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when it has an edge to it - something a bit strange or odd. A feeling or a detail that makes you think again and perhaps imagine how the situation in the illustration ended up like it did.”

For example, Michelle often draws only four fingers

on the characters in her illustrations. By doing that she wants to point out that the imaginary illustrated world is different from the real one There are no rules.


How it’s done Michelle’s choice of techniques has changed a lot over

“I’m a Copenhagen based french-fries-loving, time-op-

the past years. Earlier she used to cut, glue and draw a

timistic and eco-friendly poster maker and freelance

lot, because she wanted to have an original piece of all

illustrator” is what Michelle Carlslund would say if whe

her illustrations. This can be seen in illustrations as

was to describe herself in one sentence.

27-year-old Michelle Carlslund founded her com-

pany, Michelle Carlslund Illustration, five years ago while she was still studying graphic design in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2013 she started to work full time as a poster maker and illustrator, and now her posters, frames, cards, notebooks and tote bags can be bought in over 250 design shops around the world. Michelle sees herself as a morph of a kid and a grownup, and her aim is to bring out some playfulness in us grown-ups leading our busy lives with jobs, responsibility and stress.

Michelle’s illustrative universe is inhabited by

cycling circus bears, eclectic cityscapes, playful puns, cheeky tigers and honey-loving bears. She wants to create works that are playful, warm and nostalgic.

“Sometimes I think it is enough for an

illustration to be pretty to look at, but more often I like

“Sometimes I think it is enough for an illustration to be pretty to look at, but more often I like when it has an edge to it - something a bit strange or odd...” Let’s Dance or My City two. Now she is more into using an electronic drawing pad.

“I am now quite caught up with using different

brushes in Photoshop. This way of working is old news to a lot of people, but I never really explored it before. I really like the opportunity to change and rearrange elements in the computer using my electronic drawing pad and pen. I’m not good with vector, and I love the way the lines feel more alive when you draw them by hand.”

“I’m a Copenhagen based french-fries-loving, time-optimistic and ecofriendly poster maker & freelance illustrator,,

To find a perfect color palette for an illustration

A family business

Michelle tries different options and relies on her gut

As a part of growing her business Michelle moved all

feeling. She compares it to the very delicate ability of

the thousands of posters, totes and notebooks to a

a chef balancing out different tastes in a dish. But she

warehouse and she even hired a warehouse manager

does get inspired by things around her as well:

who also takes care of all order- and shipping-business.

She could not find any better candidate for that job

“Of course, I get inspired by the colours I see

around me. The trending colours crawl under my skin,

than her mother, Britt. The entire basement of Michelle’s

and at some point I feel like using them, and they feel

childhood home is now covered floor to roof with poster

just right, too, although they didn’t a few weeks earli-

rags. This is an amazing arrangement and gives Michelle

er. Just like I used to hate plateau shoes and now own

a lot more time to do what she does best - make!

several pairs…”

a big applause for all our new circus friends!

new great quality oak and black frames fitting the posters

pedal ahead!

a new poster for all hotdog lovers

this bestseller bear is now also BIG

organic fairtrade cotton totes

the nordic jungle notebook

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We are always interested in new and exciting proposals for projects and collaborations - please don’t

Denmark - distributor:

hesitate to write if you have any bright ideas you

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want us in on. / +45 7020 8856

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the world. We would love to hear from you, if you are

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interested in learning more. / +45 7020 8856

Contact If you have any questions or if you want to place an

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order, and your country is not listed under “distrubu-

Janet Ring - ROOM2PLAY

tors” you can just write an email to: / +45 7020 8856 or call: 0045 28 49 84 74 or visit:

Germany - distributor: Anneke Dillge - YNDIG /

*Note that the colours may vary slightly from printrun to printrun.

Japan - distributor: Shonan International Co.,Ltd. Kenji Noguchi -

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An inspirational overview of new and old collections of eco-friendly posters, frames, cards, totes and notebooks. Everything is designed by...

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