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Michele Aspen Needham, Roger Williams University

1_Thesis Proposal, Ski School and Meeting House, Ludlow, Vermont Thesis Design Studio, Fall 2013

2_ Foundation for Helmut Newton, Berlin, Germany Comprehensive Studio, Spring 2013

3_ Nieuw York, Hudson Yards, Master Plan NYC Graduate Studio, Fall 2012

4_ House for an Artist, Lincoln, MA Graduate Studio, Spring 2012

5_ Additional Work; Sketches, Photography and Collages


Thesis Proposal, Ski School and Meeting House, Ludlow, Vermont

GATEWAY BETWEEN BUILT AND UNBUILT WORLDS Threshold between Extreme Outdoor and Shelter

Today, much of new construction can often lack humanistic qualities such as basic comfort and the proper site response. This issue is particularly noticeable when seeking shelter, or protection from the elements. Exploring the transition between exterior movement and shelter allowed for the investigation of this problem. By responding to the harsh environment that a winter ski mountain has and the temporary need for relief from nature, a proposal that addresses this transition was created.

sketch up, vray

sketch up, vray


Helmut Newton Foundation, Photography Gallery, Berlin, Germany


Nieuw York, Hudson Yards Utopian Master Plan, New York


A House for an Artist, Lincoln, MA

A Calming Tension

This living and working environment stresses the tension between tradition and the modern. In this home for an artist, there is a play between the vernacular materiality of Lincoln, Mass and the sleek, cleanliness of the modern aesthetic. A massive, rough textured rock wall embodies the light, glass “box�. Modernity is addressed by utilizing a steel stud construction that is masked with smooth wooden planks. This hopes to reinterpret, yet celebrate tradition. The main intention for this project is to explore all of the possibilities of using traditional, local materials in a modern aesthetic. Various woods and timbers as well as a local stone foundation will be assembled to create clean smooth lines in a cubic manner. The establishment of a simple, yet extremely open floor plan will allow for strict attention to detail in finishes as well as structural connections. The home is season interchangeable. Through the usage of sliding doors, panels and glass, the spaces will create the feeling of one open space. Sliding nana walls connect the existing floor plan, to the exterior spaces. As a result, the boundary between inside and out is lost. This flexibility is vital for the varying artists than may live in this space. The home will touch the ground through sectional qualities where the hill wraps the home and opens up to embrace the water. The living and work spaces are separated sectionally through a slight level change that creates a rise in ceiling height to express the hierarchy of the space. However, through the use of overlaps, and split levels, the spaces will relate and feel slipped, or inserted into one another. A structure that is familiar to the modern and engulfed in the materials common to the area to begin to explore the main ideas of critical regionalism.

Milan, Italy


Additional Work; Sketches, International Photography, Conceptual Collages

Ink, Charcoal, Lead

Venice, CA

Providence, RI

Lincoln, MA


Michele Needham Design Portfolio 2013  

Master of Architecture Degree from Roger Williams University

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