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With technology and skill sets evolving constantly, interns and soon-to-be college graduates are a wonderful complement and provide fresh new thinking, high energy, and a passion for digging in and solving problems.


Rami Rahim CEO, Juniper Networks




The Juniper Way

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About Juniper Networks

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We’re focused on the future. You’re focused on your career. Let’s talk. Juniper Networks has welcomed over 600 college interns over the past three years in Engineering, Marketing, Sales, Finance, IT, Human Resources, Legal, and Business Operations/Strategy. We know that new talent is essential to our success and encourage interns to get involved in all areas of our business. At Juniper Networks, we want to help you cultivate your interests and invest in your potential. By interning at Juniper, you’ll get to... 1. Fuel innovation! 2. Make a difference! 3. Have fun! Curious? Take a look at what our past interns were up to, and see for yourself why an internship at Juniper Networks is the best place to make your summer count!

The Juniper Way Here at Juniper Networks, our company values are the cornerstone of how we do business. In delivering a new network that pushes the envelope and fuels innovation, we aspire to maintain a culture of sincere dedication to quality. We believe we can connect everything and empower everyone with the creativity and commitment of our employees – a commitment defined by five values that embody The Juniper Way.


About Juniper Networks

Founded in 1996 by Pradeep Sindhu, Juniper Networks set out on a mission to “Connect everything. Empower everyone.” Since then, Juniper Networks has helped its customers build the best networks on the planet.

Relying now more than ever on high-performance networks, people need network innovation to unleash their full potential. Juniper can provide that innovation – and with your talent, it will.

As a Juniper employee, you can see your work used virtually everywhere – in anything and everything from medicine to education, from business to entertainment. The products you develop and put on the market will deliver mission-critical transactions, applications, and services to customers. They will provide security and protection for customers’ most valuable assets and deliver a richer end-user experience. Juniper enables its customers and people around the world to do amazing things.

The New Network is here. How can you help make a difference?



About the University Talent Program

Juniper’s University Talent Program (UTP) was launched in 2012 as an effort to introduce more Millennials to Juniper’s workforce and provide talented students with an opportunity to develop professional experience at a world-class technology company. Since 2012, UTP has expanded remarkably, growing from just over 100 interns its first year to almost 250 interns by 2015. And it’s not hard to see why so many accomplished students have been compelled to spend their summers at Juniper!

lasting impacts on their teams, and contribute to the company’s overall objectives. They are mentored by some of the most talented and skillful innovators in the industry; they connect with transformative thoughtleaders who promote disruptive ideas in their field. Interns participate in constructive professional workshops, company-wide community service initiatives, and executive speaker series. They build lasting friendships, expand their network, and connect with colleagues from around the world.

Here at Juniper, UTP provides a comprehensive program that fosters professional as well as personal growth, thoroughly preparing its interns for the next step in their careers. Project-based and involvement-oriented, an internship at Juniper allows interns to solve important problems, make

At Juniper Networks, you will not only have opportunities to build real-life, hands-on work experience – you’ll also have the chance to learn from the best and lay the groundwork for a successful career.


Next summer, experience Juniper.

All in all, Juniper offers an amazing internship program that fosters growth in every sense of the word. With great people, great work and a great environment, what more could you ask for?

The Juniper Networks Intern Experience fosters an environment where interns contribute to company progress in new and creative ways. Interns are encouraged to speak up and share their ideas, develop their own assignments, and set their own milestones (this yearbook is a great example!). They collaborate not only with their team members, but also with each other to add value to our company.

A 2014 survey showed that, - 90% of previous interns felt they were able to do their best work at Juniper.

Managers are committed to creating an environment where interns can do their best work – a space where they are given the tools to work autonomously, but can always find the help they need. A previous intern described Juniper to be a company with “a very healthy work culture where you don’t feel the pressure to perform, but an urge to perform.”

- 95% of previous interns would work for Juniper again. - 98% of previous interns would recommend working at Juniper to other students.


Experience... Our Campus

Our Workshops

Our Speaker Series

Our Social Events 7

Our Campus Juniper’s global headquarters located in Sunnyvale, California.


Our Campus


Speaker Series Interns have opportunities to interact with colleagues of all management levels including our executives. Through the Executive Speaker Series, each of Juniper’s executives share their career experiences with interns. They impart valuable advice and provide mentorship to the interns, setting the tone for their professional growth and helping them establish a sense of direction.


Workshops Other Juniper leaders also contribute to the intern experience by holding constructive workshops to help interns develop important career skills. Past workshops include learning the importance of personal branding and social media as well as recommendations on how to negotiate persuasively.

“Personal branding revolves around knowing yourself enough so that you can help others get to know you. It’s important to ask yourself - What do I want to be known for?�


-Personal Branding Workshop

Social Events UTP plans multiple social events for interns throughout the summer – from Great America day trips to go-kart racing, white water rafting to food truck extravaganzas, there’s always a fun event going on at Juniper. These events are a great way for interns to socialize with one another and to take a break from their projects!


Social Events


Social Events

“The intern program is very well planned out and designed to help us contribute our best while also developing professionally, acquiring a lot of skills, making contacts and ensuring we have a lot of fun along the way.� - Priya (Software Engineering Intern)


Social Events

“My favorite part about Juniper is the people. Everyone, from interns to executives, is willing to take the time to answer any questions or just chat…it’s amazing! It’s great being given real responsibilities and being able to work with, and learn from, subject-matter experts. What an opportunity!”


- Justin (Computer Science Intern)

Social Events

“I love all of the fun social events that the UTP team puts on! It’s a great way to meet the other interns and hear what they are working on!”


- Lauren (Marketing Intern)

Social Events

“Interning at Juniper has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had and I am so happy to be here. My team pushed me out of my shell and provided me with an opportunity to get good at things I was terrified of doing!” - Jenya (Web Development Intern)


Social Events

“The best part about interning at Juniper is meeting new people and being in a place where others are open to help and care about getting to know me. Everyone has been so welcoming and open to help and always answer my questions.� - Jessica (Professional Services Intern)


Social Events

“The intern events have been fabulous and the University Talent Program team has done such a great job to keep us excited and motivated!� - Nidhi (Software Engineering Intern)


Intern Showcase To wrap up the summer, interns gather for our annual Intern Showcase which gives students the opportunity to highlight what they accomplished during the summer. The format for the showcase is similar to a poster session where each intern has their own space to be creative and share their summer’s work. The entire company is invited to hear from the interns what they learned and how they helped make an impact. It’s a great way to involve everyone and bring light to the wonderful work our summer interns do.

“There is no better evidence of our interns role in Juniper’s on-going success than our Intern Showcase Event, where I get to see fresh thinking in action with small teams of our interns tackling both technical and business challenges.”

- Rami Rahim, CEO


Intern Showcase


Intern Showcase


Intern Showcase


Intern Profiles Our interns joined the Juniper family from a variety of universities, levels of education, backgrounds, and interests. Interns not only made significant contributions to their teams and the company as a whole, but they also gained invaluable hands-on experience in their field of interest and learned from some of the most influential leaders in the networking industry. It’s not an understatement to say that Juniper’s interns worked hard and played hard – they made a huge difference and had a great time doing it! The following pages show off some of the great work our interns have accomplished. Our interns worked in various departments including Engineering (JDI), Human Resources, Finance, Marketing, and Legal. Take a look!


Global Business Operations


Human Resources


Juniper Development & Innovation









Intern Title: JDI Finance Intern School: UCLA Anderson School of Management Major: MBA, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I am proposing a risk-adjusted net present value metric posited as a more accurate way to measure new product development success better from P0 to P6 in the new product introduction process. PLM’s (Product Line Managers) would then be incentivized to hit their forecasted revenues and costs as close as possible.

TOOLS USED • Hyperion Essbase for reporting • Microsoft Office Suite (Excel, PowerPoint)

WHY JUNIPER? A lot of smart people work here who all have this infectious innovation mindset. And it’s well beyond the engineering side; from business ops to finance and strategy!

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER I love the freedom I get to capitalize on my strengths and dictate what I do during the summer to a greater extent than at a larger company.

FUN FACT I like listening to Leona Lewis and Kelly Clarkson; along with singing karaoke.





Intern Title: IT Architecture Intern School: San Jose State University Major: Software Engineering, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I’m working on a POC (Proof of Concept) in the network and analysis field. The concept analyzes tremendous network, WLAN, and firewall logs using Big Data ecosystems, which are further used for location-based network security using reports in terms of graphs or tabular data. We can monitor any specific type of network traffic that can be used for providing better accessibility, avoiding malpractices, usage convenience, and cost savings.

TOOLS USED • Map-R Distributions on every node in our cluster • ElasticSearch (Faster search), Kibana (Visualization), Tableau (Visualization)

WHY JUNIPER? I love Juniper’s culture and the intern life/work balance. The intern program is also loaded with awesome activities. The people around me are always cheerful, energetic, and there to listen and help me. I like that I get to participate in team meetings and decisions - I really feel part of the team!

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER I get to do what I love! I have the coolest manager and am part of an awesome department! Thanks Juniper!

FUN FACT I love the drive along Highway 1! The drive offers an amazing view of the beaches.





Intern Title: Analyst Intern School: UCLA Anderson School of Management Major: MBA, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS This summer I’ve been focusing on customer vertical market sizing where I’ve been working with the broader corporate strategy team in formulating the Network Security and Converged Infrastructure strategy for the annual strategy review with C-staff.

TOOLS USED • Capital IQ • VentureSource

WHY JUNIPER? I previously worked in health IT but I wanted to get back into technology. I was also impressed by the strategy team and our CEO during the interview process. I’m also from the Bay Area and it was nice to come home and work for a company that is in the process of reinventing itself. As a member of the strategy team, being heavily involved in formulating the future growth trajectory of Juniper was an opportunity I could not refuse.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER My favorite part about working at Juniper is that the environment is very collaborative. I am able to work with almost everyone in the corporate strategy group.

FUN FACT I have a stamp collection!





Intern Title: Corporate Communications Intern School: UC San Diego Major: Communications, 2015

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS This summer I’ve been working with the University Talent Program to improve external communications with potential applicants including launching UTP’s Facebook page by developing over nine months of content! I’ve also conducted research on industry peers and then built recommendations based on that evidence.

TOOLS USED • Microsoft Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) • Facebook

WHY JUNIPER? I had never worked in a corporate environment before and thought it’d be a great learning experience. The internship program is structured well and offers a lot of great benefits for all its interns – most of them things that not many other companies had!

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER Working at Juniper is inspiring because the people I work with are constantly pushing me to be my best self in terms of both professional and personal development.

FUN FACT One of my guilty pleasures is boba milk tea! :)





Intern Title: Legal Intern

School: University of California, Hastings College of the Law

Major: Juris Doctor, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS One of my projects has included drafting reports and supplemental materials related to Juniper’s securities filings, reporting obligations, and other corporate governance matters. I have also been involved with updating, redlining, and negotiating several commercial agreements and licenses with our vendors, distributors, and resellers. My other project involvements have been instrumental in managing and reducing Juniper’s risk in domestic and global promotions, data security with key end users, and trade and export compliance worldwide.

WHY JUNIPER? Interning at Juniper lets me stand at the cusp of innovation and enables me to leverage my legal expertise to help connect everyone and everything across the globe. Being a Juniper intern allows even the non-technical to be part of the entrepreneurial genius and contributions of thousands of other imaginative men and women that are changing our daily lives.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The best thing about interning at Juniper is the collaborative and supportive atmosphere that permeates itself from the top down. Everyone has eagerly exposed me to various areas of the law that affect Juniper and have openly shared their insights and feedback on my work, which will greatly contribute to my future success in the legal profession.

FUN FACT I love having bonfires on the beach in Santa Cruz, wine tasting in Napa, or visiting festivals, historic sites, and nightlife in San Francisco.





Intern Title: Web Development Intern School: San Jose State University Major: Graphic Design, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I am currently modernizing the intranet site for Juniper’s World Wide Operations Team. This includes refreshing the content and designing and implementing improved user experience for the global team.

TOOLS USED • Adobe Dreamweaver

WHY JUNIPER? When I was first interviewed at Juniper, I did not know too much about its culture, work, or the people. But as I went in for my interviews, my projects and the managers got me really excited! As I intern here today, I feel really lucky to be part of such a great culture and grateful for the opportunity to learn a lot and make a difference.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER Juniper has really been one of the best opportunities I have ever had and I am so happy to be here. Juniper and my team pushed me out of my shell and provided me with an opportunity to get good at things I was terrified of doing. I also love all my mentors and peers that I work with.

FUN FACT I love doing anything crafty such as jewelry making, sewing, and knitting!





Intern Title: Software Engineering Intern School: Tufts University Major: Comp. Engineering & Comp. Science, 2016

Westford, MA

SUMMER PROJECTS I’m working on developing regression utilities for Test Technology’s Lab Resource Manager. My work this summer adds static code analysis, automated browser testing, and API testing to the Rails application exposing the API. In addition, I am also working alongside other LRM team members in resolving enhancement requests for the LRM UI and API.

TOOLS USED • For front end UX testing: Capybara + Selenium for web driving • For back end and test driving: RSpec (a Ruby test framework) • Per Rails, everything is written in Ruby.

WHY JUNIPER? Juniper offered a “large company” environment, which I had not experienced at my previous jobs or internships, and I was keen on experiencing the other side of the industry. My internship also focuses on testing and QA, both of which are relatively new experiences for me.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER My colleagues. I have found the most enjoyable part of my internship is working alongside motivated, smart individuals as well as meeting and interacting with fellow interns whom are all working on a myriad of different projects.

FUN FACT I am a passionate sailor and learned about my internship through my mentor, who I crew for on his Lightning sailboat.





Intern Title: Product Management Intern School: North Carolina State University, Raleigh Major: Computer Networking, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS One of my projects has been creating operational impact documents for EVO that reflect the CLI changes. I have also been developing a new use-case-based pricing model for Junos and MX. Another project of mine has been creating a white paper on SW licensing strategy through competitive market analysis.

WHY JUNIPER? Juniper is a trend-setter in the networking industry. Its culture is second to none because it provides a solid ground for me to fire up my career.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER In my role as a product manager, I have been exposed to the latest game-changers in the industry. I’ve attended customer meetings and worked to find solutions to their problems. Working here at Juniper is very stimulating and is not like any other 9-5 job (I’ve actually waited for Monday’s to come!)!

FUN FACT I love chocolate croissants.





Intern Title: Software Engineering Intern School: Carnegie Mellon University Major: Computer/Information Science, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I’m working on building an x86-based debugging tool for Juniper’s switch line, that simulates an x86 environment following a crash for debugging purposes.

TOOLS USED • C on Linux • FreeBSD machines

WHY JUNIPER? As a systems major, I was looking for hands-on systems experience over the summer. Juniper was the perfect choice.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER My team. Everyone is so focused and dedicated to delivering their responsibilities that it fuels my dedication to work as well.

FUN FACT I’ve been to Yosemite twice for hiking and hope to complete the Half Dome hike before the end of my internship.





Intern Title: Corporate Communications Intern School: Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo Major: Business Administration, 2017

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS This summer I’ve been creating marketing collateral for Juniper’s University Talent Program (UTP) to increase awareness of Juniper’s Internship program both internally and externally. This has included creating this very yearbook, amplifying the work of interns through Juniper’s intern spotlight, and helping create content for UTP’s new Facebook page!

TOOLS USED • Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) • Microsoft’s Yammer • Facebook

WHY JUNIPER? I chose Juniper because I wanted to gain experience working at a tech company in internal communications. I also liked that Juniper had an internship program that has both fun events and professional development workshops for us.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The people. I absoloutely love the people! On my first day everyone was so welcoming and helpful. The culture at Juniper really makes it a great place to work!

FUN FACT I taught myself how to play guitar during my sophomore year of college. One of my favorite things to do is sing and play guitar. My friend and I recently played at an Open Mic Night at my school!





Intern Title: Business Analysis Intern School: San Jose State University Major: Industrial & Systems Engineering, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I have been working on a project that focuses on content migration from Documentum to SharePoint Online. I’ve also worked on several assignments relating to the new product introduction (NPI) process. Among these assignments was designing NPI SharePoint Team Site and automating the New Product Number Request Form.

TOOLS USED • Documentum • SharePoint • Agile

WHY JUNIPER? Juniper’s place among the leaders in network technology is enough to want to intern at the company. Apart from this, however, Juniper partners with programs like Women Enhancing Technology (WeTech), which is dedicated to supporting women in technology across the globe. I highly respect this about Juniper. As one of the recipients of the WeTech Scholarship and Internship, which provided me with the incredible opportunity to intern at Juniper this summer, I am especially grateful to both parties.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER I appreciate the weekly one-on-one meetings with my manager, as well as my relationship with my mentor. I’m also thankful for the friendships that I have forged with other interns.

FUN FACT I love to hike! Big Basin Redwoods State Park has a great trail called “Trail to Berry Creek Falls.”





Intern Title: Software Engineering Intern School: UC Berkeley Major: Computer Science, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS This summer, I’m involved in VMX Data Plane Testing and am writing a Python script that shows the connectivity results of various internal Virtual Machines. In addition, I am using OpenStack and the Python Software Development Kit to make the current vmm commands more efficient.

TOOLS USED • Python • OpenStack Python SDK • VMM CLI

• VMM CLI • VMM Commands

WHY JUNIPER? Juniper has always been a leader in the networking industry and before joining, I had heard nothing but great things about Juniper! When several representatives came to Berkeley for an information session, I was inspired by the work and creativity at Juniper and knew that I had to apply!

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The culture here is phenomenal and the Juniper Way is such a great representation of the core values. Everyone here is so innovative and genuine and I am always in awe of the talent I see.

FUN FACT I love going hiking in Fremont (Mission Peak!) over the weekends!





Intern Title: Software Engineering Intern School: Stanford University Major: Electrical Engineering, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I am working on the Jvision project and my responsibilities include creating and maintaining a database and the front end user interface to query the database to monitor events and properties of LSPs in MPLS. This project is an RLI and is of high importance to operators running MPLS in their network who want information about the health of the network. The user interface will enable them to easily get the information and in a consolidated manner.

TOOLS USED • Javascript • PHP • HTML

• CSS • Python • Bash

WHY JUNIPER? I love being able to work with new technologies and each day is very exciting. I love the work culture of Juniper and my team.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The managers and mentors are super helpful and the whole team goes out of their way to help you settle in. They answer every small question and make you feel totally at home.

FUN FACT The Bay Area has a lot of beauitul beaches to chill over the weekend. My favorite areas to visit are Santa Cruz, Monterey, and Half Moon Bay.





Intern Title: Software Engineering Intern School: Worcester Polytechnic Institute Major: Robotics Engineering, 2016

Westford, MA

SUMMER PROJECTS The main project I am working on this summer is a resource monitoring and diagnostics tool for Juniper’s MX Broadband Edge routers. It is designed to be used for both internal testing and customer use.

TOOLS USED • • • • •

Perl VNC (Virtual network Computing) Sublime Text SLAX (Stylesheet Language Alternative Syntax) Shell scripts (bash, tcsh)

WHY JUNIPER? I wanted to expand upon my knowledge of computer networks and how devices communicate with each other as well as being able to contribute to my engineering team from a robotics engineering perspective.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The social environment is the most appealing part of Juniper for me. The friendly atmosphere encourages me to work hard and play harder.

FUN FACT I’m a fan of outdoor activities like hiking and camping, but my favorite has to be outdoor paintballing where I am allowed to be as competitive as I can.





INTERN TITLE: Technical Marketing Intern SCHOOL: University of Colorado Boulder MAJOR: Telecommunications Engineering, 2015

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS One of my projects is building a demo for vCPE, which is the number one use case for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV). The demo will be showcased in trade shows. Another project I am working on is competitive testing of certain technologies to verify the performance claims vs. reality.

TOOLS USED • • • • •

IXIA IxNetwork Python Linux VMware vsphere KVM hypervisors

WHY JUNIPER? I wanted to intern at Juniper because of the exposure I would be able to have. My role here has allowed me to pick up both technical and business skills.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER Every day poses new challenges, which keeps me stimulated to work with sheer dedication. The people at Juniper are very approachable and helpful, which makes it easier.

FUN FACT I’m very passionate about sketching and drawing.





Intern Title: Graphic Design Intern School: Carnegie Mellon University Major: Human-Computer Interaction, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS This summer, I’ve been working on the user interface of a mobile application to be used company-wide. This app will be a go-to resource for all things HR with an expansive and optimized search functionality as well as a notification system. In addition, I’ve been working on other projects such as branding collateral, infographics, and other mobile interfaces for other teams within the HR function.

TOOLS USED • Adobe Creative Suite • Sketch

WHY JUNIPER? At Juniper, I have found that there is such a keen emphasis on employee development, in both career and wellness, which is incredibly valuable to me.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The people, hands down. I’ve encountered and been given the opportunity to work with some of the most motivated, grounded, and inspiring people I have ever met in my life.

FUN FACT I love films! I’m a huge movie nerd!





Intern Title: Technical Marketing Intern School: North Carolina State University Major: Computer Networking, 2015

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I’m crafting an application note on Contrail integration with the QFX5100 switch platform using EVPN-VXLAN. I am also modifying the CLI framework of OpenClos, an automation software for the deployment and configuration of L3 networks.

WHY JUNIPER? Juniper is a growing networking company, offering lots of opportunities and is fresh in innovation and creativity. I knew that I would be learning a great deal here, being exposed to a variety of new and in-demand technologies.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The work culture is the best thing about working here at Juniper. I can walk up to anyone and ask anything and I always get a thorough explanation. Everyone here wants to share their knowledge, together striving for the betterment of the organization.

FUN FACT I love San Francisco! The city is energetic and there’s so much to do like try out different cuisines, shop or just sit by the bay and relax.





Intern Title: Digital Experience Marketing Intern School: Santa Clara University Major: Marketing & MIS, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I leveraged the JIRA ticketing system to migrate 30+ forms and webinars onto a new platform while connecting with outside vendors for SEO, GTM, and publishing. I also aided in the EBC Page redesign to be launched for the Global Launch site for China and France. In addition, I published and tracked three advertisement placements within the RSS feed with a subscriber count of 96,000+ members.

TOOLS USED • JIRA (Ticketing system) • Google Analytics • Linux

• VMware vsphere • KVM hypervisors

WHY JUNIPER? Initially it was because of the size - I wanted to get a feel for something in between a start-up and a company larger than Juniper Networks.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER Last summer I interned in Services Marketing, and the innovative spirit and the challenging deliverables that make a difference has brought me back here. I currently work with the Digital Experience team and have had a taste of campaigns, promos, google analytics, project management and much more. But more importantly, the connections that I have made here during my first internship has brought me back to this great company.

FUN FACT I enjoy the great outdoors and have backpacked in Alaska and the Channel Islands. I am currently planning a trip next spring to the Grand Canyon for one and a half weeks.





Intern Title: Manufacturing Engineering Intern School: UC San Diego Major: Computer Science, 2016

Sunnyvale, CA

SUMMER PROJECTS I am working on creating a web-based Issue tracking system that will allow Juniper’s manufacturing engineers as well as our contract manufacturers’ engineers to report and discuss build issues in our new products. The goal is to streamline communications between Juniper and our contract manufacturers to accelerate the process of fixing build issues as well as create a centralized location where a history of all issues can be kept and easily viewed.

TOOLS USED • Oracle • Java • PHP

• Eclipse • Toad

WHY JUNIPER? The culture and environment at Juniper really appealed to me; it stood out as a fun and innovative place to work, as opposed to just another tech company. I felt that I would gain valuable experience working on a project that would have a real-world impact on Juniper’s products and services.

FAVORITE PART ABOUT WORKING AT JUNIPER The people here are fantastic to work with and are always willing to lend a helping hand. I have learned so much during my internship thus far and it’s great to see that the project I’m working on will significantly impact Juniper’s engineers in a positive way.

FUN FACT My hobbies include traveling, sports, and technology. I recently studied abroad at Lund University in Sweden. I also enjoy playing intramural sports at UCSD.


Start building tomorrow’s networks. And your career. For more information on the Juniper Internship Program, please contact the University Talent Program team at

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Juniper Networks: The Intern Experience  

To learn more about Juniper Network's Internship Program, check out their Facebook page at or visit their website at...

Juniper Networks: The Intern Experience  

To learn more about Juniper Network's Internship Program, check out their Facebook page at or visit their website at...