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New Or Used Office Furniture Bay Area- What Should You Pick? There are times when you face a dilemma and you don’t understand what you should do. The heart yearns for more but there are some practical constraints that you can’t overlook. A typical situation might be picking up office furniture for your new office. It is a new venture, your dream office and so you would want everything to be brand new but your pocket cries out the strict budget. What do you do? Do you still go on arranging for minimal furniture but good and new ones or settle for used office furniture Bay Area for the moment? The decision is tough and you are going to call it. So what to do? It is simple. You just have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages of new and used office furniture bay area before coming to a conclusion. A comparative study will surely help you to get a clear picture. Beginning with the advantages first of used furniture. Since they are used, this kind of office furniture Bay Area will be cheaper. It is estimated that the cost comes down nearly by 25-35% as compared to buying new furniture. Then again, investing in used office furniture works out if the number of employees in the company is less or you have ideas to use it only for a maximum of 2 to 3 years and not more. Being a start up concern where you have limited budget which needs to be channelized elsewhere, buying used office furniture is a good idea. Another advantage that this type of used furniture has is that they are a good way to contribute to the ‘go green’ cause. With the importance on using recycled things, using used furniture can save trees from being cut down. Shifting to the advantages of buying used furniture includes the liberty to choose from the latest trend and style readily available with many dealers. Most of the office furniture Bay Area are nowadays available in unique shapes, varied sizes and vibrant hues that are bound to make your office stand out. There is also the ease to get the replacement parts if needed. As far as used office furniture is concerned, replacement parts might be hard to get. Moreover you get to customize the furniture according to your requirement and specification. Counting the disadvantages next, beginning with used office furniture Bay Area. The very first thing is that it creates a mental blockage in some people and if you are buying something half heartedly, then that thing will never work for you. You won’t find any comfort in using that. Moreover, there will not be too many choices and concerns with the quality as well. If not

checked thoroughly at the time of purchase, you might overlook the damages and breaks that it has sustained over the years. At times, dealers do not offer warranties on used furniture. This means that in case of any problem, you won’t have the benefit of using the warranty. Lot of money can be shelled out from your own pocket. Next, we move on to the disadvantages of buying new office furniture Bay Area. First, they are expensive and secondly, most contemporary furniture nowadays requires to be assembled. If any defect lies in assembling the furniture, then it is likely to give problems in the wrong run. Also, you might have to suffer delays between purchase and delivery. These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of new and used office furniture. Both hold grounds in their respective areas and so what you pick for your office is your discretion. For more information please visit

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New Or Used Office Furniture Bay Area- What Should You Pick?  

When starting a new office, you are often faced with the dilemma as to what office furniture Bay Area one should buy. Whether it would be br...

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