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In the fast moving business world today, it is important to be up-todate and on the edge to remain a competitive business. Youth is the future of any business today. Youth opinions and innovation are crucial in order for any business to be aware of trends and issues young people care about. Hence, AIESEC takes pride in providing its members with an integrated development experience which encompasses the establishment of a link between the academic environment that students experience in classrooms and the business environment that students will face when employed. The Real Business Academy is an event which typifies this link. This unique event aims to provide the delegates an insight into the business world. During this event the delegates get a chance to participate in workshops where they can utilize their academic knowledge and solve real business case studies.

Business Environment


Academic Environment

Why RBA? Enhance your position as an employer of choice among university students.

Employer Branding

Access the values, attitudes and thoughts of the next generation of leaders for use in further development of your company’s HR and positioning strategies. Participate in a unique learning environment development, team work and innovation.



Gain a positive reputation through media exposure as a responsible organization investing in youth development.

“It is my view that AIESEC can be a key channel of communication for our efforts in increasing our profile to the student market. Through educating students on Ericsson, its products, corporate philosophy and career opportunities we will contribute to the longterm growth of the company.” Lars A. Stalberg Senior Vice President Ericsson

Focus Group Access

PR activities and Media coverage

1.5hr-2hr workshops

Keynote Speeches

Workshops Real business case studies

“Importance of harnessing innovation among youth in business”

300 + delegates

“Importance of CSR in a company”

Business and Strategic Planning

Financial Management

26-28.04.2012. | DKV

Corporate Structure

Building a Brand


Employer of choice positioning

PR activities and Media coverage

How? Direct access to students. Through the workshops organizations can position their brand as a market leader and strengthen their employer brand among delegates . Develop your own strategies with the help of youth innovation. The workshops represent a stimulating environment where students come up with solutions to real business case studies.

Trust building by know-how sharing

Direct distribution of info-materials

Social media coverage

Prolonged access to youth via mailing

Brand your organization. The event will provide you access to over 20,000 students in DIAC and KV through mailings. During the event the organization can enhance its brand through distribution of info-materials, rollups, posters. The event will also be covered by local media.


• Discussion and Expectation setting


• Selection of a topic for the workshop



• Selection of a package • Signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU)

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