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White Design


customphotography t White Design your portrait experience ensures that your receive your portraits your way!




f you are looking for a photographer who loves to create beautiful indoor and stunning outdoor images, I would like to be the photographer for you. So please pick up the phone right now and call me so we can chat about your vision for your portrait session. Everyone is unique with individual personalities, hobbies and interests. So why have your portraits look just like everyone else? At White-Design we strive to give you extraordinary photos that reflect who you are. Whether traditional, contemporary or urban you will receive photos that match your style. We capture more than your physical image, we capture your individuality and we capture a memory that will always be cherished. From dramatic and outrageous to elegant and expressive, be yourself and look your best.

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e capture more than your physical image, we capture your individuality and we capture a memory that will always be cherished. From dramatic and outrageous to elegant and expressive, be yourself and look your best.

Why Splurge on


professionalphotography ortraits can be incredibly expensive. As high-end cameras and lenses become cheaper and more accessible, you may be tempted to slash your costs by asking a friend or family member to take your shots. The money you save, however, is very likely to leave you with regrets in the long run.


e bring to the table 20 years of experience, not only in photography, but also national advertising, professional retouching and design. Yes, we do those trendy edits, but we begin with sharp, professionally lit and properly exposed photographs from the beginning. If your portraits aren’t amazing straight out of the camera, they won’t be amazing with a lot of post processing. You can depend on White Design to find that defining quality that makes your portraits unique and special.

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original and uniquely yours


yourportraitsession ith specialized attention to all the details that go into creating your portraits, we will design precisely the portraits that you wish to own and display in your home. Your investment promises fun, relaxed, and upbeat portraits that showcase you and your family’s personalities and the relationship you share with each other.



We strive to take your portraits to the next level with a difference you can see right away. Your portrait experience will be fun - even if you don’t like having your photograph taken. It takes a lot more than a professional digital camera to make a creative portrait that you will cherish for years. Take a look at our images and compare them to other photographers. Look closely at the color, retouching, flattering lighting, easy relaxed poses and the creativity of the portrait. This attention to detail and dedication to the artistry doesn’t come with instructions on a digital camera. They come with


the expertise gained from years of experience, an artistic eye and years of training. That’s why your should trust your portraits to someone who knows how to make you look and feel your best. We don’t just want to capture an “image” of you but to capture the real you. We’ll create portraits that explore the different sides of your personality. Let us know what you like and let us take it from there! Let this be an experience you’ll never forget. Call us to schedule your appointment and discuss with us what your thoughts and desires are for having the perfect portrait session. •

hether you choose to have your portraits done in our indoor studio, our outdoor wooded studio, downtown, the location of your choice or a combination, you can be assured that your photos will be completely original and uniquely yours. Take a look at our website and facebook page and let us know what you like. We’ll sit down and design a shoot that will give you amazing, professional portraits that will show the world your style.

cooing, cuddly newborns



othing says love like cooing, cuddly newborns, bouncy baby bundles and toddlers on the move. Combining the beauty of new life with stunning photography. Each stage of a new child’s life is a perfect time to commemorate your family with an amazing gift to be cherished forever. Don’t let these precious baby days fade into a hazy memory.



we created the First Year Program as a way to commemorate this very special first year of life. Our sessions are designed to be stress free and easy for you and your precious baby. We understand that sometimes babies need time to adjust to the environment, eat or take a break and cuddle with mom. You won’t be rushed through your session-you and your baby can relax and enjoy your portrait experience.

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baby’s first year of life is the most monumental year of all. Each day is filled with new discoveries and milestones. Capturing and documenting these special moments is our goal. You will be amazed at how quickly your baby changes and how incredibly fast the first year is gone. There is no better way to remember these fleeting moments than through professional portraits. That is why

modern and elegant


A “

child fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty.” ––– Author Unknown


regnancy months are some of the most beautiful times in woman’s life. She nurtures a new unseen life inside her. It is a special time for any expectant mother. No other event can evoke such feeling of unparalleled internal happiness. Maternity photography is the best way to preserve these moments forever. White Design maternity portraits are flattering and tastefully created for the mother to be. Some mothers choose to showcase their bare baby bump, while others opt for a more modest session. Which ever option fits you and your personality, we will create beautiful portraits to forever save this special time of your life. You are free to wear any thing you choose, however solid colors work wonderfully


for these sessions. I also have a wide variety of drapes, wraps and beautiful belly bands. I usually recommend that women do their maternity shoots between 35-37 weeks. Just keep in mind that babies do come in their own time and it is not uncommon for them to come two to three weeks early-so don’t wait too long. You are more than welcome to bring your husband, significant other or siblings to include in your shoot. This is the beginning to another chapter in your family and we know that you will want to include everyone involved. Congratulations and enjoy this beautiful time in your life! •


emotions, personalities & dynamics



o me, portrait photography is all about capturing emotions, personalities and the dynamics of various relationships. And when I photograph you and your loved ones, that’s always my goal.


ince I was a very young girl, I’ve always been drawn to pictures, be they in magazines, books, photo albums or even on the walls of local businesses. There’s just something about the amalgam of colors, shapes, faces and light coming together in perfect harmony that I find irrevocably fascinating.



’ve always believed that the best photos are those that are hard to look away from. The kind that catch your eye and make you want to study every tiny pixel. And when you think you’ve seen it all, you have to look back just once more to make sure you didn’t miss anything. Those are the kinds of photos I strive to take every single day. Photos that are engaging, compelling and worthy of displaying proudly in your home.

People are so interesting and I love capturing their spirit on film or in today’s world, digital; my goal is convey their feelings, thoughts and emotions and preserve them forever in a photograph. You know what I’m talking about. That twinkle of deep affection in a father’s eye when he looks over to his wife holding their first born. The calm serenity that overcomes an expecting woman as she gently touches her swollen belly. The heat between a newly engaged couple who can’t seem to stop staring at each other. The commanding presence of a high school senior who’s posing with enough confidence for their entire graduating class. Or that ounce of mischief in a brother’s sly grin as he looks up at his older sister. Days are fleeting and there is a comfort in knowing that years from now you will have beautiful portraits to bring you back to this special time.

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What I mostly loved photographing, though, was people. And that’s still true today.

it’s your year


seniorphotography eing a high school senior means going to class all year long, studying for tests, taking exams but also includes fun stuff too like taking your final high school year pictures.


our time for senior pictures has come! I understand that moms and seniors have completely different ideas about what they would like to have in a senior shoot and I strive to cover both. I’ll make sure that mom gets those traditional portraits she wants and that you get portraits that completely express who you are.

Planning Your Session: Something Casual: Show us your everyday style— something that is unique and says “Hey world, this is me!” Identity Wear: Bring your letterman jacket, cheer leading outfit, band uniform, or sports team uniform. Show Your Fun Side: Leather or lace, grunge or club, show some attitude and have fun! It’s your Senior Year have fun, relax, enjoy and choose White Design for your unique Senior Portraits.

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before the big day


engagmentphotography “ ou don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” ― Ansel Adams


he engagement session appears to be taking on a life of its own with today’s photographysavvy couples. While the purpose of the session remains the same, what can be done with the images afterwards is limitless.

In turn, you get a chance to work more intimately with the photographer who will be with you for the duration of your wedding day. For many people the only time they employ the services of a professional photographer is at their wedding. If their wedding photographs are important to Photographers and couples alike find that the them couples will spend a great deal of time engagement session is a great way to learn choosing who will shoot their wedding and are to work together. Most photographers have willing to spend large sums of money to make learned the hard way that some couples are sure it is done well. This is an important step to uncomfortable or freeze in front of the camera. establishing a relationship of trust that is integral Some couples are conditioned to smile every for photographers to best do their job. Openly time a lens is turned their way, while others blink. communicating about what helps you relax or This session helps photographers iron out those what makes you feel the most comfortable is very kinks—learning what the best way is to approach important at this stage. Your photographer wants each couple, how best to direct or guide, and to know how to best work with you to create the what kind of interaction works best. kinds of images you expect.

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be your most beautiful


classyboudoir “ eauty [is] a kind of radiance. People who possess a true inner beauty, their eyes are a little brighter, their skin a little more dewy. They vibrate at a different frequency.’ ––– Cameron Diaz


lright ladies, this one

is just for you. For those of you who have been entertaining the idea of boudoir photography these sessions are for you. Classy and tasteful boudoir photography is something every woman should do at least once in her life. Imagine the look on your hubby’s face when you hand him a gift from your Little Black Book Session! Give us a call and lets talk about a Little Black Book Session for the man in your life.... or you can just do it for yourself.


e prepared to feel beautiful, feel sexy and look amazing. There is absolutely nothing to be nervous about so relax and enjoy your session. Feel free to bring a friend and make it a girls day or night. Whether you are bold and outgoing or shy and bashful, we’ll customize a session just for you. And if you need a bit of help deciding what to wear and bring to a session, maybe these suggestions will help. • Slips • Button down white man’s shirt • Something relating to his hobbies & interest • Corset/bustier • A robe • Silk shorts • Heels • Jewelry • Matching bra + panty set • Neglige/teddy/body suit • Scarves • Team Jerseys You will have a great time and you will love your photos! Don’t forget the most important thing… Relax. Remember that I have years of experience posing and working with lighting and camera angles to emphasize your best features and minimize anything less than perfect.

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beautiful brides


bridalphotography f you choose a package that includes a bridal shoot this will greatly reduce the stress the day of the wedding in addition to giving you many more and creative photographs. We try to have these done a month or so before the wedding in order for you to have a framed canvas displayed at your wedding reception.


ince I was a very young girl, I’ve always been drawn to pictures, be they in magazines, books, photo albums or even on the walls of local businesses. There’s just something about the amalgam of colors, shapes, faces and light coming together in perfect harmony that I find irrevocably fascinating.


bridal portrait session is the perfect way to have a ‘dress rehearsal’ of everything you’ve planned for your wedding day. The wedding gown, flowers, hair, make-up, and all the other little things you’ve worked so hard to plan for, can be ‘tested’ together to make sure that there are no surprises on that special day. A perfect opportunity to take great images that you will cherish forever. Bridal Portraits are popular for displaying at the wedding registry table, at the reception sign-in table, custom signin books or you can turn one into a signature print for everyone to ‘leave their mark’ at the reception. When your wedding guests walk into your reception facility, and they view your finished bridal portrait for the first time, I want you to hear your guests gasp in delight, see their eyes open wide, and watch their jaws hit the floor. I want the bridal portrait I create of you to put a smile on your face, and a tear in your mother’s eye. Bridal portraits are generally taken two to three months before the wedding, so that there is time to have a completed portrait on display at your reception. However, it’s never too late to have your bridal portrait made; formal sittings involving both the bride and the groom are common up to several months following your wedding.

23 •


timelessly beautiful


weddingphotography n your one-year anniversary, you and your love will sit back on your couch. Hand in hand, you will pull out the photo’s of your wedding day. As the special memories flood your eyes, will you see that most important day of your life as beautiful art created for a lifetime of remembrance?


he food will be eaten, the cake will be gone, the flowers will have wilted, but the memories are forever.


s your photographer, I recognize that this is your special wedding day, and that all attention should be centered on you and your future husband. Your wedding day is where dreams and memories come together. I want to capture your true radiance and the groom’s nervousness. I want to snap the photograph of you leaning into your husband’s shoulder while you twirl your first steps as a married couple. These captured moments can be remembered year after year as you pull out your wedding book and relive those memories all over again.

Between choosing the exact shade of roses and tasting everything from cake to hordorerves, you’ve got your hands full! Meeting caterers, florists, and musicians is tough enough, never mind negotiating the photographer scene. I strive to make your experience as stress free and memorable as is could possibly be. I begin by going over the time frame you are thinking about, and together we decide which package is the best fit for you. At White Design & Photography we have several packages for our brides to choose. Beginning with a basic day of shooting with a hardcover proof book and online proofing to our largest package with our premium storybooks, canvas portraits or fine art metal portraits, DVD of images with print release, hardcover proof book and even a bridal and engagement session. Whatever your needs we have a package for you or can custom design a package for your special day.

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ordering your portraits


orderingprocess he most important decision in the portrait process is the selection of images for your

home. After your session we will set up a time for you to come into the studio and view your portraits. Coming into the studio to place your order is the best choice in that you can view your images on our calibrated screen and see actual samples of finishes, sizes and products. A 16x20 may sound enormous at first, but above a couch or fireplace can seem small. Before ordering your portraits please take a walk through your home and make notes of where you would like to see new art work and make a list of parents, grandparents, family and friends.



or most clients, ordering is less of a science than an art, mixing fulfilling needs with getting

the many photos you fall in love with. When planning your order, I suggest that you use this form to aid in the ordering process. Walk through your house and think about where you would like to display your portraits. Above furniture, along staircases, down hallways, on sofa tables, shelves, in a wall grouping, etc. Decide whether you would like traditionally framed prints, gallery wraps, standouts, metal prints, stretched canvas or canvas mounted to board.. Take some time to think about who you would like to give gift portraits and specialty products. Grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings, etc. Then decide what specialty products you would like to have for yourself. Photo books, photo boxes, accordion books, etc. Wall Portraits Where to Hang/Display

Gift Portraits For


Canvas, Canvas on Board, Canvas Framed, Gallery Wrap, Wrap Standout



Specialty Products



What we offer


our products

e offer many different carefully selected specialty products that you are sure to love. Our specialty products include invitations, custom story books, custom image boxes, folios, photo jewelry, metallic prints, fine art metal portraits & canvas portraits, that you are sure to cherish for years to come.

Single & Double Weight Matboard Mounting your print on matboard not only gives the print extra support, but it also helps preserve the value of the print over time. Canvas on Matboard Give your prints gallery-level quality with our canvas bonded to matboard. The canvas provides the rich texture for your print and the matboard gives it a sturdy backing that prepares it for framing or other types of display. Standout Wraps Add dimension and sophistication with this unique wall art piece. Printed on photographic paper and laminated with a mounting block on the back, Print Wraps easily create that gallery look inside your home. Stretched Canvas For even more texture and durability have your print pressed onto canvas and then wrapped on a wooden stretcher frame. Our stretcher frames are 3/4� thick. Your image does not wrap around the stretcher frame with this product. Please see Gallery Wraps for an image wrapped canvas product. Gallery Wraps Bring a contemporary edge to your images, and create a high end art piece worthy of any museum wall. The frameless presentation of a Gallery Wrap is ideal for those with gallery-quality expectations. Metal Prints Modern. Edgy. Beautiful. Brushed aluminum Metal Prints show your images in an incomparable way. We start with metal, add a coat of opaque white ink to the surface, and then print your image on top. This process truly takes your photography to the highest level in unique presentations.


Custom Designed Photo Books • Perfect way to get all photos from your session • Available in 8x8 and 10x10 • Black Cover with foil embossing or Custom Photo Cover

Custom Designed Photo Boxes • Magnetic Closure • Custom designed box • 4x6 or 5x7 - includes a set of all images from your session

Accordion Books • Photo cover • Magnetic Closure • Available in 3x3 or 4x8

Custom Designed Cards & Announcements Great things really do come in small packages. • Custom designed with your favorite photos • Available in flat, 5x7 folded or 5x5 and 5x7 die cut cards that can double as Christmas Ornaments • Perfect for invitations, holidays, birthdays or announcements

Framed Custom Storyboard or Collages • Designed with your favorite session photos • Available in color, bw or sepia • Ready for hanging

Photo Dog Tags & License Plates Made using the same revolutionary process as our durable MetalPrints. Dyes are infused directly into specially coated aluminum sheets, resulting in an image with vibrant colors and unsurpassed detail and resolution. The surface is durable, easy to clean, weatherproof, waterproof and scratch resistant.

• Perfect for Gifts • Available in Silver, Black or Pewter • Bracelet Charms • Necklace Charms


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