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Oil field housing for oil and gas projects Has your company recently assigned an oil field project in a remote and arid location? Will this be easy to explain to your employees that they have to relocate for several months or years? Yes, this task is easy for those companies who plan their project while ensuring that there is adequate oil field housing for all their workforce employees. Most of the companies do not consider this as a vital component of their strategic projects. Yet, it is a component that will ensure the completion of their project within the due time and budget. What is oil field housing for workforce employees? For oil and gas majors that require relocating to remote and harsh climate for oil field projects, oil field housing is a must. With the growing oilfield industry, the number of workers required has also increased. This growth is the demands that the workforce has sufficient housing facilities for each employee. By providing affordable housing for their employees during the time of their relocation, the company has already ensured the timely completion of their project. Oil field housing is a large market for real estate firms across the US and in Canada. The attraction of providing exclusively furnished houses with housekeeping and security at affordable rates has most oil companies vying for it. The extent to which the oil field houses are furnished is all dependent upon the company. There are extra facilities that are also provided such as housekeeping, security and recreational activities. What are the options available for the workforce within oil field housing? Most of the workforce housing look for an affordable way to relax and rejuvenate for the next day. Additionally, they can avail of good security, recreational activities like lounges, swimming pools, basketball or baseball courts etc. Target logistics is one of the best providers of all these services and more. The decision to provide facilities ultimately determines the success of the project.

Oil field housing for oil and gas projects