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Afterlife Times HadesSteals soul Once Again Pg. 2

Hades Hades. God of the underworld. Keeper of souls. Ruler of the dreaded underworld, the place where all mortals’ souls go to when they’re dead. But how did he get there? Kronos, the titan father of the gods, was in fear for his life when told his sons and daughters would kill him. So he swallowed them. Hades, with his power of persuasion, convinced Kronos to disgorge the children. Then, banding together, they challenged the elder gods for power and rule over Olympus. Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon all received weapons from the Cyclopes to help them in the war. Zeus, the lightning bold; Hades, the Helm of Darkness;and Poseidon, the trident. Then, the night before the war, Hadesslipped on his helm, becoming invisible, and slipped into the Titan’s camp and destroyed their weapons. The war lasted for ten years, but eventually the younger gods won. After the war was over, Hadesand his two brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, decided to each choose a realm to rule. Zeus got the sly, Poseidon got the seas,and Hadesreceived the underworld.

Forsaken By a Sandwich 6 year old boy, Timmy Humble, has recently swallowed a hand grenade while playing with his legos. His sandwich, the weapon of his demise, was sitting on a plate next to a hand grenade. He reached for the sandwich, accidentally grabbing the hand grenade instead. Not realizing it was not the sandwich, he ate the

grenade. It then exploded, killing him and bringing down the roof of his former home down on top of him, crushing the life out of his baby sister. Hadesthen came up from the underworld and took their souls down. Becauseof his sins in his former life, poor Timmy Humble was cursed into eternal damnation.

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Timmy Humble was a lovely littler kid until the incident with the hand grenade. Timmy had a wonderful life until he was blown to pieces. He was a smart, funny, and caring child. Timmy also had a lovely little sister of which he killed by bringing down the house on her.

Lucy Humble was the cutest little girl who ran around in her favorite pink galoshes. She had a learning disability. The doctor said she never knew what as going on as the roof slowly crushed the life out of her.


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