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The Last Being brought up with respect, morals, and the ability to cause the death of someone, Carmella is devastated by the thought that she was the reason for his actions. After a bad fight with Mike he stormed out with bad thoughts on his mind. Failing to realize that anything can happen at any given time; cherish moments as if it is the last. Battling for his life. Being in a hospital bed with doctors surround him, Mike is still unresponsive. Doctors are ripping off his ketchup-stained clothes While trying to bring him back to life, The doctors realize, they are losing him, Due to the loss of blood and the trauma he went through. Waking up after a night from Mike being gone all night, Carmella is furious. He was supposed to be there with her as she celebrated for her big promotion at work. Although Mike has a good excuse why he could not make it, It just wasn’t enough for her. She was really hurt that he could not make it, And allowed her anger to get the best of her. She then began to yell fierce fully at. “You are never there when I really need you” is one of the things that she said to him. Mike feeling really angry about the argument they just had He Sat there and took it all. He had enough when she said;” I don’t want to be with you anymore”. “I don’t understand why you yelling right now, Like as if I do not have a job or a life. I cannot believe you would really get this upset. Your yelling right now is not helping the situation. I’m sorry but I cannot change the past.

This is just like that one time in April, When you wanted me to be there for your mother’s candle-day And I couldn’t. While my mother was sick in bed, You were more concerned about yourself. You are always worried about yourself as if What I’m doing is not good enough for you. I can’t even believe we are even going through this again,” yelling to his self. Mike got up and walked out of the house. With a lot on his mind, He got on his two-wheeled-bike is speed away. Not paying full attention to his surroundings , a large white truck ran a stop light and hit the side of his motorcycle. “What am I doing here? I cannot believe that she really just got mad at me. I thought she would understand, but I guess not. I though she loved me, now look at me. I’m drenched in blood and I don’t even know where I am. All because she is angry. None of this would be happening right now if she just understood. If only she understood.” Thoughts continue to go through his head. Although he had a helmet on he was still forcefully knocked off his bike. His motorcycle was found a block from where his body was, Even though he was still moving, He was trying to fight for his life. After being rushed to the hospital, His body was in critical condition caused by the crash. Mike started to become unresponsive. Doctors are ripping off his bloody clothes While trying to bring him back to life, The doctors soon realize that they are losing him,

Due to the loss of blood and the trauma he went through. A couple of minutes later his heart gives out. Mike is pronounced dead. Even though Carmella can’t help but feel responsible, She finds ways to get through it. Ashamed by what has happened, She pulls through and finds her way going down to the medical-facilitation. Rapidly, she rushed over to his restless body. “I can’t believe what I have done. I have to fix this. I did not mean for any of this to happen. I only wanted you there, and you were not. I only reacted out of anger. But now you’re gone. I have to fix this and now. If only you will forgive me in the long wrong.” Carmella says to Mike’s dead body. No one knew Carmella had magical powers. She has the ability to bring back people’s breathing, But only those she truly loved Just as she raises her left hand to put it over his heart, He starts breathing again. Doctors were amazing by what just happened. Carmella brought Mike back to life. Although, this was all her fault in the beginning, She couldn’t help but still feel bad. Promising she will never put anyone through pain she put Mike through.

The Last  

An Epic poem, based in modern time with a theme of never dying love.

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