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Serenity adheres to  Paleo Eating  also known as “Cave Man”   

(Pictured: Not Paleo!) Michelle Edmonds, M.A., M.Ed. Sr. Nutritionist |Author  of  The SERENITY CHALLENGE© | The Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program©, 1992  Follow our recipe board @­healthy­menu­picks/  Seminar and Conference Schedule:


From “The primal plan” 2



neither is this!


THE WHITE SHEET (Level I Modified PALEO) Exception: this list excludes  FRUIT, potatoes, corn,  beets and all beans (legumes)  You may include carrots, but ONLY if as part of a vegetable mix or in salads.

● Wild caught­deep water fish, such as salmon (including canned red or  pink), Pollock, tuna, swordfish, Basa, Sea Bass , etc (Avoid farm­raised  fish, such as  Tilapia & catfish) ● Chicken cutlets, frozen hot wings, rotisserie chicken ● All veggies, including avocado, eggplant, mushrooms ● Salad (Avoid iceberg lettuce) ● Hummus (Technically cheating: Serenity uses for to enhance the protein value of turkey  lunch meat wraps)

● Turkey cold cuts (from butcher is best) ● Whole eggs (not egg whites) ● Cooking: Extra Virgin Olive oil and all nut oils, such as walnut.  No canola or vegetable oil

Treats: All berries and seeds: sunflower and pumpkin seeds  5

BLUE SHEET Serenity’s Level II Paleo Eating Proceed with Caution: Ground meats in moderation

All white sheet foods Plus: All Game: Duck, Fresh Turkey, Lamb Grass­fed pork, such as pork loin Grass­fed lean beef, such as medium ~ rare  steak, or philly steak slices 6

BLUE SHEET Fruit and Nuts Plums, nectarines, peaches, almonds, all fancy mixed nuts (in the shell ~ avoid pistachio)

Dairy Substitutes Almond Milk


PRIORITY EATING Never change this or you body will start holding onto fat again

No less than 5 mini meals per day, each with a protein and vegetable.


NATURES GIFT ~Receive it ~

It’s makes no sense to allow yourself to gain weight or have creepy crawly weight loss, simply because you are meal skipping



Unless you do not mind chewing constantly, there is not really much time to consume other items.



If you find that you are meal skipping, it is most likely due to portions that are too large. Learn to listen to the wisdom of the body. If portions are small enough, nature will give you a hunger nudge naturally about 3 hours



ALL Refined Sugars Some allow small amounts of honey or pure maple syrup - but this was a very rare treat.


ALL Grains including corn Foods that cannot be eaten raw. They require soaking or long term slow cooking

*Wheat barley, rye and oats are all grains that contain gluten Cooking Oils: Olive oil and all nut oils


Starchy Root Vegetables In general, you would avoid the following because they need to be soaked to be consumed or they are poisonous if not cooked:

All Potatoes, including sweet potatoes Yams


Cassava Manioc Beets Legumes (Beans, Peas, Peanuts) These are omitted on the premise that most of them can't be eaten without cooking, and that legumes have a high content of lectins (poison) and other antinutrients. Â


THE DAIRY CONTROVERSY ~Just giving you the facts and a warning~ Early people did not eat dairy products before animals were domesticated. Most authors of this type of diet exclude eating dairy including milk, butter, cream, yogurt, ice cream, cheese, etc. Others, including Dr. Joel Wallach (Youngevity founder), permits butter* because of the low lactose and casein content. * OK on occasion. 16

SERENITY’s FAMOUS PURPLE SHEET Level III This is Not PALEO eating, however, we do believe it is a healthy, flexible alternative.

Tip: When Healthy Weight Goal is achieved gradually introduce this sheet, along with all foods from WHITE and BLUE Sheet


EATING during or after Illness or Weight Gain Immediately return to WHITE SHEET eating for 14 days then transition back to BLUE SHEET Rely more on homemade soups that contain high protein, such as homemade chicken soup. 18

EMERGENCY CARE Learn to keep emergency foods like homemade soup in the freezer, even if a lentil soup blended in a blender. If cheating starts excessively or does not slow down, stay at BLUE SHEET for 90 days, then try again If you GAIN weight following an illness, you did not eat properly Fact: Sick people lose weight!! 19



PALEO EATING in the Serenity Weight Loss and Detoxification Program  

Want to explore PALEO eating? Start with this guide for a flexible, balanced alternative that will promote healthy quick fat burning. 100...

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