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James Avery Brand Guidelines Manual


Table of Contents Intro 4 Promise and Personality 5,6 Logo 8 Construction 9 Clearspace|Bleed 10 Color|On Background 11 Color|On Photography 12 Color|Don’ts 13 Visual System Typography 15 Image Style 16 Website Style 17 Visual Identity 18 Environmental Graphics Viewbook|Catalog 20 Package Design 21 Interior|Exterior Design 22


The future looks promising for James Avery. Now with sons Chris and Paul aboard as CEO/President and Executive Vice-President, the company is in good hands with another 50 years to look forward to. One man’s dream has ignited

the passion of an extended team carrying a product, a set of values, and a commitment to doing all things well across our land.



Each piece of jewelry must encompass the four founding James Avery values: simplicity, integrity, meaning and universality.

y Promise and Personality


Simplicity: Each piece of jewelry must embody honesty, dependability and be simply expressed. James Avery believes everything great in art and life is simple in design. Integrity: Jewelry must have truthfulness in its structure and materials to enhance the design. For example, James Avery exceeds the minimum required amount of solid gold poured into each 14 carat design. Other jewelers may only include the bare minimum of gold required to be legally designated as 14 carat gold. James Avery doesn’t cut corners for its loyal clientele. Meaning: James Avery has a strong commitment to its customers, employees and community. Each piece of James Avery jewelry has a story behind it precipitating its creation. Jewelry is designed to enhance meaning and beauty in the lives of those who give and receive it. Universality: James Avery jewelry translates across cultures and transcends borders to tie all people together. Anyone, anywhere can see the simplicity and integrity and find meaning in each James Avery jewelry piece.

Promise and Personality


James Avery identity consists of the logo. The James Avery mark showcases the company’s dynamism by combining modern and conventional tastes. This concept of modern simplicity should be embraced and reflected in all James Avery branding applications.

Logo The James Avery logo embodies all of the founding values that the company stands for; simplicity, integrity, meaning, and universality. In 2012 the logo changed and became more graphic without redefining the company. It keeps the classic candelabra, but the stark black color gives it a modern and new feeling.



Logo|Construction When reproducing the logo, use only the artwork supplied with these guidelines. The logo must appear clearly and in the approved colors. To ensure the consistency necessary to build a recognizable identity, it is critical that the James Avery logo appear only in the colors approved in these guidelines.



Clearspace|Bleed To ensure its integrity and visibility, the James Avery logo should be kept clear of competing text, images and graphics. It must be surrounded on all sides by an adequate clearspace—a space equal in size to the cap height of the logo, as shown here.


Logo: Clearspace|Bleed


Color|On Background The preferred background colors are the ones shown on this page. James Avery colors are mostly warm and inviting. These colors contrast nicely with the bold James Avery logo.

CMYK 5|89|64|0

CMYK 0|80|95|0

CMYK 0|35|35|0

CMYK 39|62|100|32

CMYK 15|100|90|10

CMYK 63|92|40|31

Logo: Color| On Background


Color|On Photography When using the logo on imagery, always make sure that it is positioned away from any competing imagery and stands out from the background color.

Logo: Color| On Photography


Color|Don’ts The James Avery logo should always be seen clearly and dramatically. Make sure the background color is not too light or too dark. James Avery is a sophisticated and family oriented company, make sure the colors are not too bright.

Logo: Color| Don’ts


Visual System The James Avery visual system is designed to be dynamic and flexible. This section will explain the use of color, typography, image style and graphic elements. The flexibility of the system requires careful treatment and attention for all graphic elements. The use of these guidelines will assure that the visual system will reinforce and strengthen our identity.

Typography Typography should be kept simple. Only two typefaces are to be used: Franklin Gothic Book in Regular and Onyx.

Franklin Gothic Book|Regular

abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789


abcdefghijklm nopqrstuvwxyz 0123456789 Visual System: Typography


Image Style Image style plays a critical role in developing a meaningful identity for James Avery. From the very beginning, James Avery has believed in integrity and good taste in all matters. Our jewelry must be as pleasant to wear as it is to see.

Our designers create jewelry that is functional as well as expressive, and our crafts people work with dedication and skill to ensure each design is as it should be, from concept to completion.

All imagery should support the James Avery brand.

Visual System: Image style


Website Style This is an exmaple of the new James Avery website. Photography, texture, typography and color all play a part in creating a unified look and feel for James Avery.

James Avery what’s new



fall releases gifts men's religious rings bracelets charms necklaces earrings


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my account

earrings f

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or men

FALL 2013

Get a sneak peek at what’s NEW

& SAVE 20% P.O. Box 291367 Kerrville, Texas 78029


about james avery

store locations

Visual System: Website Style


Visual Identity This prototype is an example of how the James Avery visual system comes together when creating communications materials, stationery and business cards.

Chris Avery CEO & President 1.800.283.1770

P.O. Box 291367 Kerrville, Texas 78029

P.O. Box 291367 Kerrville, Texas 78029 | 1.800.283.1770 |

Visual System: Visual Identity


The James Avery visual identity will come to life on the materials used to communicate. These include interior|exterior design, marketing materials and other media. Correct and consistent use of the visual system will be the determining factor for a successful identity. This section provides sample layouts and mechanicals that illustrate how all of the visual elements come together to create a distinct James Avery identity.

Viewbook|Catatlog The strategic goals of the company include a three-prong effort of reaching and satisfying our customers through retail stores, mail order and on the internet. The James Avery catalog is sent out every season previewing what’s new in stores.

Environmental Graphics: Viewbook|Catalog


Package Design In order to maintain the quality and responsiveness essential to a successful business, we are verticallyintegrated, meaning we design, manufacture, market and sell our own product line.

Environmental Graphics: Package Design


Interior|Exterior Design The commitment to a shopping center or mall is more to James Avery than just building bricks and mortar. Our goal is to blend the exterior and interior of the store to reinforce a customer’s entire shopping experience. We want our customers to feel that everywhere they find evidence that caring people have invested themselves in their shopping experience.

Environmental Graphics: Interior|Exterior Design


“I work for simple relationships. Simplicity, like childlike innocence, is something common but precious to us all.� -James Avery


James Avery  

Brand Guidelines Manual

James Avery  

Brand Guidelines Manual