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Street Furniture (mmcitĂŠ) Michal Marko / DESIS Lab

Main Problems / Compared To Competition Quality of street furniture, ergonomics, design, material knowledge, proffesional approach to customers, implemention to structures, complex services, competition often doesn’t care about users – they just want to keep sellings

Description & Context mmcité is a major supplier of shelters, roofing and other equipment primarily for the transport structures – railway stations, bus terminals, tram lines and airports. But we have also realized many projects in the area of building construction. mmcité also comes up with solutions for special projects. It has a wide variety of steel structures in public spaces and in connection with architecture.

Qualities mmcitĂŠ provides various urbanistic or architectural projects with high quality street furniture and constructions. They also translate their ideas into realizable forms. But mainly, it positively affects public life on streets.

Social Interactions? Public voices as well as client’s voices are very positive. Company is also well known abroad and realized a lot of various projects across the Europe and even globally. Using their products is very intuitive and pleasant. They bring high quality design into streets.

City & Environmental Planning In many cases mmcitĂŠ strongly affects city and environmental planning. They shape public spaces, squares, stations and more.

Presentation 2 – mmcité  
Presentation 2 – mmcité