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The Need for Pecos Man Camp People come from different places to work in oil rigs and mine fields. Mostly these oil and mine fields will be in remote places. Hence workers find it difficult to find accommodation. It is very hard even to find any motel rooms here. Housing even if it is available for rent, the workers may need to pay double the amount. Most of them come here in search of opportunities and to make money .They come to work here because either they must have lost their existing job or they couldn’t find any job in their hometown. So it is with lot of hope and dream they come here to work. But if they couldn’t find accommodation and if it is taking too much of money, these workers soon will get disappointed as well as frustrated. So it is very essential for the company to make these people happy. They need some place to eat food, sleep and take shower. Pecos man camp came into picture to fulfill this need. The companies identified the need of comfortable accommodation with affordable price. Pecos man camp provides all the essential facilities with affordable price. It offers temporary housing with safety and security for a reasonable price. This camp thus helped to resolve the biggest problem of construction projects that is to find decent accommodation for their employees in the rural areas without spending too much out of their pocket. Thus this man camp has been successful in keeping both employees as well as employer happy. Their facilities are more than any basic man camp. In most of the man camps there is not much of privacy. They need to share the room, dining area and even bathroom. The facilities offered by Pecos man camp reveals that they appreciate these workers who stay away from their families and work long hours in extreme conditions.

The Need for Pecos Man Camp