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Life Live 2017 February 4 - March 4, 2017

Curator’s Statement

The 7th Annual “Life Live” assembles five amazing practitioners of life drawing. Arc Fine Arts Consulting will be exhibiting their work in the Project Gallery. On Saturday, February 25th, the artists will be showcasing their skills “live” in figure drawing sessions open to the public in the main gallery. The gestural drawings will be ripped from their sketchbooks & displayed where they will be immediately for sale at $100 each. Arc Fine Arts Consulting is established as a natural extension of the mission of Arc Gallery and Studios. Arc is dedicated to showcasing and promoting emerging and established artists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here we are blessed with some of the most prestigious art schools in the country. On a per capita basis San Francisco boasts a higher percentage of working artists than any other city in the country. The opportunity for local collectors and businesses to build collections which tap into and support these communities is unparalleled. Arc Fine Arts is singularly dedicated to fostering those connections.

Curator: Michael Yochum is the author of SF Art News, which maintains an exhaustive list of art events and openings in San Francisco. Michael is a co-founder of Arc Gallery & Studios, along with Matthew Frederick, Stephen C. Wagner and Priscilla Otani.

Catalog designed by Michael Yochum Arc Gallery © 2017

Featured Artists

Arlene Diehl Jean Oppermann Fernando Reyes Robert Ross Yuriko Takata

OPENING RECEPTION Saturday, February 4th, 7-9 PM LIFE LIVE Live Drawing Event Saturday, February 25th, 6:30-10 PM CLOSING RECEPTION Saturday, March 4th, 12-3 PM

Arlene Diehl

My work has evolved from a lifelong love for, fascination with, and sense of reverence for the human form. I have also been deeply committed over the years to the process of drawing, finding in it time and again an emotional and visceral immediacy that has served my deeper purposes. I am working now exclusively with live models and with a great deal of speed. I like working with a living, breathing human being because, by definition, the subject is not a static one but a dynamic one, moment by moment in a process of change. My aim is to transmit something of the power of that dynamism to the viewer. This process requires of me a very deep letting off of the brakes of any preconceived notions I may have had for the drawing. By responding freshly to a particular moment the work can move in many different directions, sometimes more abstractly, sometimes more representationally. My best work often includes elements of both, and can be further layered with a sense of transition, emotional nuance and some measure of mystery.


ARLENE DIEHL was born in Massachusetts and raised in New England. Since 1990, she has lived here in San Francisco She has exhibited her work continuously since her adolescence, in Boston, on Cape Cod, in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Palm Desert, Australia and had her first solo show in Europe (July 2013); in the Netherlands. EARLY RECOGNITION: At 16, Arlene received the prestigious Strathmore Award in Drawing awarded annually to one high school student nationwide. (Exhibition/Competition N.Y. NY 1973) At 17, her self-portrait appeared on the cover of Senior Scholastic Magazine, her work was favorably noted in New York Magazine and she received a Merit Scholarship to Boston University School for the Arts(1974). She later transferred to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School.(75-79) SELECT SOLO EXHIBITIONS: 2013 2012 2006 2004 2002

Mensielijk Lichaam (Human Bodies, Gallery 0-68, Velp, The Netherlands Drawings: Arlene Diehl, Emac & Lawton PTY LTD, Botany, Australia Figuration: Nineteen Drawings and One Bronze, Anderson Smith North, San Rafael, CA XY-zy: The Male Nude, Klein’s Exhibition Space, San Francisco, CA Recent Drawings, Reverie Gallery Cafe, San Francisco, CA Speaking Figuratively, Klein’s Exhibition Space, San Francisco, CA

SELECT GROUP EXHIBITIONS: 2011-17 Life Live I - VII, exhibition and live life drawing, Arc Gallery, San Francisco CA 2015 The LGBT Show, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles CA 2013 Art Auction XV, curated exhibition, Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach CA 2011 The Figure Now, Fontbonne University Fine Arts Gallery, St. Louis MO 2010 Blake Collects: Living With Art, Martha Bennett Gallery, Minneapolis MN 2008 Articulating Art, Left Coast Galleries, Studio City CA One Night Stand: Nude, Sensual and Erotic Work, ARTworkSF Gallery, San Francisco CA 2006 Gestures In And On Paper: Original Works by Arlene Diehl, David Einstein and Minjung Kim, Modern Masters Fine Art , Palm Desert, CA COMMISSIONS: Arlene was commissioned to do a large (5 ft by 6 ½ ft.) charcoal drawing of ballroom dancers, interpreted from a 1950’s Henri Cartier-Bresson photograph (1999) and also more recently to do a series of charcoal nudes of writer and poet Jewelle Gomez. COMMUNITY:: Arlene is on the Board of Directors (and former acting president) of Red Umbrellas, a juried non-profit artists’ exhibition group based in San Francisco. PUBLICATIONS: Cover art: “Godin, held” by novelist Gustaf Peek (published in Dutch, 2014) Original drawings for “Tussen Malaise en Magie; Theater in het leven, Leven in het theater” 2011 Thomas de Neve ( published in Dutch and German, 2012) REPRESENTATION: Arlene is being represented by Art Gallery 0-68, in Velp, The Netherlands, Left Coast Galleries Studio City, CA., Rachelle Ryan Gallery Portland. OR, and by Emac & Lawton PTY LTD, Botany, AU COLLECTIONS: Arlene’s work is included in private collections across the United States and Canada, as well as in Great Britain, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, The Netherlands, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan, The Philippines, Mexico and Brazil.

Untitled One compressed charcoal on paper 21“ x 36� $850 Arlene Diehl

Untitled Two vine and compressed charcoal on paper. 20” x 37” $750

Arlene Diehl

Untitled Threee compressed charcoal on paper 22“ x 36” $950

Jean Oppermann

If you want to see how an artist thinks look at her drawings. I believe in the craft and trust the ingenious expression of drawing. Fascination with the human condition as shown in the everyday movement, weight, tension, ease and torque of the body is my constant and continuing inspiration. All the art I make is an exploration of how the spirit inhabits the body. What does it mean to be human? Can I portray it with a few strokes in only a few minutes? My exploration with brush and ink is endless, captivating, challenging. A life’s work.

JEAN OPPERMANN has lived and worked in San Francisco for the past 41 years painting and drawing from the figure. She has taught drawing in the San Francisco Bay for 30 years, the last 20 years at California College of the Arts (formerly CCAC) where she is a full time professor in the Illustration Program. Select Exhibitions: 2017 2016 2015 2015 2013 2011 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008

Life Live VII, exhibition and live life drawing, Arc Gallery, San Francisco CA Figure It Out, solo exhibition, Sakata Garo Gallery, Sacramento CA Life Live VI, exhibition and live life drawing, Arc Gallery, San Francisco CA Life Live V, exhibition and live life drawing, Arc Gallery, San Francisco CA Auction to Benefit the Artist – Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA Two-Person Exhibit, Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, CA Collage Show – A. Muse Gallery, San Francisco, CA Auction to Benefit the Artist – Incline Gallery, San Francisco, CA Group Show – Guerrero Gallery, San Francisco, CA Ekstasis – Group Show – West Side Art House, San Francisco, CA Shop – Group Show - Underline Gallery, New York, NY CCA Faculty Exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco CCA Faculty Exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco CCA Faculty Exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco CCA Faculty Exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco CCA Faculty Exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco CCA Faculty Exhibition, California College of Arts, San Francisco

Select Juried Exhibition 2011 2010

Drawing - Santa Cruz Art League, Santa Cruz, CA Nude Nite - – Juried Show - Warehouse Gallery, Orlando FL Real People - Old Courthouse Gallery, Woodstock, I


Serious Drawing: A Basic Manual, Fitzsimons, Casey, Prentice Hall, 1989 Fashion Designer, Sandra Burke, Burke Publishing, TBP Sept 2010

Tiny Black Jacket watercolor on paper 40” x 62” framed $2000 Jean Oppermann

Pink Tutu (standing) ink wash on paper 20” x 26” framed $400

Pink Tutu (seated) watercolor on paper 21” x 21” framed $400

Jean Oppermann

Fernando Reyes As a figurative artist, drawing from the human form is a fundamental practice and throughout my career the underlying narrative in my work has been the idea of Body Language. I feel that the nonverbal communication speaks with great eloquence and that the end result between the artist and model can be interpreted to be humorous, spirited, euphoric or otherwise. In my exhibition I explore the medium of paper cutouts, a slight departure from my oil painting practice. I take you on a colorful visual journey of the nude figure in handprinted paper collage as I methodically assemble and configure the human form. My skills as a printmaker allows me to create colorful and patterned design prints specifically for the purpose of cutting and collage.

Studio26 2934 Ford Street Oakland CA 94601 (510) 325-7725


The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, BFA, 1997

Recent Solo Exhibitions 2016 2015 012 2009 2007

Paper Dolls, Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland, CA DANCE DREAM DRAMA, Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland, CA 2 Incarnate, Nieto Fine Art, San Francisco, CA Form, RiskPress Gallery, Sebastopol, CA Emblematic Ink - Drawings of Tattooed Men, Underglass, San Francisco, CA Sweet Dreams, Reaves Gallery, San Francisco, CA Bodies in Relief, RiskPress Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

Recent Group Exhibitions 2017 Life Live VII, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2016 A Passion for the Figure, Back to the Picture Gallery, San Francisco, CA Mercury20 at Ten, Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland, CA stARTup SF, Hotel Del Sol, San Francisco, CA stARTup LA, Highland Park Hotel, Hollywood, CA 2015 A Common Thread, Oakland, Mercury20 Gallery, Oakland CA Figures & Faces, Pacific Art League of Palo Alto, CA 5th Annual Tour of America Artists Invitational, Cortile Gallery, Provincetown MA Spotlight, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2014 SquaredAlumni, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA The Figure - A Bay Area Legacy, Gary Francis Fine Art, Alameda, CA Inspire Artists Who Inspire You, Pro Arts Gallery, Oakland, CA Life Live III, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA 2013 2013 Statewide painting Competition & Exhibitions, Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA Landscapes, Seascapes & Cityscapes, Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA It’s Only Natural, Linus Galleries, Pasadena, CA “Hey Everybody”, Diablo Valley College, Pleasant Hill, CA Life Live II, Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA Selected Publications 2016 “10 San Francisco Artists You Should Know”, The Culture Trip by Adriana Jones, May 2016 2013 “Studio Visit”, A Juried Selection of International Visual Artists, The Open Studio Press, Volume twenty-three, 2013 2012 George Paris, “Hot Poems for Warm Friends” “100 Artists of the Male Figure” A Contemporary Anthology of Painting, Drawing and Sculpture by E.Gibbons, Schiffer Publishing Ltd. Corporate Collections Stanford University Medical Center, Alameda County Arts Collection, Amoco Corporation Art Collection, Tom of Finland Foundation, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, Tom of Finland Foundation, Leslie-Lohman Museum of Gay and Lesbian Art, George and Cynthia Miller Wellness Center,

Renascence oil and collage 20” x 24” $3500

Fernando Reyes

Doubt oil and collage 14” x 14” $450

Fernando Reyes

Prance oil and collage 14” x 14” $450

Fierce oil and collage 14” x 14” $450

Cap oil and collage 14” x 14” $450

Robert Ross

Drawing is the most persistent bias in my work. It’s informed every aspect of my work, whether representational or not. There’s such a pronounced sensuality in drawing -- not necessarily in the subject, but in the responsive, complicated pleasure of the eyeballs, transmitting through mind and muscles to the sensitive, complicated, pleasurable life of the mark. Certain subjects offer poignant reminders of this trembling luxurious force of observation, feeling and rendering. The human face and body seem especially resonant, uncompromisingly beautiful in all their permutations of age, fat and lean, languor, tension and even, mysteriously, ravagement. I want my drawings to reflect the sensuality of the process, and to suggest the exquisite structural authority of the human form itself. Drawing is kind of like jazz. It’s just essential to develop really good muscle, good chops, which only result from patient observation and a durable practice. This is what allows the work to stay loose, to tap into subtle intuitions and improvisations, and to swing. In any case, I think the main function of drawing for me is, it’s a practice for recognizing the radiant beauty that surrounds us. One of my greatest rewards as an artist has come from the recognition and nurturing of my eyes as primary organs of pleasure. One of my goals as an artist is to create work that nourishes this sensibility in others.

Robert Ross learned calligraphy from Lloyd Reynolds at Reed College. He attended The Yale Summer School of

Music and Art, The Art Students League of New York, and graduated from The Cooper Union School of Art in 1965. Since that time he’s lived on the Mendocino Coast working in watercolor, drawing, collage, oil painting, graphics and freehand papercut. He’s taught most of these at College of the Redwoods, the Mendocino Art Center, Oregon School of Arts & Crafts, and California State Summer School for the Arts (CSSSA). Ross is the long-time Coordinator of the Mendocino Figure Drawing Collective. SELECT EXHIBITIONS 2016 Mendocino Art Center Mendocino, CA: “Arbeit Macht Werke” (painting and collage) 2015 Mendocino Art Center: Mendocino Figure Drawing Collective 9th Biennial 2013 Sumei Multidisciplinary Art Center, Newark, NJ: “The Practice” (painting, drawing) 2011 Matsumoto City Museum of Art, Matsumoto, Japan; Asagura Art Gallery, Omachi, Japan 2009-13 California State Summer School of the Arts: Faculty Exhibit 2009 Mendocino Art Center: “Intelligent Design” (painting, drawing, collage) 2006 Grace Hudson Museum, Ukiah, CA: “Abstracted Elements” (collage) Scharffenberger Winery, Philo, CA: Paintings and drawings djr International Arts Gallery, Newport Beach, CA: “Nude For Summer” Gallery of the Senses, Mendocino, CA: Paintings and drawings Gallery of the Senses: Collages SELECTED ARTS EMPLOYMENT 2016 Odd Fellows Hall, Mendocino, CA: Curator, John Chamberlin – The Original Works 2012 Author and editor, 92pp catalog: Roberto Chavez, Paintings and Drawings 2011-12 Robert F. Agrella Gallery of Santa Rosa Junior College: Curator & Producer of the exhibit Roberto Chavez, Paintings and Drawings 1992 Arts & Entertainment Magazine of the Mendocino Art Center: Author, essay on life drawing and the function of the nude model 1981 Arts & Entertainment Magazine of the Mendocino Art Center: Author, “Three California Muralists: Eduardo Carrillo, Roberto Chavez, John Chamberlin” Co-author, “Protection of Artists and Their Works Under Current California State Law” HONORS 2011 2008 2007 2006 1979

Berg Collection of English and American Literature, New York Public Library CSSSA/CalArts: Irvine Foundation Distinguished Visiting Artist The Cooper Union Augustus Saint Gaudens Award Short List Reed College Special Collections Archive California Community College System: Lifetime Accreditation for Fine and Applied Arts and Related Technologies

Akimbo acrylic, gouache drawing size 6 1/8” x 14” | framed size 15 1/2” x 23 3/8” $320

Robert Ross

Nude, Pink on Yellow-Green acrylic, drawing size 22 1/2” x 5” | framed size 31 5/8” x 13” $650

Sarah, Red Earrings charcoal pencil, acrylic wash drawing size 19 3/4” x 9 1/2” | framed size 27 7/8 x 17 3/8” $480 Robert Ross

Yuriko Takata Drawing has always been integral to my artistic expression. In kindergarten, I remember being praised for drawing an Asian figure and glowing with the accomplishment. In my career as an artist, I did florals, then drew buildings and landscapes and made wall sculptures of handmade paper that I painted figures and more landscapes on. Now, I’m enjoying the simple practice of drawing people. I see lots of emotion and experience in a human face. I’m bad with computers, but a few crayons, paper and a model makes perfect sense to me.


uriko Takata has lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area all her life. After attending the Academy of Art College she has exhibited her art both nationally and internationally. For the last sixteen years she has served on the National Board of the Women’s Caucus for Art. SELECT SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2002 1998 1996 1995 1994 1993 1991

Editions Limited Gallery Indianapolis, Indiana Editions Limited Gallery Indianapolis, Indiana Ex Quadris Gallery Luxembourg, Europe Editions Limited Gallery Indianapolis, Indiana Michael Himovitz Gallery Sacramento, California Gango Art Gallery Portland, Oregon Neville Sargent Gallery Chicago, Illinois Mito Cultural Center Mito, Japan

SELECT GROUP EXHIBITIONS 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 2006 2005 2002 2001 2000

Robert Morris Gallery Chicago, Illinois ARC Gallery San Francisco, California Hebrew Union College Gallery Los Angeles, California ARC Gallery San Francisco, California Triton Museum of Art Santa Clara, California Korean Cultural Center Los Angeles, California Mission Cultural Center San Francisco, California Claudia Chapline Gallery Stinson Beach, California Spike Gallery New York, New York Thomasville Cultural Center Thomasville, Georgia Maitland Art Center Maitland, Florida Editions Limited Indianapolis, Indiana Goethe Institute Gallery Kathmandu, Nepal Le Comite National Monagasque de L’Association Internationale Des Arts Plastique De L’U.N.E.S.C.O. Monaco, Europe


ARCO Oil; AT&T; Bank of America; Clorox Company; Dean Witter; Hyatt Hotels; IBM; Illinois Bell; Kaiser Permanente Hospitals; Nordstrom Department Stores; Northwest Airlines; Pacific Bell

Shrine to Phyllis Schafly Who Organized Women to Stop ERA mixed media 30” x 22” x 6” $1300

Yuriko Takata

Believe Me wax pastel 26” x 20” $850

Worried wax pastel 26” x 20” $850

Yuriko Takata 1246 Folsom St. San Francisco, CA 415-298-7969

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Lifelive 2017  

LIFE LIVE in the Project Gallery at Arc Opening Reception: Saturday, February 4th, 7-9pm "Live" life drawing sessions: Saturday, February...

Lifelive 2017  

LIFE LIVE in the Project Gallery at Arc Opening Reception: Saturday, February 4th, 7-9pm "Live" life drawing sessions: Saturday, February...