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奥山 清行

History Of Design

Born in Yamagata City in 1959 山形市

Department of Visual Communication Design

Transportation Design

"The job was fantastic - it was almost like working at Disneyland�

Camaro (4th Generation)

Corvette (5th Generation)

Boxter (1st Generation)

911 (Type 996)

"As soon as I shook his hand, I knew that this was the man I was going to work for."

“Good design always has a very simple impression. I call this the first reading. The first reading of a design has to be strong and elegant. It has to be very simple. You don't mix details with the total theme.�

Nautilus Concept (1997)

Metro Cube Concept (1999)

"the automotive answer to the iMac"

Rosso Concept (2000)

“Design is the combination of engineering and styling. Designers have to know more about engineering function and what people want-not just how to make a pretty picture. It's not enough to put a nice shiny skin on top of whatever�

Enzo (2002)

Quattroporte (2003)

612 Scaglietti (2003)

599 GTB (2007)

California (2008)

“The designer's job, is to always create newness. Newness, you have to destroy something old, something you've done in the past. For that reason, for the longest time, I never owned something I designed in the past.”

“I used to have this philosophy that you shouldn’t buy your own design, because you took the risk of falling in love with it and then you wouldn’t be able to move on,”

“I promised to myself that I would be independent in 20 years when I became a car designer. So I had the clock ticking. I started my career in '86 and I became independent in 2006. So 20 years."



”My philosophy is modern and simple, a timeless design. I don't want those products to be around for two years and be thrown away. I want those products to be around for longer than your life. It stays there even after you go. That's my idea of products.”

K.O 7 (2008)

K.O 8 (2008)

Kode 9 (2013)

“Message to today’s car industry which seems stuck in a rut of overly complicated lines and styling based on the lowest-common denominator.”

Kode 57 “ENJI” (2016)

Kode 0 (2017)

YT03 Tractor (2016)

Concept Boat “X39 EXPRESS CRUISER”

E6 Akita Shinkansen

E7 Hokuriku Shinkansen



"The stimulation that I get the most is working for different industries in different environments and using different common sense. Integrating what I've learned in furniture into cars is really interesting. Also, I always learn from nature."

“Rather than being necessity goods, we aim to produce items that are desired and ultimately favored for a long time.�

Tower of Hope

"Self-driving cars will eventually become commonplace ... as a result, carmakers will have to sell not only the hardware, but also the overall system to run the cars"

“You're never satisfied with when to put down the pen.�

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Ken Okuyama  
Ken Okuyama