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Bob’s Adventure

All the trouble began the first day of school. Bob lived In a small town with narrow streets, small housesand a giant school. When Bob first entered the school he immediately recognized his best friend Steve from last year. He was wearing tattered jeans with a dirty shirt and shoeswith holes. Bob wasn't doing much better anyway. He was wearing classic jeans and a blue plain tee-shirt. Sunflower Middle School sounds like a happy fun place. It seemslike a place where nothing would go on. Unfortunately, it isn’t. For most people it is just like a normal school but for a few people it is a nightmare. It was about any other day at school. All the kids just had their third period and were headed to lunch. Steve and Bob were just headed down the hallway when they saw . JoeGreen. He was the most feared bully of all Sunflower Middle School. He was almost twice the size of Bob. He was the “cool” kid in school. They managed to escape.When they thought they just made it, they heard. “Hey, its the nerdy kids!” Joewalked to them and threw them on the ground. It was humiliating and embarrassing. Bob quickly scurried away to his table. “Man, we can’t let them bully us like that!’ Steve said “Well what are we supposedto do?” Bob responded “I don’t know, we have to stand up for yourself.”Steve suggested. “Imagine at least a week without people picking on you.” “No way, we cant do that.” Bob never knew why Joewas so mean to them. Just becausethey have a better grade didn’t mean they were nerds. Just then Susie walked up. Shewas gorgeous. She was wearing a short blue skirt with a blank white tee-shirt. Her eyeswere blue and her hair was blond. Shelooked normal to everybody but Bob. For him she looked fabulous, like always. “Hey guys” “Hey Susie” Steve said “mmmmppphh hi” Bob almost chocked on my muffin. “I was wondering if you want to hang out after school sometime? “Sure” Steve responded “um yeah” Bob added. Susie walked away to the Girls table. Her hair glistening like the sun. Bob, Susy and Steve were friends since the beginning of the year. “Dude,” Steve said

“What?” I responded “Dude!,” Steve said again. “What?” I responded again. “You’ve got a crush on Susie!” Steve exclaimed “No I don't!” I answered. I was trying to hide that fact but me and him both knew I was lying. Later that day, at home, Bob was laying on the bed in his room. His parents were not there becausethey had work .His room was small but the room was well taken and spread out. Soon the bed, alone, at home he was thinking. It wouldn’t be so bad if he stood up for himself. Walking in the hallway, without getting bullied. He wondered what would happen if he would do that. He thought about Susie. She was very pretty and smart. Unfortunately He would never get enough courage to walk up to her and even have a conversation. After a month of this horror of being bullied everyday, one day Bob and Steve decide to do something extreme. Bob walked up to Joe.Bob immediately got unsure but he knew he got to do something. Bob had enough he wasn't able to tolerate this any longer. “I’ve had enough of this” Bob exclaimed, “I just got fed up. Seriously you have to stop it. Do you know how it feels like to get bullied every single day? After a month you don't even want to got to school. What the heck that's just messedup. Why do you even do this?’

“um.. shut up kid” Joeresponded then punched Bob Bob heared a crack but he knew he had to keep going “ Doesit make you happy to make people feel sad? I don't care what you say to me or do to me,” Bob said on the ground. “Stick and stones make break my bonesbut words can’t break me spirit. Tell me, I am very curious why you are doing this stuff. Do you know how it feels like to get bullied every single day? After a month you don't even want to got to school” “Just go away and shut up kid. You nerd” he said. Then, he walked away. He knew what bulling feels like. He knew how not wanting to got to school like felt. He remembered 5th grade. He got kicked punched and teased all year long. After a minute Susy came, “That was a very brave thing you did there Bob.” and kissed bob on the cheek. “Umm thanks. Seeyou tomorrow” “Bye,” Susie waved good bye and walked away...

Bob's Adventure  
Bob's Adventure  

Bob's adventure about bullying