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Solar battery chargers For many people their very first experience with the benefits of solar energy may be in the form of a small photovoltaic battery charger for their cell phone or iPod. Thanks to the improved efficiency of solar cells and the development of flexible thin-film solar panels, solar energy is something almost anyone can use to keep their portable electronics charged when they are on the run.

Solar chargers not only reduce your energy costs but they allow users tremendous freedom in where they can use their portable electronics. Portable solar battery chargers have been a major boon to outdoor photographers and outdoorsman. No longer do they need to pack in lots of spare batteries when shooting outdoors. They just keep their batteries recharged using lightweight portal solar chargers. Solar chargers have also proven to be of tremendous value to people in underdeveloped areas where no electric plugs are available.

There are a number of solar chargers that are specifically designed for vehicles. This cool gadget come with a small solar panel hooked directly to a car cigarette lighter plug so they can charge your battery without ever having to open the hood. In talking to people who have used these small trickle chargers we have found that they are particularly useful in those situations where your car battery is being slowly drained by short or always-on features like a clock. The solar charger acts like a trickle charger which compensates for those constant losses by replenishing your battery at a maximum rate of 125mAmps per hour in full sunlight. Most of the chargers of this type do not have a big enough solar panel to completely charge a 12 volt car battery but they can keep you from slowly depleting your car battery. All of these types of cool gadgets are equipped with a built-in diode so that at night they won't in turn reverse the current and drain your battery. Most of the chargers of this type design the solar panels so they can conveniently sit on your dashboard. One of the real breakthroughs in the field of solar energy in the last few years has been the development of flexible thin-film solar cells. These cells are now widely used in portable chargers. They have a number of advantages. They are less easily damaged than some types of solar chargers and they are very lightweight. Most weigh less than a pound but can put out plenty of power when given good exposure to the sun. Many come with built in grommets or hooks so they can simply be hung up on the side of a wall or vehicle. As with the clamshell chargers, most come with a variety of plugs and adapters so they can be used with many different portable electronic devices.

The new flexible thin-film solar cells are also being employed in to a wide variety of bags and backpacks. This includes things like camera bags, bike bags, briefcases, tackle bags, backpacks and even soft-sided water coolers. In most cases the bags are specifically designed to charge the very device that they are carrying. Sometimes these solar products charge the devices directly and in others they are usually charging double-A or triple-A batteries in a built in charging pouch. Our goal is to enhance your personal electronics battery life by providing a convenient source of solar energy especially when no other traditional power source is available. Most solar chargers have only one or two solar cells and so put out a relatively small amount of power in a short period of time. It is going to take some time in the sun to charge your device. The more solar cells the charger has the more watts of power it can generate and the faster it can charge your devices. When comparing chargers look for the charger with the most output in watts for its physical dimensions and price. If you are getting a clamshell type charger make sure that the charger has a good, durable case to protect the solar cells.

Solar battery chargers  

For many people their very first experience with the benefits of solar energy may be in the form of a small photovoltaic battery charger for...

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