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A smart choice to use solar lights Saving energy has become important in the minds of most every person. Having outdoor lighting doesn’t have to mean foregoing energy savings. Solar lighting can save a great deal of energy and at the same time provide ample lighting and enhancement to the garden area. Using solar lights protects and preserves energy use for the future.

If you need an efficient, cost effective lighting solution then you should pick solar powered lights that provide numerous benefits including ease of installation, flexibility of locations and eco friendliness. In addition, as the seasons change you can relocate the lights to wherever there is maximum sunlight available and so get great illumination all through the year. Solar lights are typically inexpensive and easy to install. Most local home

improvement stores carry a wide variety and designs. They can also be found online and shipped directly to the homeowner. Many outdoor solar lights are simple stake lights that are pushed into the ground. This ease of installation also makes them very portable which helps when changing designs or moving them for lawn work. With these cool gadgets there are no cords or wires to be concerned with, if the lawn needs to be excavated for whatever reason, moving solar lights is a much simpler process than calling a professional to locate the wiring system for hardwired lights. Solar lights can be used anywhere in the yard that there is ample sun, and with the advancements of technology there are solar lights that don’t require large amounts of sunlight. Most solar lights use rechargeable batteries that get their power from the sun. The lights contain small solar cells that capture the sunlight and charge the batteries. When the sun goes down at night, photocells react to the darkness and light up. Other solar lights use solar cells that are wired to the light and can be placed away from the actual light. These are useful in areas where the light is being placed in a shady area. The solar cell can be placed farther away from the light because of the wire connection. Another added benefit of solar lighting is that the bulbs don’t need replacing often. It can be many years before the bulbs in a solar light need to be changed; this is another cost savings for the homeowner. Added to the energy savings, solar lighting is the obvious choice for homeowners wanting to save money. In the past, there were very few solar lighting designs to choose from, not

so today. Today solar lights and other solar products can be found in nearly as many styles and designs as traditional electric lights. There are solar pole lights, solar wall lights, solar recessed lights and solar moonlights just to name a few. In addition to traditional styles, solar lights can also be found in whimsical designs such as frogs, fairies and other outdoor caricatures. There are also gazing balls that collect the sun during the day and emit soft light once the sun goes down. Ease of installation, energy savings, low cost purchase and low cost of use are all reasons that have propelled the use of solar lights for outdoor lighting uses. Adding to that the various styles and designs that are available today make solar lighting the obvious choice when adding lights to the garden.

A smart choice to use solar lights  

Saving energy has become important in the minds of most every person. Having outdoor lighting doesn’t have to mean foregoing energy savings....