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Adhere To New ISO Connector Standards For Safety A patient especially an infant needs to be connected to multiple devices during his / her stay in the Neo-natal unit. Nutrients, medication as well as various fluids are transmitted to the tiny body via different connectors. Sadly, there may be mishaps when there is a misconnection in the tubes leading to dangerous outcomes that may even take away the patient’s life. There have been many initiatives taken by organizations worldwide for minimizing the risks of misconnections. Several manufacturers have now agreed to develop the tubes as per the New ISO Connector Standards. The intention of the ‘International Organization for Standardization’ or ISO is clear enough. However, the trick is to deliberately create a barrier so that the no dissimilar tubings can be connected together.

The manufacturers are also concerned about deadly connections like an enteral tube being connected to a IV. They are therefore taking concrete steps to educate the customers or end users about the new strategy. The guidance thus provided will help them to understand the New ISO Connector Standards and navigate through the required changes that are in place at present. Apart from connecting the tubes, the patient also stands a risk of being over or under dosed via the enteral devices. Manufacturers have been proactive in addressing this concern with a number of them coming up with pharmacy products that help the medical service providers to measure and deliver proper dosage to their patients both young and old.

The special needs for infants in the neo natal units have been addressed in a unique manner too. Special feeding tubes with a hub & plug feature helps to decrease retention of fluid considerably. The ISO Standards have also aided in new designs that guard against bacterial infection and loss of vital nutrients during feeding. There is also a plan to promote the hands free technique thereby encouraging an aseptic environment. The use of oral dispensers is much in use for infants and babies who cannot take the medicine by spoon. The oral pharmacy syringe makes it easier to measure the medicine accurately and put directly inside the mouth of the child. The manufacturers who have been dealing with the medical industry for long have their own special dispensers that are easy to use without inconveniencing the small child. The design of the syringes may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer f course but the main function of the dispensers remain the same. The sizes may vary from 0.5 ml to 60 ml though depending on the dosage prescribed. The markings on the oral dispensers are visible clearly despite the color of the syringe. A clear syringe may contain distinct markings in bright blue or orange for instance. All the measurements are in milliliters usually as per the guidelines laid down by the, ‘Institute for Safe Medication Practices.’ Another desirable aspect of the design is the inflexible O ring plunger that ensures perfection of the delivery in one accurate and smooth move when the plunger is pressed. For More Information, Visit

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Adhere To New ISO Connector Standards For Safety  
Adhere To New ISO Connector Standards For Safety  

Safety is of paramount importance when it comes to the well being of your baby. The manufacturers of neonatal products are, however, concern...