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Michal Knitl Snowboarding instructor in Slovakia Since childhood I used to ski. I switched from skiing to snowboarding in winter season 1999/2000 and I become instructor in December 2007. Since than I taught more than 250 hours in Slovakia and Italy. IÂ speak Slovak, Czech, English, Spanish and I can explain things also to people from Poland, Russia, Ukraine or Portugal. My usual place of teaching is in Slovakia, but if you are interested, I can teach also in Alps or in the other parts of the world.

Interski Snowsport School, Courmayuer, Italy (February 2008; right on the photo )

Full day teaching for 1-15 people for fixed price 50 euros. This offer is in the most cases cheeper than searching an instructor directly in the skiresort. It is worth for us if ● you are in the same skiresort as me ● you will drive me to the skiresort where you want to be tought (in Slovakia or anywhere) ● you prefer full day teaching or teaching of more than one day ● and mostly and always, if you are a group (50 euros is fixed prices and it doesnt matter if you are alone or if you are 4 families with 10 children and 5 adults) Advantages: ● you know, who will teach you (rerefences of people who I met on my travels) ● you can contact ski and snowboard school leaders or school leaders for who I worked (contacts are on next page) ● you pay directly to instructor, no to the ski school (if the hour rate in Slovakia for teaching is between 15 to 30 euros/hour, instructor gets between 5 to 8 euros/hour) ● I have qualification and certificate of instructor (some instructors in Slovakia doesnt have) ● full day teaching means 6 hours of teaching including lunch break (f.e. 10 AM to 4 PM) ● possibility to teach also in the evening at night skiing

Salatín, West Tatras, Slovakia (February 2011)

References leader of the course to become instructor (december 2007): Maťo Pach ● Vrátna, Slovakia, Lubomír Martinček a Braňo Dragula ● Interski Snowsport School (Courmayuer, Italy), Emma Stocks; ● Em-ski (Západné Tatry - Roháče), Elena Matysová; ● Evanjelické gym. J.A.Komenského v Košiciach, Anna Mattová; ● Stredná odborná škola Veľký Krtíš, Jozef Cuper; ●

“Mr. Knitl was an instructor for our school for two seasons. His methodology for beginners is practical and fast. While working with advanced snowboarders he can correctly estimate limitations, which he promptly eliminates.” Mattová, sports teacher and skitrip leader “Mr. Knitl was instructor at our school skitrip. I ma very satisfied with his procedures, as I learnt to snowboard within week very well. I did not believe that I can do it in so short time, though there is just need of strong will, good technique and, of course, good instructor, whom Mr. Knitl is.” Silvia Galova, student on skitrip

Salatín, West Tatras, Slovakia (March 2010)

Pricing Reward for teaching: 50 euros/day plus providing/refund transportation and skipass (if needed) + accomodation and food (in case of several day teaching). Lower price for several days of teaching possible. Price for skitrips at least 5 days long is 30 euros/day + refund of transportation, accomodation, food and skipass. I expect the legal form of agreement which is suitable for the school. 1. Transportation 1.1 in the same skiresort where I am = 0 1.2 if you will drive me to the skiresort (preferable solution) = 0 1.3 refund of bus/train 1.4 refund of ride a car (0,2 euro/1 km, maybe I can drive you too) In winter I will be in Limbach (25 km from Bratislava) or in Zuberec (Orava, West Tatras, 35 km North from Liptovský Mikuláš, 50 km from Jasná, 64 km from Terchová/Vrátna) 2. Refund of skipass (if skipass is needed) 2.1. if the student is absolutely beginner, we will not need the skipass for first hours 2.2. if you would like to use lifts, skipass is needed

Teaching of the youngests

3. refund of simple accomodation and food in case of several days of teaching 3.1. can be provided by you (I do not need any luxury) or 3.2. we can set some price level and I can try to find something. For information: Nice accomodation in Zuberec can be found for 8 euros per night. Note: In case, that I should go to the skiresort by car/bus/train, please contact me at least one week in advance and pay the deposit in amount of the transportation costs + 25 euros to my bank account. (Also for this reason is preffer to meet in same resort or go with You.) If we will go together from Bratislava or Limbach, I can borow you snowboard (155cm) for lessons for free.

Methodology With my licence I teach: basic stand, sliding, falling leaf, girlands, slinding turn with lowering or increasing centre of gravity. For advanced students I can show and explain basics of turn on the edge. I do not jump 360 degrees things and I dont do that. I prefer to take snowshoes, climb the mountain and freeride in power.

Teaching of the youngests - you have to have your back straight, have your head up and not to look down

Comparison with other schools in Slovakia If you are more people and/or you will take me to the skiresort, it is worth for You. Even if you are 1 and You would like to have full day of teachings. Check: Donovaly, Jasná, Vrátna a Martinky, Vysoké Tatry.

Contact In case of interest, please contact me at or via SMS at +421 908 0908 172 159 at least 2 days in advance. As I stutter, the phone calls from unknown numbers I am not picking regularly. It nothing special - if it is not winter I am doing presentations about traveling in front of public. Just through phone it goes sometimes very slowly. In case of injury, I give back adequate part of reward for un-teached time. Travel reimbursemts (in case that I will go to the place where You are) are not refundable.

Chopok, Low Tatras, Slovakia (March 2011)

Snowboarding instructor in Slovakia  

Snowboarding instructor in Slovakia

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