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modulation michelle chan 500190412

ird400 professor halpern p winter 2010

TABLE OF CONTENTS concept statement process work material use proposed installation

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light will be an active, an erwise static space. Desig ment along the wall of a will provide a constantl for passing users. A series will play on the element of lowing a selective amount 4

nimated feature in an othned for repetitive placen unlit hallway, the light ly changing environment s of offset circular tubes f perspectives by only alt of light to pierce through To encourage playfulness and experimentation, the light will be an active, animated feature in an otherwise static space. Designed for repetitive placement along the wall of an unlit hallway, the light will provide a constantly changing environment for passing users. A series of offset circular tubes will play on the element of perspectives by only allowing a selective amount of light to pierce through the circular elements at any given moment to modulate the sense of space. Depending on the users position and speed, different aspects of the light will appear to create a new experience. Users will be able to interact with ordinary fluorescent fixtures to transform and animate an ordinary space.




How to modulate space with a widespread light source?

Design process


veil filter diffuse refract direct focus scatter

frame shutter colour tint screen block



appearance of floating wall throwing user off balance

- light blocking? - too much mass - avoid using space to modulate light

BLOCKING, SCATTERING - appearance of floating wall - slanted walls will throw user off balance

section view

another section view...

- light blocking? - still using space to modulate light...


DIFFUSE, FILTER, SCREEN different opacities of plexiglass will diffuse, filter, and screen the widespread light source to modulate the sense of space, imitating the appearance of tapering, undulating walls but it’s all TOO STATIC!

different opacities of plexi or glass (in the actual installation)

section view

still a section view, layering of different opacities, further diffusing the light




DIRECT, FOCUS, FRAME, ANIMATE when put together, the circular elements direct and focus an otherwise widespread source into minute aspects of light lit areas will change at different perspectives an animated feature that recreates an appearance of diffused light from afar


FINAL idea



modulator 1” pvc pipe repetition

Separation Support 1/16” clear acrylic sheet

Light 18” fluorescent tube lighting

Housing 20.5” x 7.5” plywood box


wood screw 20, 1.25” x 8 for plywood box construction & light to box installation


all purpose glue adhere modulator to acrylic



Bottom Elevation 20.5" 6.25"

4" 0.5" 6.5"


Left Elevation

Lateral Section 19




Wall 8� thick

Lighting vertical installation; embedded into middle of wall

Modulation pvc pipe repetition frame, installed 1’ from wall

proposed installation



Exploring the basic physics of artificial light (18" fluorescent tube) through the design and production of a functioning lighting fixture:...

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