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Michele Suria is the founder and lead designer of VolliCube, an international design practice with an Italian soul. He designed buildings in Italy, Russia, South Africa, Cyprus, Abu Dhabi, Singapore, China, India and Indonesia, and dealt with the most respected and innovative companies in the construction world. Before founding VolliCube Michele cooperated with world famous architectural firm Benoy (Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi) and RMJM (Gazprom Tower) designing some of the most fascinating buildings in the world. The combination of being Italian and having worked all over the world creates a sophisticated approach to design with great attention to the details, the “Locus” and the client requirements. Michele is certified architect by the British Architect Registration Board (ARB). 米凯莱.苏瑞是立方体的创始人和首席设计师。他是一位拥有 意大利灵魂的国际设计师。他所设计的建筑物分布于意大利、 俄罗斯、南非、塞浦路斯、阿布扎比、新加坡、中国、印度和 印度尼西亚,此外还在建筑世界与最受人尊敬和最具创新性的 公司合作。 在创立立方体之前,米凯莱曾与世界著名的贝诺建筑世界公司 (法拉利世界-阿布扎比)和RMJM(俄罗斯天然气工业股份公 司大楼)合作设计一些世界最迷人的建筑。他的设计结合意大 利概念和拥有与世界各地合作的经验创建一个非常熟练、注重 细节、“轨迹”与满足客户要求的设计。米凯莱是由英国建筑 师注册委员会(ARB)认证的建筑师。

Qian Shan Office Landmark Zhuhai – China



Residential Development Ancol – Jakatra (with MKPL)

Residential Development Carnaval – Jakarta (with MKPL)


LU YU SHAN DONG Zhuhai – China (with akda)

Germasol Project Limassol – Cyprus (with Benoy)

Zheijian Plaza Tianjin - China (with PCMR)

Yas Island Abu Dhabi (With Benoy)

Okhta Centre -Gazprom Tower St Petersburg –Russia (with RMJM)

Thank You! 谢谢你!

VolliCube Pte Ltd

10 Anson Road # 33-04A Singapore +65 846 80 929

Michele Suria architetto VolliCube  
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