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A Rising Number of Bath Salts Drug OverdoseSeen Throughout the Country The term ‘bath salts’ has taken on a very new meaning. Packets of powder labeled bath salts are now being sold in smoke shops and convenience stores throughout the country, and while technically legal, they pose very serious health risks to those who consume them. Bath salts are a synthetic substance derived from a drug called MDPV, also known as ‘legal cocaine.’ They are a highly addictive substance, and the packaging indicates that they are not for human consumption. However, many people have inhaled, ingested, or injected these substances to get high, and that has led to a series of overdoses throughout the country and even some deaths. Since designer drug bath salts are legal in most states, lawmakers are looking to ban the drugs contained in the salts to hopefully diminish the use of the drug. The side effects of taking too much of this particular drug can lead to a legal drug bath salt. An overdose will exacerbate the side effects felt from the drug, particularly the hallucinations, abnormal and prolonged paranoia, delusions, psychosis, and in some cases, suicide and death. People who have experienced a bath salts drug overdose often act deranged and commit acts of violence and self-mutilation. One man, while experiencing a high from the drug, slit his throat from ear to ear in front of his family. They rushed him to the emergency room very quickly. Paramedics and other medical professionals were able to stop the bleeding, and the man survived only to kill himself two days later with a gun that he found in the house. While this type of reaction seems to be uncommon, other people have died while taking the drug, and that has prompted officials to look more closely into the synthetic substances so that they can halt distribution and sale of it. A Bath Salt drugs may produce the following symptoms: psychosis, heart palpitations, insomnia, a sharp increase in blood pressure, paranoia, hallucinations, panic attacks, mental confusion, or other imbalances. Many people become very addicted to bath salts as they produce a high similar to that found in cocaine, but it appears that the side effects from consuming the drug lead to very serious health problems in teens and adults. In the United States and the United Kingdom, bath salts drug overdose is becoming very common, and emergency rooms are seeing a rise in patients experiencing symptoms from the consumption of this synthetic drug. drug42024098

A Rising Number of Bath Salts Drug Overdose Seen Throughout the Country  


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