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The Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo (PMSA) has always been an organization that promotes Ignatian values in the field of medicine, thus the structure of the PMSA has always placed emphasis on well-known Ignatian adages: Cura Personalis and Magis. The previous years have focused on the establishment of a well-structured internal system and further stretching of the PMSA name within and outside the Loyola Schools.Without neglecting these aspects,the Executive Board has taken the initiative to modify the organizational structure so as to bring light to an enhanced and enlightening experience for the members. To further elaborate on this, it is necessary for everyone to understand why such a structure was brought into conceptualization through the organization’s vision. The Vision statement of the premier pre-medical organization is one of the main proponents taken into account for conception of this year’s design. The vision highlights a word that the Executive Board strongly believes has been taken for granted for the past years: COMMUNITY. If the organization truly aims to establish a sense of community, the need to foster an environment where there can be an open and effective communication amongst its members arises, so much so that the establishment of a sense of a family is necessitated. Through this fostering, the organization will and should be able to make it clear to all the, more or less, 490 members that each of them are free and able to interact, which would, hopefully, contribute to their process of discernment, especially in terms of getting into the medical profession. Indeed, we want to leave an impression that a PMSA member would never have to be alone. Another highlight of the vision statement shows proactive leaders. Being proactive means that one has the initiative to act upon a certain task or situation for change, being a leader on the other hand acts as a guide to others through the execution of good choices and the like. As an organization, we would like each member to embody such qualities. Being a proactive leader means that one must immediately recognize an area of concern and that one would willingly leap forward to initiate the change he/she wants to be manifested. However, since the PMSA is a pre-medical organization, the honing each member into a proactive leader must be done in, of course, a medical perspective. The organization will act as a guide to help each member determine if this calling is truly for them, and, if so, would create avenues for the member to exercise the appropriate behaviour, such as leadership positions in different projects of the organization. I hope that each member gets to discover more of his/her potential through the various projects the organization has to offer this year. I want to reiterate and stress that we, the members of the PMSA, are not alone in our journey, and that we, the officers that make up this organization’s Executive Board,are very much eager to listen to your concerns and are more than willing to provide the necessary accommodations. I hope that each of you will be able to grow and develop as the best future <insert desired profession here> you would want to become, and that this organization will become one of the instruments that would have lead you to that ultimate accomplishment. Let us all have fun and may God bless us all!

KURT O. TOLENTINO President V BS Biology


The Pre-Medical Society of Ateneo 1st General Assembly: Fashion Show Photos by Albert Song



A dynamic dance number, a fierce strut down the PreMedical Catwalk, and an astounding A Cappella performance by the amazing and brilliant Medisingers of The Pre-Medical Society of the Ateneo (PMSA) that left everybody on the edge of their seats officially opened this year’s fashion show-themed General Assembly last Monday, July 15, 2013, at the Leong Hall Auditorium in our very own Ateneo de Manila University. The Ateneo’s premiere pre-medical organization, which aims to guide its members in the proper discernment towards pursuing their medical careers and to nurture them holistically through various social and medical activities, welcomed its members to a unique and fun-filled orientation program. There was, first, a brief overview of the PMSA’s vision and mission, in which the audience learned that the org, which has a total number of 500 members, is not only home to students from pre-medical courses such as BS Biology, BS Health Sciences, BS Life Sciences and BS Psychology, but also to those from courses which are not exactly in line for the medical school proper. This actuality made me realize how the org is, indeed, diverse but still well-rooted in its purpose. The introduction of the rest of the members that comprise the Executive Board followed, and the audience can’t help but be amused by the quirky and happy anecdotes that came with each introduction. The hosts even exchanged a few jokes on stage that added to the whole light and easy atmosphere of the event. After the introduction of each committees - DevEm, InfoComm, MaFS, MedCoor and SoIn- and the EBs that govern them, each gave a brief description of the kind of job they perform and their major contributions to the organization, including the projects they’re in charge of. It was an exciting moment for all the members, especially the new ones, to get to know the various projects PMSA has in store, some of which are medical missions, bloodletting activities, career talks, and first-aid training. All of these projects sounded so fun, exciting, and, above all, fulfilling since they not only nurture the thirst for medical experience, but also contributes to society. Promotions for the 1st General Assembly themed after the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Photos by Andy Europa

The sign-ups for the different core committees concluded the event. Although it lasted for only an hour and a half, they were hours that were well-spent. The Pre-Medical Society sure has a lot of wonderful plans laid out to keep all of their members on their toes. And the best part is, I’m part of this amazing pre-medical family.

The afternoon I spent with PMSA during the Committee GA can be summed up in one word: colorful. The top floor of CTC became a row of classrooms filled with distinct solid colors: white for DevEm, green for InfoComm, black for MaFS, red for MedCoor, and blue for SoIn. As the photographer for the event, I was able to catch how each pair of committee heads worked hard to bond with their members with little surprises—from magic shows, to free doughnuts, to dance parties, to crazy GDs and gimmicks—I sort of wished I were a regular PMSA-er again!

committee heads showcased what their committees’ roles were in the org as well. They presented their projects, talent pools, and core team systems, and opened up signups for all those who were present. This allowed the members to decide which among the many ways they wouwld like to contribute in order for the org grow.

Each committee’s colorful personalities stood out in the last inter-committee GD held in the SEC Field. Through the classic game of mamera, the members came together in a circle wearing their committee colors proudly, shouting their committee names at the top of their lungs, and moving in perfect But fun and games aside, the unison to entertaining chants,

“DevEm... BOOM!” shouted the boys and girls in white, The green team waves their arms in a bulaklak motion, “IN-FO-COMM!” “Pera. Marketing. MaFS!” The black shirts pump their fists in the air, “MedCooooor…” as the red corner does a body wave in unison, Finally, “SoIn!!!” and the team in blue flashes their index fingers at the next team. Round after round, as they passed the chanting from one team to another, I snapped endless photos of them from the skywalk above SEC walk, and it truly was a sight to behold, and a sound to hear. Their colors shone brightly against the green grass and their voices echoed throughout the SEC-CTC-SOM complex. None of the teams would admit defeat that our org president finally

had to end the game. Before they ran off to get their free pizza, I called them all into a group shot. They left their small groups as they compressed together and shouted, “PMSA!” At that moment, the colors and committees melted away and we were one org. PMSA.


Promotions for the First Committee General Assembly Photos by Cheryl Chong




Ken dela Cruz Finance Officer 4 BS HSc

Mico Lazatin Internals VP 4 BS HSc

Kurt Tolentino President 5 BS Bio

Pat Quintin Externals VP 4 BS HSc

Cheryl Chong Secretary General 4 BS HSc

Jandro Roxas DevEm Deputy 4 BS HSc

Louie Gabaldon DevEm Deputy 3 BS HSc

Kar Saenz DevEm Deputy 3 BS LSci

Hannah Reyes DevEm Deputy 4 BS HSc

Czar Reyes DevEm Head 3 BS LSci

Maf Ferrer DevEm Head 3 BS HSc

Janella Pua DevEm Head 4 BS HSc



Mikas Taguibulos InfoComm Head 3 BS LSci Barce Barcelon MaFS Deputy 4 BS HSc

Vito Nicanor MaFS Deputy 4 BFA HSc

Nicca Idian MaFS Head 3 BS LSci

Andy Europa InfoComm Head 4 BFA ID

Matthew Uy Deputy for Promotions 3 BS HSc

Bea Balcueva Deputy for Publications 3 BS HSc

Gio de Guzman Deputy for Docu. 2 BS PSY

Jeremy Sy MaFS Head 3 BS HSc



Bianca Casenas SoIn Head 5 BS Bio

Kath Uy SoIn Head 4 BFA HSc

Red Cheng Soin Deputy 2 BS LSci

Farida Vergara MedCoor Head 3 BS HSc

Celine Guillermo MedCoor Head 3 BS LSci

Ralf Sulague Soin Deputy 3 BS Bio

Maga Simbulan Soin Deputy 2 BS HSc

Princess Lapid MedCoor Deputy 3 BS LSci

Michelle dela Cuesta MedCoor Deputy 3 BS LSci

Pat Lazatin MedCoor Deputy 3 BS LSci


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