,000 years so it's something that we have to get

ready for and my friends I want to invite you tonight eight o'clock coming up not too long from now eight o'clock Eastern Standard Time we'll be going live so definitely join us for that I will have the phone number posted and we welcome your call in and look forward to speaking with you guys tonight and that is again July 1st here 2018 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time evolutionary energy arts on YouTube and I'm also on revolutionary radio every Tuesday from 10:00 till midnight again callings are welcomed and encouraged so my friends check out the check out my website again check out all the essential items that we have there to give you guys some ideas because I mean as you start thinking about things you know what do we really need to prepare it's it's a pretty good sized list and you and it's one of those cases where you know you might miss some things and then you know be just like scrambling like oh my god we have you know no first aid kit or what have you there's so many things to cover in preparedness that it can be mind-boggling and it can be a very very daunting challenge but we're going to keep expanding that and get a wide variety of products up there so you guys could look and just think oh yeah I never even thought about that I really could use that and anything that you guys click on going through our Amazon associate account helps to support the channel as well so we can keep providing you guys with updates and growing this family and part of the thing we're going to be talking about tonight also is is basically how we grow it how we come together how we start to meet together in local regions and formulate plans for facing these severe earth changes and everything that's coming our way and how we can help each other out and get through these things together so my friends as always please do thumbs up to support the channels subscribe if you haven't subscribed make sure you click the bell to get all the updates and if you are a subscriber just double check and make sure that you're getting all the updates because sometimes these things get flipped off and share with as many people as possible because sharing is the way that we wake people up and people that are awakened prepared are honestly a lot less dangerous to themselves and others so it just helps us and behooves us to wake up as many people as possible may you guys be blessed with abundant love light peace happiness well-being may you always kept safe god bless my friend my friends and family namaste Globe Institute of Technology.