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    My  Own  Personal  Management  Project  (MOMALP)   AAD:  620  Management  &  Leadership  in  the  Arts   Instructor:  Mrs.  Sarah  Clare  Corporandy   Date:  December  4,  2013  

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Description and  Justification  of  Business      

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Vision, Mission,  and  Values  

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Staff Organizational  Chart    

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Sample Job  Description-­‐  Full  Time  

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Sample Job  Description-­‐  Internship    

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Recruitment Plan    

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Performance Management  and  Evaluation  Plan  

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Description of  Evaluation  Process  

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Employee Self  Evaluation  Form      

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Supervisor/Coworker Evaluation  Form    

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Board of  Director’s  Manual    

Management and  Leadership  Philosophies                        


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Description and  Justification  of   Business  

Dear Current  and  Future  Artists,       Gardyloo  is  an  interactive  and  collaborative  effort  to  take  art  to  the  streets  and  put  the   power  of  creation  in  the  hands  of  the  future  audience.  Several  years  ago,  I  realized  many   people  seemed  to  age  out  of  their  creativity  and  I  wanted  to  remind  people  that   everyone  is  an  artist  and  has  the  desire  to  create.  To  accomplish  this,  I  started  attending   local  farmer’s  markets  in  central  Kentucky  and  creating  projects  that  people  could   contribute  to  in  a  short  amount  of  time.  The  very  first  project  consisted  of  a  stand  at  the   farmers  market  with  a  table  of  paint-­‐filled  balloons.  As  people  walked  by,  they  were   encouraged  to  pick  up  a  balloon  and  throw  it  at  a  large  canvas  that  was  set  up.  As  time   went  on,  this  color-­‐blasted  creation  really  got  some  attention  and  people  began  to  ask   where  it  was  going  to  go.  It  was  decided  that  the  painting  would  be  auctioned  off  and   those  funds  were  used  to  financially  back  the  next  project.  Soon  we  were  getting   requests  to  attend  multiple  farmer’s  markets,  city  events,  business  events,  and  even   schools  resulting  in  the  birth  of  Gardyloo.       As  Gardyloo  grew,  it  went  beyond  a  one-­‐person  project  and  was  generating   enough  revenue,  social  interest,  and  investment  interest  that  I  was  able  to  commit  to   the  project  full-­‐time,  hire  a  very  small  staff  and  have  a  primary  location  in  downtown   Lexington,  KY.  Lexington  has  been  bursting  at  the  seams  with  local  pride,  cultural  pride,   and  artistic  awareness.    This  city  of  a  little  over  300,000  people  provided  the  perfectly   set  stage  for  Gardyloo  to  be  launched  into  the  public  eye  that  eventually  resulted  in   reaches  far  beyond  the  initial  central  Kentucky  scope.       Gardyloo  projects  are  now  taking  place  across  the  nation.  We  visit  cities  around   the  country  helping  communities  create  art  to  fund  other  artistic  endeavors,  expose   their  community  to  an  awesome  collaborative  effort,  or  create  a  work  that  will  become   part  of  the  cityscape.  These  projects  have  ranged  from  decorating  a  new  classroom,  to   creating  graffiti  art  in  downtown  areas,  and  even  sculptures  that  were  created  by   thousands  of  hands  one  modification  at  a  time.  With  each  of  these  projects,  community   members  have  taken  part  in  creating  something  that  relies  on  collaborative  effort  and  a   release  of  inhibitions.       We  are  born  with  this  desire  to  create.  That  desire  may  lead  you  to  create  with   building  blocks,  doll-­‐house  accessories,  or  markers  on  the  living  room  walls.  Somehow,   so  many  of  us  suppress  that  desire  as  we  become  older  and  more  inhibited  by  what  is   considered  art.  The  purpose  of  Gardyloo  is  to  serve  the  inner-­‐child  in  us  all!  Gardyloo   projects  enable  the  participant  to  see  beyond  the  pre-­‐conceived  definition  of  art.  We   believe  when  people  experience  their  art  creativity  that  they  are  not  only  more  likely  to   participate  in  art  events,  but  also  more  likely  to  become  patrons  of  the  arts.  As  the   theater  houses  begin  to  empty  and  the  museum  attendees  begin  to  drop,  Gardyloo   supporters  have  decided  that  if  the  people  would  not  come  to  the  art,  we  would  take  the   art  to  the  people  while  building  self-­‐confidence,  cultivating  ingenuity,  and  promoting   local  pride.    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           3  

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Art  and  community  go  hand  in  hand.  A  community  does  not  have  to  be  a   geographical  location,  but  a  shared  interest  is  essential.  Although  the  time  may  be     brief,  we  believe  when  people  lay  their  hands  on  these  projects,  they  are  united  in  the   effort  to  create,  explore,  and  enjoy.  Often,  collaborative  projects  become  permanent   fixtures  in  the  local  community  and  serve  as  constant  reminders  to  those  who  were   involved.  People  remember  their  specific  contributions  and  often  the  works  serve  as   conversation  starters  for  community  members  and  even  tourists.         Gardyloo  exists  to  provide  structure  and  direction  for  these  projects,  but  the   communities  play  a  very  big  role.  When  contacting  Gardyloo  in  an  attempt  to  secure  our   services,  we  perform  several  sets  of  interviews  with  interested  parties  to  better   understand  the  needs  of  the  area  and  what  type  of  project  would  be  successful.  We   often  try  to  hire  a  local  collaborator  such  as  a  local  artist  for  each  project  and  many  of   these  temporary  team  additions  have  become  lifelong  supporters  and  friends.    The  local   collaborator  usually  serves  as  our  lifeline  to  the  community  as  we  prepare  the   upcoming  project.    They  help  facilitate  the  cultivation  of  relationships  with  possible   partnering  entities  and  serve  as  our  eyes  and  ears  before  we  are  able  to  join  them  on   location.  Although  our  projects  started  out  as  one-­‐day  events,  we  are  often  asked  to   come  and  do  a  series  of  collaborative  projects  in  a  community  or  within  another  arts   organization.  For  example,  a  museum  may  want  to  do  a  series  of  collaborative   sculptures  to  create  a  series  that  will  late  be  put  on  display  to  attract  local  community   members.  Many  partner  organizations  have  found  that  this  is  a  great  way  to  attract   donors  and  new  audiences,  as  well  as  the  potential  revenue  if  the  piece  is  to  be  sold.   Each  piece  that  is  sold  will  maintain  a  record  of  all  the  artists  who  took  part  and  we   ensure  the  funds  are  allocated  to  continue  funding  the  arts.       Gardyloo  takes  care  of  the  planning,  marketing,  execution,  and  follow-­‐up  with   these  projects.  Anything  from  obtaining  city  permits  to  collecting  data  to  handling  the   auction  is  all  well  within  the  scope  of  Gardyloo’s  services.    We  help  in  fundraising  and   investment  seeking.  Our  goal  is  to  make  projects  self-­‐sustainable  and  to  be  FUN  to  the   people  who  have  asked  us  to  come;  never  a  burden.       The  term  “Gardyloo”  is  an  old  warning  cry  for  when  slop  was  about  to  be  thrown   from  a  window  (often  several  stories  up)  into  the  streets.    We  chose  this  name  as  an   inside  joke  to  ourselves  and  to  keep  us  humble.  There  will  always  be  criticism   surrounding  art,  its  definition,  and  its  purpose.  Our  team  is  dedicated  to  widening  the   perspective  and  limiting  the  criticism.    Do  you  remember  how  magical  the  BIG  pack  of  crayons  seemed?  We  are  talking   the  120-­‐color  count!  We  want  every  adult  to  feel  like  eight  colors  is  still  just  not  enough   and  think  of  possibilities  when  they  see  creative  material  in  front  of  them.    Through  our   talents  with  working  in  communities,  marketing,  financially  advising,  and  genuine   passion,  we  hope  to  create  opportunities  for  organizations  and  communities  across  the   nation  to  come  together,  share  their  mission,  and  have  a  blast  while  doing  it.       Sincerely,  

Michelle Franzetti Michelle  Franzetti   Founder  

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           4  

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Vision, Mission,  and  Values  

Vision  Statement:  Gardyloo  believes  that  every  person  is  an  artist  and  benefits   from  having  their  inner-­‐creativity  awakened.  We  partner  with  communities  across   the  nation  to  create  sustainable,  financially  secure,  enjoyable  art  projects  that   generate  an  awareness  of  the  arts  and  break  down  the  barriers  currently  inhibiting   future  patrons  of  the  arts.  If  there  are  people  who  will  not  come  to  the  arts,  we   believe  we  should  take  the  arts  to  the  people.         Mission  Statement:  Gardyloo  will  provide  an  opportunity  for  every  willing   participant  to  actively  break  down  pre-­‐conceived  notions  of  what  it  means  to  be  an   artist  by  creating  hands-­‐on  experience  opportunities  for  community  members   across  the  nation.         Values:     1) Every  person  is  an  artist  with  a  beautifully  unique  creativity  within.     2) People,  regardless  of  race,  gender,  age  or  social-­‐economic  status,  have  an   intrinsic  interest  in  the  world  of  the  arts.     3) In  order  to  continue  the  cultivation  of  human  creativity,  art  must  be   accessible,  relatable,  and  enjoyable  in  order  to  secure  future  patronage.     4) All  communities  can  benefit  cognitively,  financially,  and  culturally  from  an   inclusion  of  the  arts.  


                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           5  

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Staff Organizational  Chart  

  In  order  to  foster  creativity,  suport  personal  interests,  and  cultivate  an   enjoyable  work  enviroment,  Gardyloo  is  organizized  under  a  wide  span  of  control   and  a  decentralized  decision  making  process.  The  overall  goal  is  for  employees  to   feel  that  they  are  contributing  and  serve  a  meaningful  role  in  the  future  success  of   the  organization.       Gardyloo  is  comprised  of  three  main  departments  with  a  Director,  middle   managements  staff  if  appropriate,  and  a  internship  position.  An  intern  is  accepted   annually  into  each  department  in  oder  to  provide  oppertunities  and  training  to  the   future  generations  charged  with  upholding  the  fate  of  the  arts.       All  department  directors  manage  a  relatively  small  staff  and  report  directly   to  the  executive  director.  The  Financial  Direcor,  Site  Directors,  and  Marking  and   Communications  Director  all  coordinate  through  communications  and  an  advisory   role  in  order  to  provide  the  best  programming  possible.       The  Adminstrative  Assistant  position  only  supervises  a  local  intern,  does  not   have  any  middle-­‐management  staff,  and  also  reports  directly  to  the  Executive   Director.              

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           6  

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Sample Job  Description-­‐Full  Time    

Marketing &  Communications  Director  

Summary Statement  

The Director  of  Marketing  &  Communication  for  Gardyloo  is  responsible  for   determining  and  implementing  all  aspects  of  public  interaction  including  the   successful  promotion  of  events,  overseeing  social  media,  and  developing   advertisement  techniques  and  strategies  consistent  with  the  Gardyloo  ideals,   branding  and  imaging.    In  addition,  the  Marketing  &  Communications   Director  serves  as  supervisor  to  a  small  staff  and  maintains  an  advisory   relationship  with  the  Financial  Director.     Supervisory  Statement   • This  position  reports  directly  to  the  Gardyloo  Executive  Director  and   coequally  works  with  the  Financial  Director,  Coordination  Director,  and   Administrative  Assistant.     Duties   • Seek  out  opportunities  for  advertising  and  community  involvement  that  are   consistent  with  Gardyloo  ideals  and  are  cost-­‐effective   • Manage  a  staff  of  two  to  three  workers   • Develop  and  provide  accurate  and  useful  analysis  of  marketing  and   advertisement  techniques.   • Manage  and  develop  relationships  with  venues,  suppliers,  and  advertising   avenues   • Collaborate  closely  with  the  Financial  Director,  Coordination  Director,  and   Administrative  Assistant  to  ensure  cohesive  and  effective  progress  towards   Gardyloo’s  strategic  goals   • Ensure  effective  communications  with  the  community  surrounding  Gardyloo   and  the  communities  hosting  Gardyloo  projects     • Oversees  the  production  of  all  marketing  and  informational  material   Skills,  Knowledge,  or  Abilities     • Experience  and  proficiency  within  the  Adobe  Creative  Suite  for  both  print   and  web  design  required  for  the  development  of  promotional  materials  and   website  supervision   • Strong  written  and  spoken  communication  skills  in  English;  Spanish   proficiency  is  a  plus   • Proficient  working  knowledge  of  relevant  social  media  platforms  to  allow  for   the  engagement  of  multiple  demographics   • Both  self-­‐management  and  strong  teamwork  skills  are  required  in  order  to   be  efficient  and  cohesive  within  the  management  team   • Strong  organization  skills  with  a  working  knowledge  of  Microsoft  Excel   required.  Demonstrations  of  data  presentation  preferred     •

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           7  

8 [Type   text]     •

Extensive knowledge  with  marketing  and  communication  techniques,  non-­‐ profit  organizational  experience  in  this  field  preferred     A  love  and  appreciate  for  the  arts  and  communities  of  all  sizes  required  

•   Education  &  Experience  Required   • Bachelor’s  degree  in  marketing,  communications,  administration  or  a  related   field  required;  Master’s  degree  preferred     • Minimum  of  5  years  working  within  the  field  of  Marketing  &   Communications  required;  experience  within  an  arts  or  non-­‐profit   organization  preferred     • Supervisory  experience  demonstrating  strong  team  management  skills   required   • Creativity,  ingenuity,  perseverance  and  a  sense  of  humor  required   Physical  Demands   • Travel  in  order  to  develop  relationships  with  vendors,  receive  potential   trainings,  and  be  on-­‐site  for  select  projects   • Light  lifting  under  25  pounds  may  be  required   Salary  &  Benefits   • Salary  range  $45,000-­‐$55,00  based  on  experience  and  education     • Benefits  include  ten  annual  paid  holidays,  full-­‐coverage  health  insurance,  6   annual  sick  days,  six  annual  vacation  days,  and  one  annual  entry  into  office   secret  Santa  drawing   Employment  Status   • Full-­‐time  regular  position   • Salary  position  with  benefits   • 35-­‐40  hours  per  week      

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           8  

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Sample Job  Description-­‐Internship     Marketing  &  Communications  Local  Intern  

Summary Statement   • Gardyloo  is  seeking  a  local  intern  for  the  Marketing  &  Communications   Department  located  in  Lexington,  KY.  We  are  seeking  interns  that  are   creative,  energetic,  self-­‐starters,  reliable,  and  have  a  genuine  passion  for  the   arts.  This  internship  will  provide  a  local  intern  with  hands-­‐on  experience  in   the  field  of  marketing  &  communications  as  well  as  an  internal  look  at  non-­‐ profit  organizations.  A  lot  will  be  asked  of  our  intern,  but  we  will  never  ask   for  a  cup  of  coffee.     Supervisory  Statement   • The  Marketing  &  Communications  Intern  will  report  directly  to  the  Web   Design  &  Social  Media  Manager.     Duties   • Collect  data  regarding  various  aspects  of  marketing  and  communication  and   practice  compiling  and  presenting  data  in  a  logical  and  efficient  way   • Assist  Web  Design  &  Social  Media  Manager  in  updating  various  platforms  of   social  media     • Assist  Web  Design  &  Social  Media  Manager  with  the  creation  and  distribution   of  marketing  materials  that  uphold  Gardyloo’s  branding   • Be  on-­‐site  for  at  least  one  project  conducted  outside  the  state  of  Kentucky  in   order  to  experience  marketing  skills  needed  in  an  unfamiliar  location     Skills,  Knowledge,  or  Abilities   • Strong  written  and  spoken  communications  skills  in  English  required;   proficiency  in  Spanish  is  a  plus   • Proficiency  in  the  Adobe  Creative  Suite  required  in  order  to  assist  in  the   creation  of  marketing  materials  and  the  upkeep  of  the  website   • Proficiency  in  Microsoft  Work  and  Microsoft  Excel  required  for  the   preparation  and  presentation  of  marketing  data   • A  willingness  to  learn  new  software  or  to  take  advantage  of  available   resources  is  required     Education  &  Experience  Required   • A  minimum  of  one  year  completed  of  Bachelor’s  Degree  course  work   required   • Qualified  intern  needs  to  have  held  a  minimum  of  one  leadership  position   within  the  past  two  years   Salary  &  Benefits   • Internship  pays  current  state  minimum  wage  hourly   • Academic  credit  will  be  offered  if  applicable.  It  is  the  intern’s  responsibility  to   secure  credit  

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page           9  

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Intern will  be  permitted  to  use  projects  created  by  his  self  or  her  self  in  a   portfolio  for  future  use   • Flexible  Scheduling     Employment  Status   • Part  time   • Temporary  position  for  the  duration  of  one  academic  year   • Hourly  pay   • 8-­‐15  hours  a  week  expected;  3  hour  increments  or  more  are  preferred     •

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        10    

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Recruitment Plan  

In  an  effort  to  fill  the  needs  of  the  company  and  the  communities  it  serves,   Gardyloo  will  implement  a  recruitment  process  that  is  focused  on  teamwork   between  current  employees,  reevaluations  of  desired  traits,  and  keeping  the   objectives  of  Gardyloo  at  the  forefront  of  any  decisions  in  order  to  find  the  perfect  fit   for  this  company’s  particular  brand  of  crazy.       The  Typical  Employee     When  searching  for  the  typical  employee,  Gardyloo  prides  itself  in  employing   the  belief  that  there  is  no  such  thing!    The  company  seeks  individuals  who  will   contribute  to  the  company  culture  in  a  unique,  meaningful,  and  substantial  way.   While  there  is  no  typical  employee,  there  are  certain  traits  that  are  flexible  and   variable  that  the  employee  likely  to  be  successful  will  encompass.  The  following   chart  displays  traits  to  be  sought  in  a  potential  employee,  regardless  of  management   level,  and  are  arranged  from  the  most  crucial  located  at  the  bottom:                                         Educated,  Experienced,  &  Recommended:  Education  can  come  in  a  multitude  of   ways  and  knowledge  acquired  within  or  outside  of  formal  education  will  be   respected  within  this  organization.  The  drive  to  obtain  knowledge  is  the  true  key   characteristic  and  is  demonstrated  through  education  acquired.  Through  life  lessons   or  internships,  Gardyloo  seeks  candidates  who  have  gotten  out  there,  made   mistakes,  had  successes,  and  still  have  people  willing  to  brag  about  how  great  they   are.        

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        11    

12 text]   [Type    

Curious &  Inquisitive   A  natural  curiosity  and  a  willingness  to  find  answers  is  a  respected  trait  that  will   enable  the  successful  employee  to  be  constantly  and  efficiently  reevaluating  and   staying  current  within  their  given  field.     Autonomous   Sometimes  things  can  get  a  little  crazy  around  the  Gardyloo  office.  While   maintaining  a  collaborative  attitude  towards  reviews  or  revisions  of  any  task,  the   successful  employee  is  able  to  get  the  job  done  with  little  oversight  needed.     Enjoyable   Bottom  line:  Gardyloo  employees  like  coming  to  work!  While  the  company  culture  is   diverse,  intellectual,  and  infectious  (in  a  good  way),  the  successful  employee  needs   to  be  someone  coworkers  want  to  be  around.  This  can  come  packaged  in   uncountable  ways,  but  the  right  person  for  the  job  will  enjoy  the  people  they  work   with  (most  days)  leading  to  a  more  positive  and  motivating  daily  work  experience.     Confident   You  can  have  every  great  trait  in  the  world,  but  if  you  are  not  confident  in  showing   them  off,  how  are  we  ever  going  to  see  them?  Gardyloo  seeks  employees  who  are   not  only  confident  in  the  presentation  of  their  contributions  towards  company   objectives,  but  is  also  confident  enough  to  admit  mistakes,  step  up  in  a  difficult   situation,  and  is  able  to  take  risks  when  appropriate.         Gardyloo  strives  to  form  a  professional  community  relationship  with  other   Lexington  non-­‐profits  including  theaters,  dance  studios,  art  studies,  material   suppliers,  and  local  government.    These  same  ties  are  developed  during  traveling   projects,  though  on  a  more  shallow  level  due  to  time  and  location  restrictions.  With   every  hand  shook  and  email  exchanged,  Gardyloo  believes  it  is  broadening  its   network  and  potential  area  for  positive  impact.  Many  non-­‐profits  are  underfunded,   but  full  of  ideas.  Through  the  continuous  cultivations  of  partnerships,  we  as  a   collective  unit  are  capable  of  more  than  we  are  separately.       Using  the  ties  of  this  professional  community,  Gardyloo  will  advertise  vacant   positions  through  local  media,  word  of  mouth,  social  media,  relevant  job  boards  and   websites,  and  national  professional  associations  applicable  to  the  vacant  position.       When  advertising  for  a  vacant  position,  Gardyloo  strives  to  portray  the  image   of  a  company  with  unlimited  growth  potential  and  wants  to  show  a  work   environment  that  is  ever  changing.  Before  a  position  is  advertised,  multiple   coworkers  and  supervisors  of  the  position  will  be  asked  to  reevaluate  the  current   job  analysis,  make  necessary  corrections,  and  format  short  and  long  term  goals  that   are  accurate  and  realistic  for  the  specific  position  being  advertised  that  are   complimentary  to  the  overall  objectives  of  Gardyloo.       Advertisements  of  any  position  will  include  the  requirements  of  what  we  call   a  future  work  sample.  For  example,  if  we  are  looking  to  hire  a  marketing  director,  a   demonstration  of  a  mock-­‐up  Gardyloo  promotional  material  or  potential  plan  for  a   new  marketing  venture  would  be  required  with  the  submission  of  a  current  resume.   We  hope  this  extra  step  will  not  only  weed  out  under-­‐qualified  candidates  but  also   serve  as  a  motivator  for  the  applicant  to  research  the  organization  and  actively   picture  himself  or  herself  carrying  out  duties  within  the  organization.      

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        12    

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Interviews  will  be  held  for  candidates  who  demonstrate  a  strong  potential   for  success  and  will  include  private  interviews  with  potential  supervisors,  a   leaderless  group  discussion  that  will  include  both  supervisors  and  coworkers,  and  a   structured  oral  exam  to  demonstrate  applicable  skills  not  easily  judged  on  paper.  It   is  important  to  Gardyloo  to  find  the  right  person  to  trust  the  company’s  mission,   values,  and  image  can  get  the  job  done.  We  want  someone  who  takes  their  job   seriously,  but  does  not  take  themselves  too  seriously.      

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        13    

14 text]   [Type    

Performance  Management  &   Evaluation  Plan       Gardyloo  strives  to  set  up  each  team  member  for  success  leading  to  the  overall   success  of  carrying  out  our  mission.  We  believe  in  strong  and  open  communication,   measurable  goals,  reasonable  timelines,  relevant  documentation  and  above  all  that  our   team  is  undoubtedly  synergistic.       Informal  Performance  Evaluation     Gardyloo  and  its  members  strive  to  be  efficient  and  effective  by  working  in  tandem   towards  unified  goals  both  long  and  short  term.  Every  year,  the  entire  staff,  including  the   annual  interns,  participate  in  a  staff  retreat  at  a  voted  upon  location.    The  annual  staff   retreat  takes  place  in  the  early  spring  months  as  the  organization  prepares  for  summer,   which  is  typically  the  busiest  season.    During  this  time,  several  exercises  lead  the  staff   through  communication  with  their  coworkers,  supervisors,  and  teambuilding.  This  retreat   has  never  been  the  same  twice,  but  always  proves  to  create  or  deepen  the  bond  between   staff  members  and  open  the  channels  of  honest  communication.       The  mission  statement  is  reviewed,  organizational  objectives  for  the  long  and  short   term  are  reviewed  and  updated,  and  each  team  member  has  an  individual  meeting  with   their  direct  supervisor  in  order  to  do  a  mid-­‐year  informal  performance  review  and  to  make   reasonable  alterations  if  necessary.  The  overall  goal  of  this  time  is  to  motivate  and  focus  the   individual  on  the  steps  needed  to  continue  progressing  towards  objectives  set  in  the  formal   performance  evaluation  conducted  in  the  fall.  The  informal  employee  performance   evaluation  document  is  completed  through  a  dialogue  session  between  both  parties  and   must  be  accepted  and  signed  by  both  parties  to  signify  an  agreement  and  understanding  has   taken  place.       Formal  Performance  Evaluation     At  the  conclusion  of  the  busiest  season,  each  employee  will  undergo  an  annual   formal  performance  evaluation.    During  this  time,  objectives  for  the  next  year  are  set  for  the   individual,  communication  on  past  performance  takes  place,  and  staff  members  are   considered  for  annual  raises;  funds  permitting.       The  goal  of  this  process  is  to  celebrate  success  and  motivate  towards  growth.  The   employee  is  permitted  to  see  all  documentation  before  put  on  file,  contest  any  disputed   information,  and  respond  to  all  documentation  and  feedback  received.  The  Formal   Performance  Evaluation  Documents  step  the  employee  through  a  self-­‐evaluation,  provides   the  supervisor  with  a  structure  for  evaluation,  allows  coworkers  to  take  part  in  evaluations,   and  provides  the  individual  a  chance  to  respond  to  all  parts  of  the  process.  The  coworker  is   chosen  by  the  supervisor  performing  the  evaluation.    


                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        14    

15 text]   [Type    

Formal Employee  Evaluation       The  following  documents  must  be  completed,  reviewed,  and  signed  for  each   employee  on  an  annual  basis  for  the  formal  employee  evaluation:     1) Employee  Self-­‐Evaluation   2) Supervisory  &  Coworker  Evaluation        

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        15    

16 text]   [Type    

            Employee  Self  Evaluation     FULL  NAME       CURRENT     POSITION   DATE  OF  HIRE       TODAY’S  DATE         When  filling  out  the  following  self-­‐evaluation,  please  adhere  to  the  following  scale  of   measurement  in  addition  to  writing  meaningful  comments:      


                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        16    

17 text]   [Type    

Dependability: In  the  time  since  your  last  formal  evaluation,  how  do  you  rate  your   dependability  which  includes  arriving  to  work  on  time,  completing  tasks  by  deadlines,   responding  to  requests  for  assistance  from  coworkers  or  clients  in  a  timely  fashion,  and   keeping  commitments?    

Please  Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     Initiative:  In  the  time  since  your  last  formal  evaluation,  how  do  you  rate  your  level  of    

taking initiative  including  volunteering  for  collaborative  assignments,  seeking  out  new   responsibilities,  taking  independent  actions  with  calculated  risks,  seeking  out  new   opportunities  and  asking  for  assistance  when  needed?    

Please  Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________          

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        17    

18 text]   [Type    

Job Knowledge:  In  the  time  since  your  last  evaluation,  how  do  you  rate  your  job   knowledge  which  includes  showing  competency  in  your  required  job  skills,  exhibiting  an   ability  to  acquire  and  use  new  skills,  understanding  how  your  job  relates  to  the  jobs  of   others  within  Gardyloo,  and  using  your  resources  efficiently?    

Please  Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     Quality:  In  the  time  since  your  last  formal  evaluation,  how  do  you  rate  the  level  of  quality    

in your  overall  work  performance  which  includes  the  level  of  accuracy  and  thoroughness   displayed,  frequency  of  applying  feedback  to  enhance  outcome,  and  your  commitment  to   producing  excellent  end-­‐quality  for  your  final  result?      

Please Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________    


                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        18    

19 text]   [Type    

Communication:  Since  your  last  formal  evaluation,  how  would  you  rate  your  overall   communication  which  includes  expressing  ideas  verbally  and  written,  exhibiting  listening   skills,  keeping  others  informed,  and  using  appropriate  forms  of  communications  with  both   coworkers  and  clients?      

Please Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________    

Happiness: Please  list  three  factors  that  are  contributing  to  your  happiness  with  your   current  position  and  Gardyloo  and  three  changes  that  could  lead  to  increased  personal  or   professional  life  happiness  that  is  within  Gardyloo’s  realm  of  control.       Note:  Gardyloo  cannot  give  you  the  ability  to  fly,  see  into  the  future  for  lottery  numbers,  grant   the  ability  to  read  the  minds  of  the  opposite  gender,  or  change  your  physical  appearance  in   any  way.      

Three Factors  Contributing  To   Happiness    

Three Changes  That  Would  Lead  To   Increased  Happiness    


                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        19    

20 text]   [Type    

Please finish  the  following  sentences:     My  greatest  contribution  to  the  Gardyloo  team  is  _________________________________________________  

_________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________      

An area  I  would  like  to  receive  more  education  or  training  is  ___________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     During  this  past  year,  if  I  could  pick  one  thing  (professionally)  to  do  differently  it   would  be  _____________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     One  thing  I  am  extremely  proud  of  over  the  past  year  is  _________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     The  main  priorities  of  my  job  are___________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     In  five  years,  I  would  like  to  see  myself  ____________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________       I  have  taken  this  self-­‐evaluation  seriously  and  understand  that  it  will  become  part  of   my  permanent  file  that  could  result  in  affecting  my  future  pay  increases  or  potential   promotions.  I  also  understand  that  selected  coworkers  and  supervisors  may  have   access  to  all  or  part  of  this  document.         _______________________________________________________                                                                  ______________________   Print                                                Date     ________________________________________________________   Signature    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        20    

21 text]   [Type    

            Staff  Evaluation  by  Supervisor  &  Coworker      

Full Name     Current  Position       Full  Name  of  Staff  Member       Staff  Member’s  Current  Position       Your  Working  Relationship  to     Member  Being  Evaluated     When  filling  out  the  following  evaluation,  please  adhere  to  the  following  scale  of   measurement  in  addition  to  writing  meaningful  comments:      

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        21    

22 text]   [Type    

Dependability: How  do  you  rate  the  employee’s  dependability  which  includes  arriving  to   work  on  time,  completing  tasks  by  deadlines,  responding  to  requests  for  assistance  from   coworkers  or  clients  in  a  timely  fashion,  and  keeping  commitments?      

Please Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Possible  Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments  after  comparing  to  employees  self-­‐evaluation:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     Initiative:  How  do  you  rate  the  employees  level  of  taking  initiative  including  volunteering    

for collaborative  assignments,  seeking  out  new  responsibilities,  taking  independent  actions   with  calculated  risks,  seeking  out  new  opportunities  and  asking  for  assistance  when   needed?      

Please Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Possible  Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments  after  comparing  to  employees  self-­‐evaluation:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________          

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        22    

23 text]   [Type    

Job Knowledge:  How  do  you  rate  the  employees  job  knowledge  which  includes  showing   competency  in  their  required  job  skills,  exhibiting  an  ability  to  acquire  and  use  new  skills,   understanding  how  their  job  relates  to  the  jobs  of  others  within  Gardyloo,  and  using  their   resources  efficiently?    

Please  Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Possible  Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments  after  comparing  to  employees  self-­‐evaluation:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     Quality:  How  do  you  rate  the  level  of  quality  in  the  employee’s  overall  work  performance    

which includes  the  level  of  accuracy  and  thoroughness  displayed,  frequency  of  applying   feedback  to  enhance  outcome,  and  their  commitment  to  producing  excellent  end-­‐quality  for   their  final  result?      

Please Circle  One:              1                                    2                                    3                                    4                                    5     Positive  Factors  Contributing  To   Possible  Plan  For  Improvement:     Chosen  Score:                       Additional  Comments  after  comparing  to  employees  self-­‐evaluation:   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________          

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        23    

24 text]   [Type    

Please complete  the  following  sentences  with  the  employee  being  evaluated  in   mind:     This  employee’s  self  evaluation  and  my  own  evaluation  of  the  employee  agreed  in   ways  such  as  _________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     This  employee’s  self  evaluation  and  my  own  evaluation  of  the  employee  differed  in   ways  such  as  _________________________________________________________________________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     This  employee  could  benefit  from  receiving  additional  training  in  _____________________   _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________     THE  FOLLOWING  QUESTIONS  ARE  FOR  THE  SUPERVISOR  OF  THE  EMPLOYEE   AND  ARE  TO  BE  DETERMINED  AFTER  THE  EVALUATION  HAS  TAKEN  PLACE   AND  WITH  THE  INPUT  OF  THE  EMPLOYEE:     With  the  employee,  please  define  a  minimum  of  four  long-­‐term  goals  for  the   employee  to  accomplish  during  the  next  year.  Short-­‐term  goals  will  be   established  in  monthly  meetings.     Please  define  SMART  goals.     Specific   Measureable   Attainable   Realistic   Timely     With  each  goal,  ensure  that  it  aligns  with  the  employee’s  job  description,  Gardyloo’s   current  short  and  long  term  goals,  and  efficiently  uses  employees  skill  set.  Goals   need  to  be  specific  to  the  evaluation  received.                    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        24    

25 text]   [Type       Goal  Description    

Steps Needed  To   Complete  Goal    

Ideal Timeline    

How Supervisor   Will  Support    

                                                                                                    **Please  attach  additional  pages  and  documentation  if  desired.  **  

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        25    

26 text]   [Type    

Gardyloo’s mission  statement  and  current  long-­‐term  goals  have  been   reviewed  and  are  understood.       The  evaluations  from  the  supervisor,  coworker,  and  employee’s  self-­‐ evaluation  have  been  reviewed.  Any  disagreements  to  these  documents  will   be  submitted  to  the  Executive  Director  for  further  review.       A  detailed  and  intentional  conversation  between  the  supervisor  and  employee   discussing  evaluations  and  determining  goals  has  taken  place  on  the  day  of   __________________________________.       A  conversation  between  the  coworker  and  employee  have  taken  place  while   under  the  moderation  of  the  supervisor  has  taken  place  on  the  day  of   _______________________________.  Coworker  is  to  be  granted  access  to  the  employee’s   self-­‐evaluation  after  completing  their  own,  but  does  not  have  access  to  the   evaluation  from  the  employees  supervisor.       All  parties  feel  that  there  is  a  clear  understanding  of  a  job  description,   appropriate  working  relationship,  and  objectives  to  be  completed  within  the   next  year.           ______________________________________________           ________________   Signature-­‐  Full  Name  of  Employee           Date       ______________________________________________           ________________   Signature-­‐  Full  Name  of  Supervisor           Date       ______________________________________________           ________________   Full-­‐Signature-­‐  Name  of  Coworker           Date         A  full  annual  evaluation  has  been  received  and  is  deemed  completed.       _______________________________________________           ________________   Signature-­‐  Gardyloo  Executive  Director           Date            

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        26    

27 text]   [Type        

Board of  Director’s  Manual  

I.  Organizational  Overview   a.  Mission  Statement   b.  List  of  Core  Values   c.  Vision  Statement   II.  Board  of  Directors  Bylaws   a.  Categories  of  Board  Membership   b.  Meeting  Requirements  &  Procedures     i.  Quorum,  Voting,  &  Attendance  Requirements   ii.  Communications  of  Responsibilities   iii.  Removal   iv.  Resignation   v.  Indemnification     vi.  Conflict  of  Interest   vii:  Fiscal  Year  Date    III.  Board  Role  Descriptions     a.  Board  member’s  Role  Description     i.  Compensation     ii.  Financial  Contribution     ii.  Term  (Fiscal  Year)     b.  Board  officer’s  Role  Description   c.  Executive  Director’s  Role  Description     VI.  Board  Committees     a.  Fundraising  Committee   b.  Board  Development  Committee   c.  Audit  Committee   d.  Temporary  Committee   V.  Overview  of  Required  Board  Events       a.  Board  Event  Calendar  2013-­‐2014   VI.  Addendums   a.  Board  Retreat  Schedule   b.  Current  Board  Members                        

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        27    

28 text]   [Type    

              I.  Organizational  Overview     As  a  Board  member  for  Gardyloo,  you  are  expected  to  be  knowledgeable  in  the   organizations  mission,  values,  and  vision  for  the  future.  This  is  the  responsibility  of   the  board  to  ensure  that  the  actions  and  directions  of  Gardyloo  stay  true  to  these   organizational  purposes.         a.  Mission  Statement   Gardyloo  will  provide  an  opportunity  for  every  willing  participant  to  actively   break  down  pre-­‐conceived  notions  of  what  it  means  to  be  an  artist  by   creating  hands-­‐on  experience  opportunities  for  community  members  across   the  nation  by  setting  up  individualized  art  projects  inside  communities  and   overseeing  the  project’s  entire  execution.     b.  List  of  Core  Values   1)  Every  person  is  an  artist  with  a  beautifully  unique  creativity  within.     2)  People,  regardless  of  race,  gender,  age  or  social-­‐economic  status,  have                 an  intrinsic  interest  in  the  world  of  the  arts.     3)  In  order  to  continue  the  cultivation  of  human  creativity,  art  must  be   accessible,  relatable,  and  enjoyable  in  order  to  secure  future  patronage.     4)  All  communities  can  benefit  cognitively,  financially,  and  culturally  from   an  inclusion  of  the  arts.     c.  Vision  Statement   Gardyloo  believes  that  every  person  is  an  artist  and  benefits  from  having   their  inner-­‐creativity  awakened.  We  partner  with  communities  across  the   nation  to  create  sustainable,  financially  secure,  enjoyable  art  projects  that   generate  an  awareness  of  the  arts  and  break  down  the  barriers  currently   inhibiting  future  patrons  of  the  arts.  If  there  are  people  who  will  not  come  to   the  arts,  we  believe  we  should  take  the  arts  to  the  people.      

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        28    

29 text]   [Type    

II.  Board  of  Directors  Bylaws              Powers  and  Numbers           a.  Categories  of  Board  Membership     In  an  attempt  of  achieving  diversity  on  our  board,  members  will  be  comprised  of   three  categories.  The  total  board  will  consist  of  10  members.  The  board  chair,  vice   chair,  treasurer,  and  secretary  do  not  represent  a  specific  category  below  in   numbers.  Therefore;  each  category  below  will  be  designated  two  seats  on  the  board   of  directors.  This  is  to  help  ensure  all  who  are  affected  by  Gardyloo’s  work  will  be   well  represented  as  the  mission  statement  is  continuously  pursued.       1)  Individual  supporters-­‐  These  are  members  who  begin  their  term     with  a  pledge  of  ongoing  financial  support  and  have  preferably  been  a   financial  contributor  before  receiving  the  opportunity  to  have  a  seat   on  the  board.  These  board  members  are  chosen  based  on  their   commitment  to  the  organization  and  current  board  needs  of  expertise   such  as  financial  expertise,  leadership  and  management  expertise,  or   legal  knowledge.     2)  Organizational  supporters-­‐  These  are  members  that  represent   organizations  or  corporations  that  have  been  financial         contributors  or  on-­‐going  partnering  entities  of  Gardyloo.  These       board  members  are  also  chosen  on  the  boards  current  needs  of          expertise  in  specific  relevant  fields.         3)  Local  Community  Supporters-­‐  Gardlyoo  is  a  pursuer  of  the          preservation  of  community  nation-­‐wide.  However,  Lexington       is  Gardyloo’s  home  and  it  is  the  responsibility  of  the  board  to         ensure  that  the  local  community  is  represented  and  heard.    These       members  are  chosen  by  their  ties  and  representations  within  the     Lexington  community.         b.  Meeting  Requirements  &  Procedures       i.  Quorum,  Voting,  and  Attendance  Requirements:  Attending  meetings  are   one  of  the  primary  responsibilities  and  time  obligations  of  every  board   member.  In  order  to  ensure  all  parties  are  represented  as  fully  as   possible,  a  minimum  of  80%  of  total  board  members  must  be  present  to   vote  or  have  prearranged  to  vote  by  proxy  is  special  circumstances.  Each   board  member  in  good  standing  represents  one  equal  vote.  The  Board   Chair  or  Board  Vice  Chair  must  be  present  to  call  the  meeting  to  order   and  run  all  proceedings.  The  secretary  or  a  suitable  replacement  must  be   present  in  order  to  accurately  record  the  minutes  of  all  meetings.      

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        29    

30 text]   [Type    

ii. Communications  of  responsibilities  and  notice  of  meetings:  Board   meetings  will  take  place  on  a  quarterly  basis.  Board  members  who  sit  on   a  specific  Gardyloo  committee  will  be  ask  to  attend  additional  meetings   to  serve  the  needs  of  that  committee.  Board  members  will  receive  a   calendar  of  events  for  board  meetings  and  the  annual  board  retreat  at  the   beginning  of  the  fiscal  year.  An  alteration  to  any  date  will  be  sent  out  in   written  notice  no  later  than  two  weeks  before  the  original  date  set.  The   board  chair  reserves  the  ability  to  call  emergency  board  meetings  under   demanding  circumstances.       iii.  Removal:  A  board  member  may  be  reviewed  for  removal  if  a  motion  is   made  by  a  fellow  board  member  under  the  conditions  of  failure  to   provide  accurate  representations  of  those  the  member  sits  to  represent,   failure  to  contribute  to  committees  and  meetings,  or  a  specific  reason   deemed  appropriate  grounds  for  removal  by  the  board  chair.  Removal   will  be  contingent  on  agreement  from  three-­‐fourths  of  current  board   members.         iv.  Resignation:  Gardyloo  board  members  may  resign  at  any  point  in  their   term  by  providing  a  month’s  notice  in  a  written  form  to  the  board  chair.   The  board  chair  has  three  months  to  fulfill  the  board  need  that  the   upcoming  vacancy  will  create.  Resigning  board  members  are  not   required  to  attend  meetings  during  the  search  for  a  new  board  member   and  do  not  have  a  vote  in  the  replacement.  However,  the  resigning  board   member  is  strongly  encouraged  to  attend  until  a  suitable  replacement  is   found  in  order  to  continue  representation  for  the  category  they  are  from   and  the  specific  expertise  they  contribute.       v.  Indemnification:  The  corporation  shall,  to  the  extent  legally   permissible,  indemnify  each  person  who  may  serve  or  who  has  served  at   any  time  as  an  officer,  director,  or  employee  of  the  corporation  against  all   expenses  and  liabilities,  including,  without  limitation,  counsel  fees,   judgments,  fines,  excise  taxes,  penalties  and  settlement  payments,   reasonably  incurred  by  or  imposed  upon  such  person  in  connection  with   any  threatened,  pending  or  completed  action,  suit  or  proceeding  in  which   he  or  she  may  become  involved  by  reason  of  his  or  her  service  in  such   capacity;  provided  that  no  indemnification  shall  be  provided  for  any  such   person  with  respect  to  any  matter  as  to  which  he  or  she  shall  have  been   finally  adjudicated  in  any  proceeding  not  to  have  acted  in  good  faith  in   the  reasonable  belief  that  such  action  was  in  the  best  interests  of  the   corporation;  and  further  provided  that  any  compromise  or  settlement   payment  shall  be  approved  by  a  majority  vote  of  a  quorum  of  directors   who  are  not  at  that  time  parties  to  the  proceeding.     vi.  Conflict  of  Interest:  No  board  member  shall  directly  benefit  from  any   action  or  involvement  associated  with  his  or  her  position  on  the  Gardyloo   Board  of  Directors.    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        30    

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vii. Fiscal  Year:  July  1st  through  June  30th       III.  Board  Role  Descriptions     a.  Board  Member’s  Role  Description   Gardyloo  strives  to  maintain  a  small  and  communicative  group  of  board  members   and  employees.  To  achieve  this,  each  board  member  must  be  flexible  and  passionate   about  their  role  as  an  ambassador  for  Gardyloo  and  the  arts  community.  While  a   high  demand  on  a  board  members  time  is  assumed  outside  of  their  role,  Gardyloo   expects  their  board  members  to  attend  at-­‐least  3  Gardyloo  community  art  projects   annually.  Gardyloo  believes  that  board  members  who  see  the  impact  with  which   they  are  partially  responsible  for  will  serve  as  a  motivator  that  will  result  in  growth   and  progress  for  Gardyloo  and  its  mission.       Board  members  are  expected  to  ensure  that  Gardyloo  is  concentrated  on  its  mission   and  vision.  The  board  is  responsible  for  selecting  and  supporting  the  Executive   Director,  ensure  effective  planning  and  the  monitoring  of  outcomes,  ensure  that  the   organization  remains  in  good  public  and  legal  standing,  and  that  Gardyloo  has   adequate  financial  resources  through  budgeting  and  monitoring.  Board  members   are  not  required  to  serve  on  a  committee,  but  are  strongly  encouraged  to  do  so.    The   board  serves  as  a  governing  entity  that  creates  a  structure  and  guidance  so  that   Gardyloo  management  will  be  successful  and  effective.  In  order  to  futher  contribute   to  the  success  of  Gardyloo,  all  board  members  are  encouraged  to  take  part  in   fundraising  efforts  and  are  required  to  make  an  annual  $2,000  personal  donation  to   the  organization.  Financial  exceptions  can  be  make  in  regards  to  the  personal   donation  with  the  voting  practices  found  within  the  by-­‐laws.     i.  Compensation:  Board  members  are  not  compensated  for  their  service  on   the  Gardyloo  board.     ii.  Financial  Contribution:  All  board  members  are  required  to  make  a   personal  annual  donation  of  $2,000.  Financial  constraints  can  be  made   following  the  voting  procedures  in  the  by-­‐laws.     iii.  Term:  Board  members  may  serve  two  consecutive  years  and  then  must   take  at  least  one  year  off.    Years  of  service  run  congruent  with  the  Fiscal  Year   (July  1st-­‐  June  30th)         b.  Board  Officer’s  Role  Description     Officers  of  the  board  shall  consist  of  the  board  chair,  board  vice  chair,  secretary  and   treasurer.  Board  officers  will  be  elected  annually  by  fellow  board  members  at  the   board  meeting  prior  to  the  annual  board  retreat.  The  new  officers  will  be  installed,   current,  and  assume  full  office  duties  for  the  annual  retreat.    Each  board  officer  will   serve  in  the  position  for  one  year  with  the  exception  of  the  treasurer  holding  the   position  for  two  years.  A  limit  of  2  consecutive  years  of  holding  the  same  office  is  

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        31    

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put into  place  to  prevent  burnout  and  provide  an  opportunity  for  new  ideas  and   visions.       Board  Chair:  The  board  chair  is  responsible  for  giving  active  direction  to  both  fellow   board  members  and  Gardyloo  management.  The  board  chair  is  to  work  directly  with   the  executive  director  on  a  regular  basis.  This  office  has  the  largest  responsibilities   and  time  commitments.  The  chair  conducts  all  business  meetings  and  has  the  ability   to  call  additional  meetings  if  a  situation  arises.    The  board  chair  is  able  to  sign  legal   documents  and  contracts  for  Gardyloo.  The  board  chair  does  not  have  a  voice  in   votes  unless  there  is  a  tie  in  which  the  chair  becomes  the  deciding  vote.  The  chair   does  not  have  the  ability  to  motion  in  meetings,  but  conducts  all  other  aspects  of   meetings  and  can  openly  call  for  a  motion  from  board  members.  This  position  also   sits  on  the  Board  Development  Committee  for  the  duration  of  his  or  her  term.           Board  Vice  Chair:  The  board  vice  chair  is  to  serve  as  the  chair  in  the  event  of   absence.  This  office  also  has  the  ability  to  sign  legal  documents  for  Gardyloo.  The   vice  chair  maintains  a  vote  in  meetings.  The  vice  chair  is  responsible  for  organizing   and  orchestrating  committees.       Secretary:  The  secretary  maintains  the  minutes  for  all  meetings  and  is  a  line  of   communication  to  all  board  and  committee  members  back  to  Gardyloo   management.  This  office  is  charged  with  keeping  accurate  records  of  board   meetings  and  decisions,  organizing  and  providing  any  written  materials  needed  for   board  meetings  and  the  retreat,  and  updating  any  manual  or  bylaw  changes.    This   position  also  sits  on  the  Audit  Committee  for  the  duration  of  his  or  her  term.       Treasurer:  This  office  will  oversee  and  report  on  all  financial  standings  for  Gardyloo.   The  office  is  able  to  sign  checks,  deposit  and  withdraw  bank  funds,  and  have  access   to  all  Gardyloo  financial  records.  A  report  on  all  aspects  of  financial  standing  will  be   given  by  the  treasurer  at  all  quarterly  meetings  and  the  annual  board  retreat.  This   position  is  a  two-­‐year  placement  due  to  the  large  amount  of  resources  that  are   needed  to  allow  the  treasurer  to  have  the  access  they  need  to  all  financial  aspects  of   Gardyloo.    This  position  also  sits  on  the  Fundraising  Committee  for  the  duration  of   his  or  her  term.       c.  Executive  Director’s  Role  Description   The  executive  director  will  serve  as  the  main  link  of  communication  between  board   members  and  Gardyloo  management.  The  executive  director  does  not  have  a  voice   in  voting  and  may  not  give  a  motion  for  acceptance  or  rejection  during  meetings.     The  executive  director  is  responsible  for  preparing  a  general  overview  of  Gardyloo   performance  for  the  annual  retreat  and  quarterly  meetings.    This  position  also   serves  as  an  additional  point  of  contact  for  all  committee  members,  especially  those   who  are  not  board  members.    This  position  also  helps  oversee  any  temporary   committees  for  the  duration  of  his  or  her  employment.    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        32    

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VI.  Board  Committees       a.  Fundraising  Committee     The  Fundraising  Committee  works  with  staff  to  create  a  fundraising  plan  and  selects   appropriate  vehicles  for  maximum  fundraising  opportunities.  This  committee  often   has  several  well-­‐connected  community  members  on  it  in  order  to  serve  as  a  line  of   communication  to  the  public  for  upcoming  events  and  opportunities.    This   committee  is  to  ensure  all  fundraising  efforts  are  ethical  and  legal.  This  committee  is   also  charged  with  motivating  and  tracking  fundraising  involvement  of  all  board   members  such  as  individual  donations  and  reach  out  efforts.    This  committee  works   closely  with  the  treasurer  to  ensure  all  events  and  actions  are  feasible.       b.  Board  Development  Committee   The  Board  Development  Committee  is  responsible  for  overall  board  affairs.  This   includes  prioritizing  upcoming  board  needs,  meeting  with  and  recommending   potential  new  board  members,  recommending  a  slate  of  officers  to  the  board,   conducting  an  orientation  for  new  board  members  prior  to  and  during  annual  board   retreat,    and  suggesting  new  non-­‐board  members  for  committees.  This  committee   works  closely  with  the  board  chair  to  ensure  all  board  matters  are  handled  ethically   and  efficiently.    In  addition  to  the  board  chair,  this  committee  is  comprised  of  a   variety  of  board  and  community  members  who  represent  a  variety  of  demographics   in  Lexington  as  well  as  large  donors  and  corporations  who  work  with  Gardyloo  on  a   regular  basis.       c.  Audit  Committee   This  committee  works  closely  with  the  board  secretary  and  is  charged  with   researching,  interviewing,  reviewing,  and  selecting  an  auditor  to  the  board  to  ensure   good  public  standing  and  transparency.    Following  the  audit,  this  committee  works   with  Gardyloo  staff  to  ensure  the  auditor’s  recommendations  are  followed  and   efficient  progress  is  made.       d.  Temporary  Committees   From  time  to  time,  a  specific  committee  will  need  to  be  formed  for  a  specific  event   or  task.  The  Gardyloo  Executive  Director  will  oversee  this  type  of  committee.   Committees  likely  to  fall  into  this  category  would  be  an  Executive  Director  Search   Committee  or  Special  Event  committee.    

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        33    

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V. Overview  of  Required  Board  Events     a.  Board  Event  Calendar  2013-­‐2014    

January •

Board Meeting     o Recruitment  of  New  Board  Members     o Election  of  Board  Officers    

February •

Annual Board  Retreat    

Board Meeting   o Finalization  of  strategic  goals  for  the  upcoming  fiscal  year  

March April     May   June   •

Board Meeting  

• •

Review of  Gardyloo  Formal  Staff  Evaluations   Evaluation  of  Executive  Director  

Board Meeting  

July   • July  1st-­‐  Beginning  of  the  Fiscal  Year     August   September   October   November  


• Staff Christmas  Party       **All  Board  members  are  required  to  attend  at  least  three  Gardyloo  project   events  per  year**            

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        34    

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VI. Addendums       a.  Board  Retreat  Schedule     In  order  to  provide  the  best  foundation  for  an  effective  and  efficient  Board,  the   following  Board  retreat  has  been  planned  and  includes  a  review  of  Gardyloo  mission   and  values,  annual  goal  setting,  and  time  to  become  familiar  with  other  Board   members.       Day  1     Establish  A  Foundation   8:30am             Breakfast  Meet  &  Greet  with  Each  other                       Each  board  member,  old  and  new,  introduce  themselves   9:30am           Review  Gardyloo’s  Mission,  Vision,  and  Core  Values             Amend  if  necessary       10:30am     Introductions  from  Gardyloo  upper  management  staff  members   11:50pm   Announcement  of  Committee  Placements     12:00pm     Lunch-­‐catered     12:30pm   While  lunch  continues,  new  Board  officers  introduce  themselves  and         describe  their  position’s  responsibilities  in  their  own  words   1:30pm   Presentation  from  Gardyloo’s  executive  director  on  the  upcoming       year’s  challenges  and  plans   2:00pm   Open  Q&A  between  Board  Members  and  the  Executive  Director   3:00pm   Board  member  self-­‐evaluation  followed  by  group  discussion   4:30pm   Afternoon  Break   5:00pm     Board  Manual  Presentation  and  Walk-­‐Through   6:00pm   Dinner:  meet  and  greet  with  board  members  and  families     Day  2     Making  It  Tangible   8:30am   Breakfast     9:30am   Open  discussion  over  assigned  reading:  “Boards  On  Fire,”  by  Susan     Howlett     10:30am   Translate  Mission,  Vision,  and  Core  Values  into  measurable  and     achievable  goals  for  the  board  as  a  whole  for  the  upcoming  year  (This   is  a  rough  draft  that  will  be  reviewed  and  edited  one  month  after  the   board  retreat)   12:00pm   Catered  Lunch:  Author  Michael  Kaiser  will  speak  on  the  right  attitude   to  bring  to  the  table.     1:30pm   Break  into  committees:  After  reviewing  achievable  goals  for  the   upcoming  year,  translate  those  goals  into  responsibilities  and   objectives  specific  to  your  committee.     2:30pm   Closing  remarks  from  the  Board  Chair.                        

                                                                                                                                                                                         Page        35    

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b. Current  Board  Members       Name    



Membership Skills   Category  

Area of   Expertise  

Financial Standing    

Teddy Tworek  

Board Chair  

Co-­‐Owner of   Bullhorn   Creative    

Board Officer  

Fundraising, Visual  Art  


Dorsey Dalby    

Board Vice   Chair  

Director of   Human   Resources  

Board Officer  

Human Resource   Management  

Very Good  

Joyce Jefferson  

Board Secretary  

Assistant Director  of   Financial  Aid  

Board Officer  

Finance and   Funding  


Jerold Julius  

Board Officer  



Finance Law,   Instrumental   Music   Audits  


Damien Dinger  

Board Fundraising   Treasurer   coordinator  for  a   local  Shriners   Hospital  for   Children   Board   Bullock  &   Member   Coffman  Defense   Attorney     Board   Retired  Auditor     Member  

Hue Henderson  

Board Member  

University of   Kentucky   Associate  Dean  of   Student  Affairs  

Organizational Supporter  

Resource securement  


Christina Coddle    

Board Member  

Organizational Supporter  

Public Relations  


Maria Montenegro  

Board Member  

LFUCG Council Member Manager  of   Online   Communications   for  Local  First  

Public Relations  &   Web  Design,   Sculpture  

Very Good  

Nicholas Napier  

Board Member  

Transylvania University   Director  of   Diversity  &   Inclusion  

Community Supporter  

Public Relations  &   Grant   Securement  


Shad Swazell  


Individual Supporter   Individual   Supporter  

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“Where there  is  no  vision,  the  people  perish.”   Proverbs  29:18       Gardyloo  managers  are  charged  with  the  task  of  stoking  the  fire  of   employee’s  intrinsic  motivators  in  order  to  lead  to  a  staff  that  is  efficient  due  to   workplace  happiness.  All  work  and  no  play  is  simply  not  the  Gardyloo  way…  but   goals  still  need  to  be  accomplished.    The  appropriate  corporate  culture  is  as  vital  as   any  other  aspect  of  the  organization.  Mangers  must  take  charge  and  invest  in   upholding  it.       The  corporate  culture  for  Gardyloo  is  an  innovative  environment  where   opinions  are  respected,  responsibility  is  shared,  and  challenges  are  viewed  as   opportunities  to  be  creative.  This  culture  is  not  easily  created  and  is  a  dynamic   element  largely  based  on  staff  relationships  between  managers,  fellow  staff,  and   supervisees.    To  guide  this  corporate  culture,  these  top  three  priorities  are  desired:             1)  Communicated  Expectations       2)  Enjoyable  Approachability       3)  Consistent  Mutual  Respect       For  anything  to  be  achieved  efficiently,  clear  goals,  expectations,  deadlines,   and  measurements  need  to  communicated  in-­‐depth  and  often.  Frustrating  lines  of   supervision  and  evaluation  will  quickly  result  from  unclear  communications.  This  is   the  absolute  top  priority  for  all  employees,  especially  those  in  management  roles.  If   this  priority  is  achieved  in-­‐house,  Gardyloo  is  able  to  also  bring  the  same  effective   communication  of  expectations  to  all  interactions  with  community  representatives   during  the  process  of  a  project  being  executed.       When  clear  expectations  are  set,  every  one  should  have  a  clear  sense  of  what   they  must  accomplish.  The  relationship  between  managers  and  employees  should   be  one  that  is  open  and  communications  including  questions,  seeking  permission,   and  constructive  criticism  are  easily  and  enjoyably  approached  and  executed.   Gardyloo  strived  to  be  approachable  and  available  to  its  patrons  in  the  same   manner.       Throughout  all  communications,  respect  is  required  and  is  not  contingent  on   an  employee’s  placement  in  the  chain  of  command.    Regardless  of  the  situation,   employees  must  approach  each  other  with  a  respect  for  each  other’s  talents  and   fellow  commitment  to  spreading  the  arts  into  communities  across  the  nation.    A   consultative  decision  making  method  should  be  used  almost  exclusively  in  order  to  

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respect the  opinions  and  perspectives  of  all  employees  involved  with  the  particular   process  at  hand.    A  manager  must  be  able  to  lead  constructive  group  conversations,   maintain  an  unbiased  ear  when  collecting  staff  perspectives,  and  clearly   communicate  the  outcome  of  the  conversation  through  a  concise  decision.    Although   it  is  necessary  for  the  two  other  top  priorities  to  be  in  place  before  the  priority  of   mutual  respect  can  be  achieved,  this  is  the  most  difficult  element  a  manager  is   responsible  for  in  the  workplace  on  a  day  to  day  basis  and  in  the  consultative   decision  making  process.  However,  involvement  in  these  decisions  plays  into   motivating  an  employee  who  is  invested  in  the  process  at  hand  from  the  very   beginning.       All  of  this  comes  together  in  an  attempt  to  operate  successfully  under  the   Acceptance  Theory,  which  states  power  is  only  realized  when  others  understand   and  agree  with  the  directives  they  have  been  given.  If  we  find  the  right  people,  keep   the  right  people  happy,  and  communicate  goals  and  procedures  in  a  way  that  is   respectful  and  motivating,  we  believe  our  organization  has  a  lot  to  give  to  the  world.       The  managers  of  Gardyloo  must  constantly  strive  for  the  good  of  the  team,   not  themselves.  Although  this  is  far  from  a  simple  objective,  it  is  the  only  way  the   organization  can  maintain  the  desired  corporate  culture  through  utilizing  the  top   priorities.  A  manager  is  measured  by  the  efficiency  and  outcomes  of  the  team  as  a   whole.    Although  channels  of  formal  management  are  established,  it  should  be  a   manager’s  goal  to  be  able  to  lead  both  formally  and  informally  due  to  the  respect   and  trust  a  team  should  have  in  the  manager.  The  vision  of  this  organization  is  what   drives  the  team  forward,  but  the  managers  within  Gardyloo  must  be  the  captains   who  are  setting  the  navigational  course.      

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