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Types of Outdoor Solar Lighting Solar landscape lights look like conventional landscape lights but require no wiring. Most are between 6 to 16 inches tall and are built around a center stake which can be simply pushed into the soil. Almost all solar lights made today use light emitting diodes for illumination. They combine one or more LED's with a single solar cell on the top of the light, a small battery, and a sensor which turns the light on at night and off at sunrise.

Another type of solar lighting that can be used is standing lamp posts. These lamp posts come in a variety of styles, many of which are based on old English or French lamp designs. Except for their height they are built the same as other landscape lights with one or more solar cells mounted on top to collect energy, usually two or more LED lights, a small battery and a sensor which automatically turns the lamp on and off.

Another approach is to combine a small solar panel with LED lights to create more powerful flood lights. With these types of lights a separate solar panel is used to generate electricity. Most panels are designed to hold 2-4 solar cells. The panel can then be connected directly to a single flood light with multiple LED's or to multiple flood lights. If multiple lights are used with one panel then there is usually wiring that runs from the solar panel to each light in the group. The longer the wiring the more flexibility you will have on where to place the lights. For holidays like Christmas or Halloween it is sometimes fun to put up outdoor light strands. The nice cool gadget about solar light strands is that you can put them wherever you want without the need for long extension cords. We have seen some homeowners create some impressive displays using decorative solar lighting around trees in their yard at Christmas time using solar lighting. Strand type solar light use a separate solar panel and then have one LED for each light. Some systems use different colored LED's while use a white LED with a colored fixture. One thing about these types of lights is that they tend to run out a little faster than solar landscape lighting because there are so many LED's on each strand. Another common use of solar lights is home security. These types of lights are similar to solar flood lights but usually include a motion sensor so that they only come on when the sensors detect motion. Because no wiring is required solar security lights can be put in places that otherwise might be difficult to run wiring to. This makes them useful for both residential and commercial security lighting. Like flood lights, security lights are usually connected to a separate solar panel which generates energy to recharge the batteries for the light. Since these types of lights are usually only meant to run for a short time once triggered they can make use of multiple LED's to ensure strong illumination.

There are an amazing number of different kinds of solar lights and you can find one for just about any lighting. Because solar LED lights are compact and require no wiring then can be used in a wide variety of landscaping scenarios. One type of solar light is Floating Lights which can be placed into a garden pond or pool. Many of these are shaped to look like Lilly pads or other aquatic plants. There are solar lights that are designed to look like rocks or stepping stones so they look natural in a garden setting. There are solar lights that have been built into bricks so they can be embedded into brick pathways. There are solar lights which are designed to be used as driveway markers. Our favorites are solar lights which have been built into garden statuaries like frogs or garden fairies. If you can think of it there is probably a solar light for it.

Types of Outdoor Solar Lighting  
Types of Outdoor Solar Lighting  

Solar landscape lights look like conventional landscape lights but require no wiring. Most are between 6 to 16 inches tall and are built aro...