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Generation Mobile – Digital Publishing in the New Era It seems that these days an increasing number of people have smart phones and tablets. What’s more, a larger amount of people utilize mobile devices to access content. A recent study by Pew Internet indicated that 55% of Americans use their mobile devices to access content on the internet. More than half that statistic indicated that they used mobile devices as their primary method if accessing the internet. The trends show an increasing need for content that is accessible not only on computers but on all digital platforms. Even more so the study indicated that young adults also utilize content on the go and this trend shows an increase in the years to come as the generation grows. The study also indicates that low income adults are more likely to access content or the internet on their mobile devices rather than a computer. Overall, the study indicates that most people access content on their mobile devices or smart phones. As society increases to become more driven by technology, the need for content that is available on smart phones and tablets is ever growing. Society or people in general, want to be able to access content the same way or with the same experience that they would assess content on a computer. The people that access content on the go are no different than those who go through traditional forms of viewing content; they all want the same user experience on different mobile devices. Mobile device and phone users should get the same experience on all digital platforms. As a content provider, the way to cater to all audiences is to provide the same user experience so that no content is undelivered or not showcased due to the platform. If you continue to deliver content that caters only to one area, at some point your content will become obsolete. Starting to showcase the same content on all digital platforms is a great strategy for the future. Let’s face it, in a few years, if your content does exist on mobile, it won’t exist period. If you utilize page flip software to create flipbook publications, you can choose to use software that will provide you with content delivery that is consistent, clear, and provides the same user experience. There are a variety of programs out there that will allow you to showcase you content in a visually stimulating way. The best option is to select a page flip software that will allow you create a both a flash based version and an HTML5 version of your flipbook publication. Many publishing or page flip software programs out in the market today have limitations on the types of features available in the HTML5 or mobile version. To provide the same experience on all digital platforms, make sure your page flip software will support a variety of features such as video and image pop ups, embedded videos and images, internal and external links, background images, colors, and toolbars so that you can showcase your content in the most interactive way possible. Utilizing a page flip software to create your flipbook publications that are viewable on all digital platforms will help you to cater to not only the people who utilize computers but for all people who want to access you content. For more details visit:

Generation mobile digital publishing in the new era  

It seems that these days an increasing number of people have smart phones and tablets. What’s more, a larger amount of people utilize mobile...

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