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How To Choose The Best Email Archiving Appliance, Email Archive Solution Today, more than ever before businesses are seeking out the best email archive appliance or email archive solution. Actually, they seem to be in quite a frenzy to do so. The reason for this sudden increase in desire to improve their email archive appliance or email archive solution is due to three basic issues: compliance with the law, storage management problems, and security. While they are competing against each other in this quest, businesses haven't just mindlessly thrust open their wallets. They are seeking answers that won't be complex or time consuming, will be easy for users to understand and above all, will reduce storage costs and save them money. Here are some of the things you should be looking for when you go over your providers email archive appliance and email archive solution: 1. Encryption -- You will benefit most if your email archiving service uses an encrypted email compliance archive with a tamper resistant storage area, which will clearly indicate if there has been any unauthorized attempt to access the data contained within, and which works together with most any email archive solution. 2. Proof -- In case of legal issues, you will want your email archiving service to have the capability to prove whether or not your business did or didn't send or receive a certain email. 3. Compliance -- The email archive solution needs to guarantee compliance with hundreds of rules, most of them new that affect email services.

4. Disaster recovery --It is imperative that your email archiving service has a top grade disaster recovery process it can implement immediately which will maintain email services as well as retrieve them. Naturally it's important to be able to retrieve a lost email, but it's' equally important to retain all emails without having anything happen to them in the first place. Even in the case of a natural disaster, your email archiving service should not lose so much as one of your emails. 5. Manages storage -- Your email archiving service must also be capable of managing storage for your email Microsoft Exchange servers and/or end user Personal Folder files/Offline Folder files, if you have any of these. Don't overlook this matter while being concerned with other services, as it carries a great deal of importance. 6. Protection from deletion -- And the final item, which is nearly as important as all of those mentioned above, your email archiving service must have the ability to ensure that your emails won't be deleted by accident, and if this should occur, they must be able to recover any email message within seconds. This could turn into a vital matter if they are unable to retrieve an important deleted message. Remember that there could be legal complications, or it could cost your business a valued customer. You might think that with a large company your emails are automatically safe, but it's always the wisest course to check on these matters and verify for yourself. The above listed are the best ways to ensure that your business will get the maximum service from your email archiving service. For More Information, Visit

How To Choose The Best Email Archiving Appliance, Email Archive Solution  
How To Choose The Best Email Archiving Appliance, Email Archive Solution  

Today, everyone understands the benefits of email archive appliance and that is why the demand of email archive solution is increasing slowl...