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How did you attract/address your audience? My magazine was thoroughly thought out and prepped for; I created a survey to which 60 applicants completed. I then created my magazine upon the results that I received. The point of sale where Embrace magazine is concerned is to attract 16 to 19 year old females who have dance personas, loves dance upbeat music and expressing themselves. In addition Embrace will be successfully sold in supermarkets, newsagents, music shops, etc.

On my front cover my masthead is in uppercase form that directly encapsulates the attention from my consumer. In addition, the cover page image has a model that is looking directly at the camera and therefore directly at the customer, this helps the consumer feel more engaged with Embrace magazine. Furthermore, my main cover line includes a question, which includes an answer afterwards (You want to talk about the chaos? Let’s talk about the chaos?), this addresses my audience directly and makes them wonder what this chaos is; ‘chaos’ suggests that there’s going to be an interesting story withheld in the magazine, which is personal to the artist; my young niche of an audience love gossip so this will be intriguing for them so therefore they will buy the magazine. My colour scheme, font style and masthead is primarily linked to a ‘dance’ theme as well as Mixmag – mixmag’s audience is the kind of audience that Embrace magazine attracts. However, Embrace attracts a wider audience with it including personal stories and dance being just as important as the music; so people who love gossip and dance will also be of interest in Embrace just as much as people who love upbeat dance music. Embrace is written with informal language that links with my young audience so is therefore appropriate. My magazine would be supportive in the sense that it has a section for those who suffer with stress/anxiety; it will feature artists who suffered from this and how they overcome it – having this incorporated in the magazine, it would help all the teenagers that feel they have no help in overcoming it which actually applies to so many teenagers nowadays. This is the unique selling point because music magazines don’t usually feature such stuff, however, embrace is creates from a different perspective; we at embrace feel that those who suffer from stress/anxiety commonly overcome it through the use of music. My magazine will be posted on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. But it will also have it’s only personal website ( which will include monthly surveys as well as feedback forms that will always be on the website, in order for us to conduct what they feel the magazine lacks and should include as well as what they feel is great about the magazine. Embrace cares greatly about their target audience/consumers and so always tries to create a magazine to their interest. With doing so, this helps keep their audience engages and enticed so they wont loose interest in the magazine.

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