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Services Offered PHOTOGRAPHY Each home is approached with care and attention to detail. The smallest items can make or break an image. This is why light staging is done with every home. Michal-Kathryn will coach your sellers into enhancing the best features of their homes. Each room is professionally lit with off camera flash. With in 24 hours she provides you with fully edited high resolution files in a downloadable format.

Sellers are often amazed by the quality of photos and are left stating how they would purchase the home again themselves.

RETOUCHING Unfortunately we live in a city where the weather is not always on our side. As a courtesy, blue cloudy skies are dropped into your images to help give your home the warm smile it deserves.

VIDEO TOUR Along with your images, custom currated video tours can be produced to help complete your marketing needs.

GRAPHIC DESIGN With a BFA in graphic design from RIT Michal-Kathryn also offers branding and custom design work in areas of :

• Print Marketing Materials

• Identity Branding

• Custom Stationary

SOCIAL MEDIA As a business owner herself, Michal-Kathryn understands the importance of reaching your ideal buyer. Today’s generation thrives on social media. But, social media requires time and dedication to keep a consistent following. This is why pre-designed social media posts and marketing videos are offered. Spend your precious time focusing on what matters most... closing deals with clients.

Staging Suggestions

1: CLEAR CLUTTER • Take down family photos • Throw away/hide magazines, mail, newspapers • Put any non NECESSITIES into storage/attic • Open space by removing/rearranging large bulky furniture • Remove children’s art work/poster from walls • Hide tissue boxes & trash cans •Repalce burnt out bulbs

2. CLEANING: HIRE A PROFESSIONAL • Windows • Light shades/chandeliers • Inside cupboards • Polish metals • Scrub oven • Paint: if you see paint streaks from rollers it will show in your photos

3.DECORE • Cover beds with NEW linens & clean sheets • Cover old sofas with NEW slipcovers • Replace dark curtains with light neutral curtains • Add coffee table books to end tables • Set dinning/kitchen table • Place fresh flowers & green plants throughout the house • Hang framed art or canvases on walls in place of family photos • Add potted plants by entry way • Replace door matts with NEW welcome matts • Hide all signs of pets (dishes, beds, toys, crates etc...)

*** Little details like house plants, fresh sheets, clean fluffy towels and well placed accessories (candles, vases etc..) will make all the difference and help your home stand out***

Contact Me

INVESTMENT Listing Photography services start at $100. Additional add-ons are separate and priced on a case by case basis. These include:

•Drone Photography/Videography

•Design & Branding

•Excess Staging and Cleaning

EMAIL mkh@michal-kathryn.com

PHONE 585.269.4440

WEB ADDRESS www.michal-kathryn.com/real-estate-images

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Lifestyle Listing Photography Brochure  

Michal-Kathryn Photography brochure of services

Lifestyle Listing Photography Brochure  

Michal-Kathryn Photography brochure of services