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Calling a Crisis Hotline When There is Alcohol and Drug Relapse When you are trying to overcome addiction, sometimes you cannot help and slip up during the course of your treatment. The temptation is just too strong and the cravings and withdrawal symptoms get really bad. This will eventually lead you to relapse and go back to your old habits of abusing addictive substances. If this happens, you need to contact the crisis hotline to get help. Crisis Hotline Enumerates the Warning Signs of Relapse According to the Help Guide, relapse is a typical part of an addict’s recovery process. The Dual Recovery Anonymous lists down several warning signs of a relapsing addict: •

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When you reconnect with the people you use to drugs and drink with Avoiding support group meetings Not following the treatment plan, not showing up for therapy sessions and not taking medication Having drugs and alcohol in your room If you are a concerned friend or family member, contact the crisis hotline once you see these warning signs.

Crisis Hotline Lists the Various Triggers That Causes Relapse A relapse is usually caused by a trigger and each person has his or her own triggers. Psychology Today has identified the common triggers that can lead to a relapse. These include having conflicting feelings and emotions, leading a stressful life, being proud of having “conquered� your addiction and being reminded of your past bad behaviors. Calling the Crisis Hotline: The Inevitable Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to avoid it, a relapse will eventually happen so you might need to contact the crisis hotline for help. The people behind the hotline can help you get back on your feet and redirect you towards the path to sobriety. They will reassure you that relapse is a common problem among recovering addicts and there is still hope for you to get better. Having a relapse does not mean that you are weak and there is no chance for you to get better. Keep in mind that the road to recovery is long and full of obstacles. Call our crisis hotline if you find yourself going back to your old bad habits. Let us help you make that fresh start you sorely need. Look no further for a crisis hotline Speak to one of our substance abuse counselors live. Ny1sn2v3L8

Calling a Crisis Hotline When There is Alcohol and Drug Relapse