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Good Morning Everyone Please find attached a printout of your PCG absences and lates as recorded on EDSAS for the term. What to do: Check the printout for inconsistencies with your DayMap attendance record: 1. Adjust ‘unmarked rolls’ where these have led to the non-recording of an EDSAS absence. 2. Ensure explained absences and late to schools are recorded accurately in DayMap We will import the data again on Friday 13 th September for reports. PS The new version of DayMap has an improved method of updating the sign-in (or sign-out) reasons. This can now be done by PCG teachers using their class roll windows. See Below:

3. Select CUSTOM REASON and select the appropriate explanation

1. Click on the YELLLOW SQUARE 2. Click on the SIGN-IN REASON

Thanks for your cooperation Michail Darley 09.09.13

Process for adjusting pcg rolls  
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