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BIO We are Piotrowski & Meehan, a creative duo of visual and text artists. Niamh Seana Meehan, visual artist and Michał Kamil Piotrowski, experimental poet. Together. We create collaborative and interactive textual and visual poetry. Combined, we have 5 years of experience delivering workshops for adults. Niamh Seana Meehan is a visual artist based in Northern Ireland. Working in-between visual art, performance and written matter based on the slippages involved within the translation of thought to text. Her practice investigates the unknowability of language, its messiness and how it has the potential to become visual, performative and moveable. Michał Kamil Piotrowski is a poet living and working in London. He writes experimental, visual and technology-powered poetry. He enjoys making poetry interactive and he mostly works with found text. The themes he explores are technology, politics, love and mental illnesses. His interactive book The Cursory Remix has been co-written by Google Translate and is available to read on issuu.com with a print version forthcoming from Contraband Books.

NIAMH SEANA MEEHAN - SELECTED WORK March/April 2020, CCA Derry~Londonderry solo exhibition in response to Kaunas Artists’ House reciprocal residency; ‘DeMo’ (Decoding Modernity) February-March 2020, HOUR Bergen International Performance Festival 2020 (BIPF2020) Kunstgarsjen, Bergen, Norway December 2019, Group Show SPEGILMYND with Sim Residency, Reykjavik, Iceland November 2019 RHA X: Roland Mouret X Dragana Juri i durational performance as part of the immersive installation, Dublin, Ireland October-December 2019, Jerwood Arts Collaboration. Array Studios represents Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival. Artwork LOVESEAT as part of Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival, London, U.K October 2019, The Other Troubles, ‘How do you like your border?’ ongoing collaborative performance project with Brennagh Meehan at Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland September 2019, *Ask inside for details, solo show and durational performance at //GALERIE 102, Berlin, Germany May 2019, ‘Sounding Poetry’ with Queens University at The Accidental Theatre, Belfast October 2018, Estudio-Nomada, workshop ‘Voids and Hunches’ Barcelona, Spain

MICHAŁ KAMIL PIOTROWSKI - SELECTED EXHIBITIONS AND PUBLICATIONS January 2021, published in the anthology Sending Nudes (Guts Publishing) December 2020, Candid Christmas Show, group exhibition of fine and visual art May - June 2020, Escapisms, online group exhibition of visual poetry April 2020, published in Pamenar Online Magazine February - June 2020, Loudest Whispers, group exhibition of LGBTQ visual art December 2019, Blockplay, group exhibition of visual and interactive poetry November 2019, The Yellow Book Exhibition, group exhibition of visual poetry October 2019, Redbridge Día de los Muertos, group visual art exhibition October 2019, published in Streetcake Magazine


Exercise 1 Complete the sentences with adjectives that belong to them. 1. I keep my rabbit wet and my hen ______. 2. The leaves in my tower are fumbled and my head is ______. 3. My brain is unkempt and my lower intestine is ______ . 4. The lower you go, the more ______ you are. 5. John’s kite is clumsy and crestfallen and his yo-yo is ______ . 6. The sea is rising, the earth is gazing. Susie feels ______ by all the fuss. 7. Her nouns are tired and her verbs are ______. 8. The empire has fallen, a new order is ______ .

Exercise 5 Connect the words that match to create a visual sonnet. beauty sweet fair sweet full perfumed such their

beauteous ornament but odour as tincture thorns masked

only they die

is unrespected to

are of that

sweetest you shall

seem truth fairer it deep play and buds their fade sweet are beauteous fade


Exquisite corpse the fashionable death of nuance; she said Bulky thing wouldn’t fit It would leave stains; people thought

Cashmere, marked down.

Like a snoozy cat on a barricade ‘Please Do Not Touch The Artworks They Are Very Fragile’ but maybe this will change now? afraid of change, aren’t ya? Perhaps, it would be better if they could go back to before. Before it rained cats I froze, numbness overtook, maybe it wasn’t actually numbness

each day, in divided

difficulties to swallow or body blurred vision, double flat, bevelled(see Possible side effects spasms and convulsions (fits) may sweat, tremble, feel by cerebral and precautions is a risk forgetful, have poor exactly as your doctor

may be severe


among strangers



pushed back in


restless dragged out of bed another week



from interactive book The Cursory Remix, 2018

The Buzzing Pizzazz is an interactive LEGO poem. The viewers are invited to create a poem by playing with the LEGO bricks.

The Buzzing Pizzazz, 2019


Wait Here 2019/2020 Responsive work to Brexit With Bbeyond Belfast. Durational Performance. Photographer: Jordan Hutchings

How do you like your border? 2019 Collaborative performance project with Brennagh Meehan. Platform Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland Durational performance with audience participation.

HA AH OPEN CALL 2019 FIX19 Performing Arts Festival With Catalyst Arts and Beyond Belfast, Northern Ireland 40 Minute performative walk Photographer: Jordan Hutchings.

LOVESEAT 2019 Artwork and performance for Re-Vision Performing Arts Festival Belfast, Northern Ireland Durational performance with audience participation Photographer: Jordan Hutchings.

CONTACT DETAILS Please e-mail us on niamhseana@live.co.uk or michal.kamil.piotrowski@gmail.com Find us on Instagram: @niamhseanameehan and @somecoolwords