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PERSONAL INFORMATION Nome Nationality Date of birth Gender

Michele Grazzini Italian 16 | 02 | 1991 Male

+39 3883405065

EDUCATION 2011 | now

Building Engineering and Architecture University of Pisa

2005 | 2010

Artistic High School graduation (100L | 100 ) High school “Augusto Passaglia” ”, Lucca

SKILLS AND COMPETENCES Italian English Portuguese

Mother Tongue Advanced Basic


2D 3D GIS Graphic

Autodesk Autocad, SketchUp, Rhinoceros Autodesk Autocad, SketchUp, Rhinoceros, 3D Studio Max, Vray Quantum GIS, Google Earth, Google Maps Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw, Adobe Indesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Muse, Adobe Lightroom Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint


Freehand drawing Model making Architectural survey Digital photography (Nikon D700, Panasonic Lumix GX7)



Finalist GBCe Competition for Universities “Powering Transformation”. GBCe, Barcelona, October 2014.


The Project: Urban Planning in Montignoso, published on Paesaggi d’acqua. Il Fiume, Il Lago, Il Mare. Leggere e comporre nell’ambiente, a cura di E. Bascherini. Arnus University Books.


Young Architects Competition, University Island. YAC, Venezia, June 2016. Young Architects Competition, Lighthouse Sea Hotel. YAC, Siracusa, February 2016.


International Workshop, UDM SOA “Piazza XX Settembre” Renewal, Pisa - Michigan U.S.A. DETROIT Foundation, Volterra, June 2015 Start For Talent Competition, London School Of Art In Shoreditch. START, London, December 2015. Archtiecture Workshop in Rome,Award Competition, Barcelona Temporary Pavilion. AWR, Barcelona, July 2015.


GBCe Competition for Universities “Powering Transformation”. GBCe, Barcelona, October 2014.

ART & LITERARY ACADEMY Category: University Project Location: Cascina, Pisa, Italy Year: 2015 In collaboration with: Giacomo Massoni Oriented by: Prof. Arch. Luca Lanini

The school settlement finds the reason of his form in the insertion into the tissue of the peri-urban area of Cascina. To create a condition of urbanity we tried to constitute a space that, while maintaining its wide and characteristic openness and horizontality, was both defined and protected. With the goal of making single and continuous the school settlement, the settlement plan is based on a plate: this type has allowed to double, in correspondence with the break of respect of the power line, the usable surface. Above, the plate will appear as a large area of relational space: will be a true public square, a node sorting and distribution function during school hours, it turns to life even after the bell.

WALK DOWN TO SEA Category: Competition Location: Siracusa, Italy Year: 2016 In collaboration with: Andrea Benincasa, Giacomo Massoni, Andrea Tonazzini

You have often heard that Syracuse is the greatest of the Greek cities, and the most beautiful of all. It is so, O judges, as it’s said to be. [Cicerone, Verr. II, 4, 117]

There are some places, surely unique more than rare, in which man is like an intruder and he must have the prudence to be included in them as little as possible. “Murro di Porco” is one of these places. The Lighthouse resort will be composed by a parallelepiped with all the services (which it is the projection of an existing building) and by private suites implanted in nature with the Hippodamian settlement criteria. All the elements are in relation with the lighthouse, the land and the sea.

VENETIAN CARPET Category: Competition Location: Venice, Italy Year: 2016 In collaboration with: Giacomo Massoni, Andrea Tonazzini

In Greece, by a river, under the shade of the trees, someone started to speak. Passersby stopped to listen. Then there were opponents, critics and attendees could choose and form a personal opinion. Thus University was born. Georges Candilis

We think at building as a small city, we have to bring Urbanism inside the Architecture. Old and new buildings are held together by the shape of two large mats or carpets We put in the bulding the same spatial and functional density of the traditional European city contrasting. The floor plan consists of an orthogonal pattern or grid with linear housing and roads (external and internal), appropriate to the flat configuration of the area We search for continuity and connection. From simple wires we obtain wonderful carpets, from simple lines we can draw great architectures. We have only to tie together the past with the future.

STAIRS TO HORIZON Category: Competition Location: Barcelona, Spain Year: 2015 In collaboration with: Andrea Baglini, Giacomo Massoni, Andrea Tonazzini

The city can be considered as multiform, but unitary body, with the basic structure of the square “manzana” where each part draws meaning from establishing relations with all other parts. So, the pavilion is like a “square point,” oriented with a side facing the Rambla. It’s really like a piano key, catchable in its well-defined size, that takes its strength from being a single note within a homogeneous keyboard. It’s in dialogue with the Columbus Monument and along with it, it becomes a “chorus” not a “solo” announcing the presence of the sea for those who take the road coming from Ciutat Vella: the wonderful old town embraced by Cerdà’s “Ensanche” The building is a metal structure (steel covered with glass and tissue) consisting of three levels. It’s mainly a relational and contemplative space, surely a significant meeting point for turists, travelers and citizens.

TEMPORARY STUDENT PAVILION Category: University Project Location: Pisa, Italy Year: 2015 Oriented by: Prof. Arch. Luca Lanini

The design was based on the concepts of linearity and horizontality, that led the organization of space and which result in the composition in plan and elevation. At the request of temporary project answered with the use of refabricated elements, which are assembled only with dry processes fully reversible and that reduce lower costs and lead times. At the same time, have been adopted solutions to ensure long-term urability in time and meet the needs of comfort and energy savings. The foundation is constituted by a layer of gravel which helps to level the ground and at the same time serves as a stabilizer and draining also ensuring the restoration of the current state. The construction consists of load-bearing walls x-lam on which are setted laminated wood beams. All the walls and the cover elements are assembled in factory (with built-in insulation) to then be assembled on site.

SHOREDITCH SCHOOL OF ART Category: Competition Location: Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom Year: 2015 In collaboration with: Andrea Baglini, Giacomo Massoni, Andrea Tonazzini

Schools have to be active parts of society and of urban territories. Therefore they cannot be conceived as autonomous bodies, but must be seen as permeable and available for users in order to create cultural connections. In this articulated and fragmented context, the division in two poles allows for maximum of spatial variety. And this thanks to the simple design wich organizes the complexity of public places of connection and of gathering. Classrooms are set along a visual and phisical axis wich, like a street, is configured as a sequence of “private” (rooms) and “communal” (corridors, stairs, court, cafè) spaces. Great importance was given to social areas designed for school users: when moving from classrooms to workrooms, students could cross the central court passing by a covered walkway at ground floor wich becomes an opened “bridge” at the first floor. Along this “public” axis corridors become as glass streets: these become places for gathering, to see and to be seen in the different ways and from different points.

HOUSE FOR AN ARTIST Category: Restoration / Interior Location: Cascina, Pisa, Italy Year: 2015

A new life for a nineteenth-century barn. The project proposes to change the interior of the old building turning it into a home for an artist without distorting the nature of the external structure , bearer of the past history of the building. The internal structures of the masonry shell are run entirely dry through beams and boards that make up the lightweight internal skeleton. The environment takes place on two levels in the system as original and provides a ground floor which primarily serves as a living area for daily use and work while upstairs there is a relaxation area and the sleeping area. With the exception of the atelier , which is accessed via an overhead door , the spaces permeate into one another thanks to “ divisions read� such as linen curtains in order to make the most natural lighting. The neutral environment , which gives space to the color of the paintings, is recreated through the use of a few materials and simple furnishings.

INTO THE WATER Category: University Project Location: Darsena Pisana, Pisa, italy Year: 2014 Oriented by: Prof. Eng. Massimo Fiorido, Eng. Fabio Candido

A boundary is not that at which something stops but, as the Greeks recognized, the boundary is that from which something begins its presencing. Building, Dwelling, Thinking, Martin Heidegger, Darmstadt, 1951.

The Darsena Pisana today appears to be an area in constant evolution. A space halfway between the city and suburbs, between industra and nature, between heaven and earth that has lost its designation of place. The design strategy is based on reorganization and implementation of the dock. The goal of the project is to adapt existent, retraining the full, reorganizing empty and looking for a perfect balance between quiet and activities, thanks to the total permeability of place. The water in this new configuration isn’t a physical limit but an element characterizing the place.

MARBLE WALL CLOCK Category: Design Year: 2016

What is time ? If you do not ask me I know ; but if you ask me what is the time , I can not answer . Confessions, Sant’Agostino, 398

Ă˜ = 250 mm Carrara white marble Anodized aluminium

CASA GILARDI Category: Graphic Design Year: 2014 Oriented by: Eng. Fabio Candido

Gilardi House is one of the works that best represents the architect Luis Barragán. His architecture is able to combine both rationality and emotional sensitivity, functionality and tradition in “a sublime act of poetic imagination”. Spaces, expertly arranged around a central courtyard, are described through symbols, shapes and colors that return a silent intimacy.

IMPRESSED SPACES Category: Photographic Reportage Location: Porto, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam. Year: 2014-2015

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