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The Temporary Governing Body of Whitechapel C. of E. Primary School


Reorganisation Update

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We are now in the final stages of the legal process to close Moorend C E First school and St. Lukes C E First school and create the new Whitechapel C. E. Primary School. Whilst we understand that there may still be some negative feelings around the whole process and opposition to the proposals, we hope that we can all work together to ensure we do the very best for all our children. We can all look forward to the exciting possibilities, opportunities and improvements that can be made by working together. What happens next? We are currently in a 6 week statutory notice period with a final cabinet decision due on 22nd March. It will be at that point that the new school is established. Then in September 2011 the new school will come into being with the joining of pupils of Moorend and St Lukes, but still operating on their 2 existing sites.


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The following timeline explains how children will move through the transition to the new school system

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A New School Vision Learning for all, Caring for all, Success for all. At Whitechapel C.E. Primary School we will promote high achievement and learning for life by working with children to:     

     

Set high individual standards in all areas of the curriculum. Have high self-esteem and confidence – respecting themselves and others and one another’s achievements. Develop skills and knowledge to make their own unique contribution to the world and be able to live and work independently and collaboratively. Be flexible, creative and adaptable for life in the modern technological world. Encourage a Christian way of living inside and outside school by developing personal moral values and an understanding and respect of others beliefs and culture. Become successful, self-motivated life-long learners, with a positive attitude. Develop skills to form effective relationships. Develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith and scriptures. Seek to extend themselves in mind, body and spirit, developing creativity, imagination and a curiosity and passion for learning. Live a healthy life style and care for the environment. Have happy memories of their time at our school.

We believe that each child will succeed through: 


 

    

A commitment to each child and member of the school community being valued in a nurturing and enquiring Christian atmosphere of love, acceptance, forgiveness, security and inclusion. A broad, enriched and challenging curriculum that recognises children’s different talents and different needs and provides appropriate individual learning experiences. A learning ethos of support, challenge and encouragement. A nurturing atmosphere, with a strong sense of calm, order and purposefulness where each child is valued as an individual and Christian values are promoted. An attractive, stimulating and happy learning environment where learning is fun and effort and achievement are celebrated. A safe and secure place that provides opportunities to work in a spirit of cooperation, partnership and mutual respect. Provision of a rich range of learning resources and extra-curricular activities and visits. Positive learning partnerships between school, home, church and the wider community. Regular collective worship which surrounds the school in prayer and keeps music and song at the heart of school life.

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Year 5 Residential Visit Residential Visits Robin Wood Activity Centre – Safety, Enjoyment Learning The quality residential adventure and teamwork course for 8 -11 year olds

A visit has been planned to take all Year 5 pupils on a high quality residential adventure trip to Robin Wood Activity Centre, Todmorden, in the Autumn Term 2011.

Three days spent at Robin Wood are a fantastic experience for everyone involved, the dedicated staff team ensure that both teachers and children thoroughly enjoy themselves Activities

Enjoyment through the thrill provided by real 'adventure' activities.  Enjoyment through individual achievements in a range of activity areas.  Enjoyment through the sense of fun and imagination that the staff bring to the whole course. Robin wood provides the ultimate learning environment for 8 to 11 year olds.  Learning new skills in a wide range of different environments.  Learning the benefits of teamwork to overcome a range of challenges, in stimulating and imaginative settings.  Building self-confidence and independence, gaining an awareness of personal strengths, which may not be apparent in the classroom, and developing social skills. 

Parent and Family Involvement So far we have held 2 parent open sessions which have proved successful, and very informative as a way of sharing our ideas. However we would like to encourage more parents and families to get involved and so are planning to hold 2 further sessions in the next half term. At Moorend on ______________________ 2011 at 7.00pm At St Lukes on ______________________ 2011 at 7.00pm Parents are encouraged to come along to any meeting so that they can mix and get to know each other and have a “nosey” of our respective sites. Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer (

New School Uniform Thoughts have been shared with staff, pupils and parents around the new school uniform to be phased in from September 2011. Discussion have taken place around what the uniform should be made up of and the colour of the uniform. Suggestions included:  Shirt and tie for Year 5 and 6 pupils  Jogging bottoms for reception  Main uniform to be kept simple with grey / black trousers and skirts with a plain white polo shirt.  A green and white checked dress for Summer wear A colour that keeps clean  A colour that could be bought from a superstore (to save on cost)  A colour that no other local school wears.  A general consensus seems to lie with “Forest Green” – it was also suggested that this linked with our ECO school status 

New School Logo

Minutes of all Governing Body meetings are available to view at both schools on request.

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New School Building Plans Plans for the new school on the refurbished Whitechapel site have been drawn up by the architects and should be finalised shortly. These will then be made available to parents to view.

Modular Accommodation on the Moorend Site

Modular Accommodation for the Moorend site

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Ideas to celebrate the closing of Moorend C. E. First School and St Lukes C. E. First School Both our existing schools are steeped in history and it is important that this is celebrated when the two schools close in July 2011. The staff, pupils and governors are already thinking of ways to commemorate this event and are beginning to formulate some ideas.      

An open event to invite past pupils and staff to share their memories? A special Thanksgiving Service at the church? A commemorative gift for all pupils? An end of year party for children? A display of school history? A School performance depicting school life over the years

If parents or members of the community have any good ideas or would like to be involved in planning these events then please let us know. ————————————————————————————————————————————

Response Form


Ideas to celebrate the closing of either of the two schools


Response Form Name:____________ I / we would like to attend the following informal meetings to share ideas about the development of the new school. At Moorend ————— Yes/ No (please delete as appropriate) At St Lukes

————— Yes/

No (please delete as appropriate

Ideas I would like to discuss include…….

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