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……speaks from the mountain top


Uhh, that would be Stone Mountain, GA


Thou shall eat 5 mini meals per day, starting within 1 hour upon arising, but never later than 9 a.m

Tip: Eat breakfast @ home; nap, instead of getting up late; go to bed earlier, if you can’t get up!

Thou shall eat meals that contain a protein, veggie and/or a salad, on the same plate Nice try!

TIP: Beans are both a veggie and protein. ~Eat carrots, beets, potatoes and corn with a green veggie ONLY~

Veggie and salads are complex carbohydrates that help the body absorb the protein from the source.




All green stuff. All onions, mushrooms

Fish (Deep water, wild caught, such as salmon, tuna, sword, halibut, pollock, red snapper)

All colored stuff: Tomatoes, carrots, corn, beets, black olives

Turkey, Duck

Salad greens, such as leeks, ginger root, all types of lettuce [avoid romaine, which has the fewest nutrients]

Beans, peas, all lentils

Beans, peas, all lentils

Eggs, Tofu, soy products

Don’t forget Fresh squeezed veggie juice

Thou shall eat meals that contain color, or they are not balanced meals Very funny…That’s not what we meant by color!

Serenity Commandment #4 

Thou shall drink water equal to ½ of your weight in ounces, per day

I’m made with water

Tip: Sip @ the rate of 4 ounces or more per ½ hour, to give muscles a chance to absorb the water, instead of it going straight to your bladder


Let’s try that one again! Thou shall partake in pure, spring or distilled drinking water


Thou shall eat portions equal to the size of a salad plate Read my lips! Salad Plate

Dinner Plate


Thou shall eat bananas only

Tip: Cool picture, but the bible never mentions an apple!


bananas for extra energy, about 20 minutes at the end of a meal, as you would dessert. Since you would not have dessert for breakfast, you would not have bananas before lunch!

Thou shall confess all cheating , because light eliminates darkness

Tip: Record all food that is eaten on your food diary....including the don’ts!


Thou shall exercise @ least 15 minutes per day


Stop joining the gyms, if you are not going to use them

Tip: Walking is free, so is exercise @ home. Start with just 15 minutes of brisk walking per day

Thou shall ensure that you release stool 2-3 times per day

Tip #1: Unless you are doing a colon cleanse, excess stool frequency may be a sign of high blood sugar. Check your glucose score (blood sugar)

This screen left intentionally blank.. trust us…you don’t want to see it!

Tip #2 Why detox? The average adult carries 20-35 lbs of stool per day

Aim for your best weight, not the goal that you think you can reach ď‚Ą

Tip: Stop quitting and going into hiding, every time you stumble!

If this information was shared with you, “thank them”; they just want you healthy . If you are already enrolled in our program, then you have other information that was sent privately, to supplement this material 

Tip: Serenity reserves the right to revise it’s “10 commandments” at anytime, as new information about health becomes available. ~One more tip: no alcohol!~

SERENITY's 10 Commandments-From Stone Mountain, GA  

An owners manual to he body temple

SERENITY's 10 Commandments-From Stone Mountain, GA  

An owners manual to he body temple