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Disaster Preparedness Tour Comes to California Los Angeles & Orange County, CA— September 2007 Hosted by Councilors to American’s Small Business SCORE and Hewlett-Packard, the Art of Small Business tour “Plan, Prepare, Recover–Keeping Your Business Safe”, is making two stops in California. Don’t miss this special opportunity to participate in a timely briefing as disasters can happen at anytime. According to government statistics, 93 percent of companies that had trouble restoring their data after a data disaster are out of business within 18 months. Get real insights and simple solutions for protecting core assets like: customer records, accounting systems, technology, records and databases can weather a storm, flood, fire, power outage, etc. Protect your dream. Protect your Business. Register today for the Los Angeles and Orange County (exact dates and locations to be announced) at Global Women’s Leadership Forum Hosted In Indian Wells, Ca The International Alliance for Women (TIAW) will

hold their Global Partnership Forum, “Inspiring Women Leaders Global Collaboration” in Indian Wells, California (Palm Springs area) on November 8-10. TIAW helps its members make local, national and international connections, serving as an invaluable resource on a personal and professional level. The TIAW Global Partnership Forum 2007 is designed to encourage such connections through interaction with attendees and speakers from around the world. By attending this Global Partnership Forum, you can expect to: ■ Learn new leadership strategies to take your ■ ■ ■ ■

career or business to the next level Meet other women leaders and learn from their experiences Add a global perspective to your vision of leadership Applaud the success of other global women business leaders Refresh and revitalize your expectations of what it means to be a leader

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N AT I O N A L A S S O C I AT I O N O F W O M E N B U S I N E S S O W N E R S ❖ C A L I F O R N I A ❖ S U M M E R 2 0 0 7

2006-2007 Board of Directors Eva S. Garcia, President Mary Griffin, VP of Legislative Action Susan Medwied, Secretary May Pon, Treasurer Frances Nevarez, VP of Corporate Relations Jerri Hemsworth, Past President 2004-2006 Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire, Past President 2003/2004

NAWBO California is a consortium of these seven chapters

Inland Empire Orange Co. Sacramento San Diego

San Francisco Silicon Valley Ventura Co.

In The News Dear Friends: A recent exploratory research study uncovers a large unmet desire and need for support and assistance among small, second-stage women business owners, often referred to as the "missing middle". It states that many programs support enterprise development, targeting either start-up firms or large corporations. Mapping the 'Missing Middle': Determining the Desire and Dimensions of Second-Stage Women Business Owners, published by Michigan-based Womenable and The Center for Women's Entrepreneurship ( at Chatham University in Pennsylvania, finds that most established women business owners are interested in growing their businesses, but many are encountering difficulties in finding the tools they need to grow. This is one of the reasons why NAWBO-California has teamed up with the Women’s Leadership Exchange on the two conferences targeted at women business owners in California. WLE brings a wealth of speakers and opportunities, such as networking, the exhibit hall and speed coaching, to help established women business owners grow their business. Like NAWBO, WLE helps women fill the information gap and provides a venue for building connections that will facilitate their success in business and in life. This is an important aspect of what NAWBO offers to women business owners—the opportunities to reach out and gather information that will help them take their businesses to the next level. It has been a busy summer for NAWBO-California. Please note our new Board of Directors on Page 4. We also are staying up-to-date on the legislative bills that affect one of most significant cost items in doing business– health care insurance premiums. (story on page 3) The full publication on the study can be found at: f_Missing_Middle.pdf. We also encourage you to go to the WLE website (see adjoining story) to sign up and attend the conference. You can also go to to find information on our chapters throughout the state. Sincerely, Eva Garcia, President, NAWBO-California President, Garcia Realty, Sacramento

WLE Speed Coaching, QVC Auditions & More Rock the World for Women Entrepreneurs Attendance Discount for all NAWBO members and their guests!


he National Association for Women Business Owners California (NAWBO-CA) is proud to partner with the Women’s Leadership Exchange (WLE), a national leadership and business development organization, to hold two upcoming allday conferences for women business owners and executives. One will be held in Southern California (Long Beach) on Tuesday, August 14th; the other will take place in Northern California (Santa Clara) on Thursday, September 27. NAWBO has been a long-standing, active membership organization Andrea March and Leslie Grossman, in support of the WLE, and WLE Cofounders. NAWBO members have enthusiastically attended WLE conferences over the past five years, for educational and facilitated connections purposes. NAWBO members and their guests receive a $74 discount off the ticket price when you register at:

August 14—Long Beach Luncheon session speakers: Billie Jean King, Sports Legend and Social Pioneer; Dr. Susan Love, bestselling author and one of the county’s foremost authorities in breast cancer; Cathy Hughes, Chair, Radio One, Inc.; Sharon Allen, Board Chairman, Billie Jean King, Deloitte & Touche, and Rebecca Boenigk, Sports Legend and Social Pioneer Chairman & CEO, Neutral Posture. September 27—Santa Clara Luncheon session speakers: Carly Fiorina, Dawn Lepore, Chairman & CEO,, and Quinn Tran, Cofounder and Chief Marketing & Sales Officer, Knowledge Tek. Photo: Jonathan Exley


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1431 La Colina Tustin, CA 92780 714-832-5012


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This year’s conferences have two unique elements that can intensely benefit ambitious women who want to grow their businesses: Speed Coaching Continued on Page 2

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N AW B O m e a n s b u s i n e s s . G e t i n v o l v e d . F o r m o r e i n f o r m a t i o n , g o t o N AW B O - C A . o r g WLE Conferences, continued from page 1

and the QVC Quick Product Review. Speed Coaching is available to all conference attendees several times throughout the day. The attendee is seated directly across the table from a WLE “Growth Guru”; experts from the fields of marketing, sales, public relations, leadership, finance, business Law, office/ retail space design and more. The expert, a successful entrepreneur or corporate executive, listens to her questions, and then provides her with what some call “life-changing” five minute nuggets of sage, practical advice on business issues. Another offering, the QVC Quick Product Review, represents a priceless opportunity for those who have a product they think could sell big on QVC. Also designed in a speed coaching format, this sector allows them to show their product to and get immediate feedback from a QVC representative. Not only will outstanding business women share their incredible stories of success at the breakfast and luncheon sessions, but WLE offers a selection of educational workshops at both conferences that include but are not limited to: ■

The Top 10 Proven Strategies for Using


Will Small Business Be Part Of The Solution? Attendees connecting at the WLE conference.

Last year’s compass winners.

Your website to Get More Leads, More Customers and More Sales Maria Veloso, Leading Expert in Internet Marketing and Author, “Web Copy That Sells” ■ How to Effectively Deliver Your Message Through the Media Carol Jenkins, President & Board Member, The Women's Media Center, Founding Chair, Greenstone Media, CoAuthor, “Black Titan, A.G. Gaston and the making of a Black Millionaire” ■ The Strategies, Tactics and Shifts Necessary for Growing Your Business Julie Garella, Author, "Capitalize on

Nawbo Leaders… On Leadership

When you step out of your comfort zone and dance to a different tune, you'll discover an abundance of possibilities. Just take the first step and think beyond yourself. Share it with others

you'll feel doubly blessed.

Joy Sakata, NAWBO-Ventura County President Joy's Chocolates (Chocolate Gift Consultant)

Speed coaching at the WLE conference.

Your Success" ■ Becoming the Right Leader for Right Now Janelle Brittain, President, Dynamic Performance Institute, Author, “Star Team Dynamics.” This year’s program offers attendees the opportunity to connect with hundreds of successful CEOs and top executives, and with other local entrepreneurs, all designed to help renew their sense of purpose and provide new ideas to propel their business success. Corporate partners include OPEN from American Express, IKEA, IBM, Morgan Stanley, American Airlines, Bermuda Department of Tourism, Jones New York and Union Bank of California, which is WLE’s Southern California Banking Sponsor. Register at or Questions, call NAWBO California at 714-832-5012.


t is expected that during the early part of August, the legislature and the Governor will begin serious negotiations on the two major health care reform proposals. Assembly Bill 8 (AB 8) is the Democrat’s version of health care reform. AB 8 (Nunez/Perata) combines the efforts of both the Senate and Assembly Democratic leadership. Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposal, while not yet in legislative language, will be part of the negotiations. Neither the Republicans in the Assembly or the Senate will support either of these two proposals in their current form. In order to pass a health care reform bill this year, negotiations and compromises will be challenging, but necessary. Numerous amendments will be required in order to secure enough votes to pass legislation. Some of the major business issues include:

■ “Pay or Play” – Businesses will either “play” - provide health care for their employees, or “pay” – 7.5% of their payroll into a “health care pool” to be a government run insurance function under AB 8. This pool would be able to raise rates in order to ensure fiscal sol-

Thank you to the NAWBO-California Corporate Partners

vency. The Governor’s proposal would require employers with 10 or more employees to provide health care or pay 4% of payroll toward their employee health coverage. ■ Governor’s proposal includes a small business exemption for under 10 employees. No small business exemption in AB 8. ■

Individual Mandate – The Governor’s proposal requires all Californians to have insurance, AB 8 would not require this provision. ■

Guaranteed Issue - The Governor’s proposal requires all insurance companies to provide insurance regardless of the health of an individual. AB 8 requires Guaranteed Issue for everyone in the individual market “without” serious medical conditions. Serious medical condition is not defined. ■ AB 8 provides assistance for families and children with family incomes under 300% of the federal poverty level. Governor’s proposal will provide subsidies for certainly families and will

expand Health Families coverage to all children in families with less than $60,000 incomes. ■

Under the Governor’s proposal, the medical community, both physicians and hospitals, would pay a percentage of their revenues to fund various provisions of the plan. These are just a few of the provisions of these proposals. There are a number of other provisions in both proposals. In order to have a “place at the table,” NAWBO-California members will be meeting in Sacramento on August 8. We will review the various proposals in their current form. Our goal is to be able to make recommendations to our membership regarding issues we can support and which issues we believe need to be amended to ensure that small business in California can continue to survive. We will send our final recommendations to the Legislature and the Governor. Mary Griffin is President of Griffin & Associations, a legislative and governmental advocacy firm in Sacramento.

NAWBO California Summer 2007  

This Newsletter is for the nine NAWBO Chapters in California. The National Association of Women Business Owners are Owners of California Bus...

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