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Understanding the Features of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits There are many different electronic cigarette starter kits available in the market of late. To know how to choose the right one for you need to understand the features in relation to what you are looking for. Many reviews out there are not very reliable and you need to research and understand each product on your own. The following is a breakdown of the popular features found in e-cigs. Manual and Automatic There are automatic and manual e cigs, for non-flavored and flavored electronic cigarettes. The main difference between these two types of e cigs is the way the atomizer is powered. The atomizer is the part of the device that has a heating coil that will turn the e juice into the vapor that carries the nicotine content. A manual device will have a button that activates the atomizer and thereby starts the process of heating the liquid. The automatic cigs have a sensor instead of a button that detects every time you draw in your breath as you begin to use it. The advantage of the automatic ones is simply the convenience that comes with not having to hold down any button. When using both of these types of e cigs, it is advisable to draw in air for a considerably longer time to allow the atomizer to heat up. Another thing you may note in electronic cigarette starter kits is a voltage adjustable feature. This means that the e cig can determine the resistance of the different cartridges fitted on it and determine the right voltage that will provide adequate vapor.

Adjustable Voltage Different cartridges are designed differently and have a resistance that differs meaning the will not heat up with the same intensity if the same voltage is supplied to each of them. If you buy an e cig with this feature you can use any cartridge and still get the same quality of vapor because it adjusts the device accordingly. Not many e cigs have this feature though. Cartomizers and Refillable Cartridges There are also different types of cartomizers. They vary in size and functionality. As has been mentioned above they come with different resistance and therefore they will produce varying heating ability when used on the same device. There are also refillable and non refillable, so if you want to use flavored electronic cigarettes, you should use refillable so that you can refill the cartridge with whichever e liquid you choose. When shopping for electronic cigarette starter kits, you will notice some online store will mention the value of the component and try and interpret it. For example, an e liquid may be noted as having 100 puffs. Some vendors do not mention this so you will have to calculate based on the amount of liquid and nicotine content in it.

Features of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits  
Features of Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits  

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