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Life Support - Spring 2009 Critic: Janette Kim Partner: Stephanie Tung Project:

Beneficial Containment/Forced Cohabitation Can aggressive and social species actually help each other in close proximity? By containing species but allowing them to share a resource - in this case, continuously moving water - none are able to dominate while all contribute to the nourishment of the others. This project was exhibited in the cafe at Avery Hall in April 2009.



Life Support Jeanette Kim

Above: Tank and water flow diagram Above Right: Upper tank, Wheat Grass and Duck Weed and Lower tank: Betta Fish and Zebra Fish Right: Opening, lunch time Mar 25, 2009

Imagining the Ultra-Real - Spring 2009 Critic: Sabri Farouki Partner: Christina Ciardullo

Project: Photo-realistic animation using 3DS Max A space ship practicing maneuvers on a slalom course does not expect them to shoot mud drops at him - let alone punch him! We utilized particle systems, and rigid and soft bodies in Max to create the effects. Approx. 90 seconds of animation.



Ultra-Real Sabri Farouki

Flying with a sparkling trail

Turning on spurting mud-cones

Bouncing mud balls

Checking it out... and getting punched!

Living Achitecture - Fall 2008

Critics: David Benajamin and Soo-in Yang Team: Lisa Ekle, Keith Greenwald Project: Kinetic-responsive party wall Our group explored the social oppportunities of an interactive party wall. Each of 5 touch-sensors casts a ‘vote’ to open or close the perforations in a wall. While determining the level privacy between two spaces, the wall system can also build and express consensus among users.



Living Architecture David Benjamin

expandable mesh fabric


polycarbonate frame Processing translucent lycra between frames fixed end (elastic tie)

Concept Diagram




Drawing Michael Young

Perspective of the system of measurement

Overall views

Series of sections

Michael Walch GSAPP Visual Studies Work  

Visual Studies coursework portfolio of Michael Walch, Columbia GSAPP MArch 2010

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